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24 of the Best Ideas for a Modern Boho Bedroom

This post is all about your modern boho bedroom.

Modern boho design is a harmonious blend of clean minimalism and cozy earthiness–a mesh of style that is ideal for your bedroom design. Your bedroom is a space for comfort and rest, but it should also feel clean and decluttered to minimize stress and give you a clear head. With a modern boho bedroom, you’ll get the best of both worlds.

Bohemian design is known for mixed patterns, elements of nature, and an eclectic, free-spirited aesthetic. In a modern interior space, you’ll find clean lines, neutral colors, functional pieces, and overall simplicity. These 24 best ideas for a modern boho bedroom will show you how to fuse these design elements together to create a warm yet refined space.

Here’s how to design a modern boho bedroom that will feel just like home.


1. Add texture with a rug

Texture is essential to a boho style room, and a rug is the perfect vessel to do so. Rug textures, such as shag, plush, or natural fibers, will create a tactile feel in your space. A textured rug will also add dimension without adding clutter, which will maintain the modern aspect of your bedroom.

Make sure to keep your rug centered to your bed to create a visual anchor for the room.

2. Rattan bed frame

Rattan is a go-to material for modern boho bedrooms. Rattan decor and furniture is naturally bohemian, but the smooth, organic shape also exudes modernity. Use a rattan bed frame to add an earthy yet sleek pop to your modern boho bedroom.

Urban Outfitters is my favorite place to shop for boho bed frames and headboards.

3. Layer furniture pieces

This design tip is so effortless, but will truly make a difference in your modern boho bedroom. Instead of arranging your furniture pieces and decor side by side, layer them for depth. For example, bring your accent chair to the front of your bed instead of next to it, or add a plant in front of a bookshelf.

The overlapping lines will create movement and variety that is essential to boho design. Layering will also keep a clean, modern feel because you’re not adding any extra clutter. This is a great way to spruce up your bedroom by working with what you already have. 

4. Cream color palette

A cream boho color palette is like a breath of fresh air in a bedroom. There’s still some warmth to it (it’s not as stark as an all-white space) but it makes everything appear more open and airy. Modern design usually sticks with simple, neutral colors because they create a tranquil, calm atmosphere. Pair cream bedding with a cream rug in your modern boho bedroom for a soothing, cozy space.  

5. Arched mirrors

If you need to fill some empty floor or wall space, mirrors are beneficial decor element. Mirrors have the ability to make a room feel larger than they actually are with their reflective power. Not only are they functional, but you can use different styles to add some shape or color to your bedroom.

Arched mirrors are booming with popularity right now, especially in a modern bohemian bedroom. The rounded shape and flowing lines exude both modern and boho characteristics. This is the perfect piece to stick in a corner or hang above a dresser.

6. Accents of natural materials

Natural, raw materials are always prominent in bohemian spaces, but a little goes a long way. Add a few subtle touches of natural materials to your bedroom to pay homage to boho style, but maintain a minimalist, modern look. You can add these small accents with boho lighting fixtures, frames, or basket decor.

7. Statement greenery

No matter what your interior design style is, greenery is a must-have. A bedroom without a touch of green feels arid and bland. Plants, real or fake, will breathe life into your space. 

I love the idea of having one large statement plant in a modern boho bedroom. It’s a minimalist look that still provides natural, lively elements. Add a large potted tree next to your bed for a bold, earthy pop. 

8. Dark and light contrast

All bedrooms could benefit from a little contrast. Balancing dark and light elements will add depth to your room without the use of overwhelming patterns or bold colors. A black accent wall behind your bed is a super cool way to add bold contrast.

9. Use a woven laundry basket

Everyone needs a laundry basket, so why not double it as a decor piece? A wicker or rattan laundry basket puts a boho twist on your dirty clothes storage. It’s just as decorative as it is functional and necessary.

10. Softy twinkly fairy lights

If your modern bedroom feels a little lackluster, and you need extra whimsy, add some twinkly fairy lights. Fairy lights instantly infuse any space with magic and softness. You can drape them over your bed or over a windowsill to create the coziest sanctuary.

11. Rattan pendant light

Pendant lights are both eye-catching and functional. Hang a rattan pendant light over your bed for a striking pop of texture and extra boho lighting to make your bedroom more bright and warm.

12. Toss a throw blanket at the end of your bed

This idea only takes a second and costs almost nothing, but it’s super effective. For a boost of decor, toss a cozy textured or patterned throw blanket at the end of your bed. Make sure it’s a different color than your bedspread to add some contrast. This tiny addition is effortless and subtle, but gives more color and dimension to your bedroom.

13. Olive green bedding

Olive green blends seamlessly with both modern and bohemian decor. You can pair olive green accents with a neutral color palette, or boho earthy tones. I love its warmth and versatility.

If you want to add a little color to your bedroom while still keeping it muted and minimalist, try olive green bedding. 

14. Minimalist art gallery wall

A gallery wall is a common decor choice in a modern or Scandi boho bedroom. A gallery wall is an arrangement of mismatched frames on your wall that have a clustered look. I love this idea in a modern boho bedroom, but make sure you stick to minimalist art. A gallery wall already looks a little cluttered, so your choice of art will help maintain a clean aesthetic. 

15. Basket wall art

Basket wall art is another unique, boho decor idea. Position a collection of wall basket pieces in any vacant wall space for an eclectic yet refined art display. The natural, textured materials give off a boho vibe and can be easily paired with modern furniture pieces. 

16. A macrame tapestry above your bed

You could also opt for macrame to dress up your walls, especially above your bed. A macrame wall tapestry will blend with your neutral, cream color palette but add a whimsical touch. I love how simplistic and free-spirited this decor piece is at the same time. 

17. Warm accents

Modern interior design tends to use a black and white color combo, so make sure to include warmer accents to revitilize your boho side. Pops of burnt orange, green, beige, and rose will bring the balance between modern and boho. You can include these accents through throw pillows, throw blankets, rugs, and bedside table knick-knacks. 

18. Pampas grass

Pampas grass has a rustic, dreamy look that will bring any bedroom’s boho aesthetic right to the surface. Add some dried pampas grass to a modern vase and place it on any empty surface that needs to be dressed up. A little pampas grass goes a long way.

19. Textured ottoman

Ottomans are so multi-purposed. It can be used as a footrest, extra seat for guests, storage, or just an additional piece of comfy decor. Adding an ottoman at the end of your bed will create layers and dimension, and you can use it to throw in extra color, pattern, or texture. There are so many ottoman styles to choose from to fit your modern boho bedroom, from leather to rattan to velvet.

20. Gold wall sconces

I’m so obsessed with gold wall sconces as bedroom decor. You can place two wall sconces on each side of your bed for added symmetry, unity, and decoration. Wall-mounted lighting fixtures also allow you to de-clutter your bedside table–you won’t have a bulky table lamp taking up space. Gold fits so well with a modern boho bedroom because it’s sleek, contemporary, and warm.

21. Brown leather reading chair

Brown leather furniture is typically paired with mid-century modern or industrial design, but I love how it blends with in a modern boho bedroom. Leather is naturally modern and sleek, but the brown color has a grounded, earthy feel. An accent chair will also be beneficial when you want to snuggle up with a book or have a guest in your room.

22. Bench at the end of your bed

A bench at the end of your bed is another way to add a visual anchor to your bedroom, boost your decor, and provide additional seating and comfort. Go for a textured bench to elevate your modern boho vibe, and decorate it with throw pillows for some extra style. 

23. Mismatched throw pillows

Throw pillows are a fundamental decor element for bedrooms. You can create comfort, add variety, and lean into your boho vibe by mixing throw pillow styles. Add a collection of different colors, patterns, and textures to your space to elevate your bedroom decor.

24. Quilt art

If you’re in need of wall art inspo, framed quilts have been super trendy lately. This wall decor idea is unique and rustic, which complements a modern boho bedroom so well. The quilt brings texture to your walls, and the overall look is contemporary and boho-inspired.

A modern boho bedroom straddles the line of clean and cozy. Your bedroom should be a personal respite to recharge and feel at ease. These 24 best ideas for a modern boho bedroom will help you create that calming, tranquil atmosphere without sacrificing homeyness or whimsy.  


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