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Illuminate Your Bohemian Home: Discover Captivating Boho Lighting Ideas

This article explores the elements of boho lighting that your home needs.

Every interior designer knows that good lighting can be both an important and functional aspect of a home. Warm, mood-inducing lighting sets the tone, while direct task lighting provides practicality. Both types are necessary for creating an inviting space.

Thoughtfully designed lighting should act as the jewelry of a home, enhancing the overall aesthetic and adding eye-catching final touches that make a room shine. Boho or eclectic homes are no exception, as unique boho lighting often serves as the finishing touch to a beautifully designed space.

Boho Lighting
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Similar to boho interior style, contrast plays a crucial role in defining boho lighting. Boho style draws inspiration from various cultures and eras, such as mid century or Victorian, and often incorporates mixed materials and patterns.

The contrast between these sources of inspiration adds visual interest. In lighting, materials like metals, fabrics, stone, and natural fibers can be used to create unique designs.

Additionally, references to past design eras and new organic forms set boho lighting apart from traditional lighting. 

Here are 14 of the most captivating boho lighting ideas.


1. Stone Lighting

Stone lighting refers to lighting fixtures that incorporate natural stones into their design. Materials like marble, travertine, onyx, or alabaster can be utilized to create stunning lighting pieces. The colorful veining in these stones highlights the beauty of the natural material. Using natural stones in your lighting will ensure that your lighting pieces will be completely unique and that no two will be alike. Celebrate the beauty of mother nature and add more natural stone to your lighting decor – this lighting style pairs well with an organic modern living room.

2. Boho chandelier

Chandeliers are often the largest fixture in a home and are often placed in the largest areas of the home. Boho chandeliers can be easily categorized by two types: either through form or by material. Boho chandeliers that are made from natural materials often have a beachy feel to them – making them a good fit for coastal boho decor. Materials such as jute, rattan or abaca are made from plant fibers that have a very textural feel to them. Traditionally, chandeliers are made from glass so using glass in interesting ways is also a good idea. Sea Glass or handblown glass are great options to use.  Boho chandeliers can also be defined by their form too. Organic, sculptural or modern shapes look artistic and very design-forward. Instead of using a basic round or tiered chandelier, try to look for more interesting shapes.

3. Boho string lights

Boho string lights are a cheap and stylish use of bohemian lighting. They can be hung to create an enchanting space. This type of lighting is simple and effective and can create such an ethereal garden look inside and out. Add in layers of string lights over a ceiling and on the wall for an overall cozy visual effect.

4. Boho Table Lamps

Boho table lamps are often one area in which you can add a super design-forward lighting source. Often placed on highly visible table tops, desks or nightstands, these smaller lamps are best used as statement pieces in a room. Utilize unique and rich materials like ceramics, metals, stones or colored glass to add create impact. Or better yet – mix and match a standard ceramic or metal cylindrical lamp base with a more unique shade to transform your lamp into a showstopping statement piece.

5. Boho Floor lamp

All interior designers know that bright overhead lighting is a major no-no for creating a warm and inviting space. Boho floor lamps can add a functional or layered lighting addition that will captivate and provide light, without being too bright. Utilizing floor lamps in large spaces with no overhead lighting is always smart. Boho lamps like other boho lighting can be made from natural materials on the base or shade for an eclectic vibe. Try out these affordable rattan-wrapped lamps below.

6. Boho Task Lighting

Task lighting can be used in areas in the room where a little extra light is needed, such as by reading chairs or in corners. Unlike regular floor or table lamps, task lighting is more functional and less about adding in a statement piece. To ensure the portable lighting is cohesive with a boho look, try looking at vintage or thin modern-shaped lamps that add definition and compliment a space without being the major statement.

7. Boho Pendant light

Boho pendant lights are great to use in spaces that are limited in width. Pendants that are single lights can be hung from a chain or cord. They can be installed as a single pendant or in a group for a large statement. Pendants over a bar, a kitchen island or down a hallway are the ideal lighting choice. You can even copy luxury hotels and place pendants outdoors in an outdoor cabana. Choose a unique pendant shape or material or cord configuration to make the look more eclectic and less traditional. 

8. Boho Wall Sconce

Wall sconces are typically one of those lighting fixtures that are not a necessity for a room, but rather add an artistic and sculptural element, similar to boho wall decor. Therefore, adding a boho wall sconce to the room is an opportunity for creative flair. Look to add a sconce that is sculptural and distinctive like a stone or metal in a geometric shape. In addition, long sconces pair well next to a large vanity. Look to these boho sconces below. 

9. Boho Lamp Shades 

Switching out traditional lamp shades to ones with more bohemian details is a great way to make your lighting fit with a more boho aesthetic. Switching out basic fabric shades with ones made of rattan or jute string is one way to elevate a typical lamp. Another idea could be utilizing colorful pleated shades or shades made of metal or stone. Adding an unexpected shade on an otherwise basic column lamp is a great way to breathe new life into traditional lamps.

10. Boho Flushmounts

Boho flushmounts offer a stylish and versatile lighting solution for rooms with low ceilings or limited space, and are usually square or rounded. These fixtures are designed to be installed directly onto the ceiling, providing a streamlined and flush appearance. With their diffused and soft lighting, boho flushmounts create a warm and inviting atmosphere in any room. Choose a flushmount that has modern or vintage detailing.

11. Leather Lighting

Leather is an emerging material in lighting fixtures. Boho design often incorporates natural materials in unique ways, and pendant cords or shades wrapped or woven in leather can be quite elegant and modern, while also paying tribute to boho aesthetics. Consider exploring leather light fixtures for your boho space.

12. Mobile Chandeliers

Another trend that has been getting traction within the design circles are mobile chandeliers. Non-traditional chandeliers with mobile, Alexander Calder-like frames have been cropping up as of late as an alternative to the traditional tiered chandeliers. These fixtures are great for adding an artistic element to your space as they appear to be more sculptural than a traditional chandelier.

13. Swag Pendant 

Another type of new chandelier trend is the swag pendant. Swag pendants or swag chandeliers are hung from a cord with lots of slack and a counterweight is used to create a unique hanging cord design. These new forms are deviations from the traditional hanging pendant and add a modern touch to a boho design. They can be customized as well and add a unique boho element to your space. 

14. Basket lighting

Lastly, basket lighting trends have been on the rise over the last few years. Basket-like woven pendants made from natural string like jute or abaca are the pinnacle of boho lighting. These types of pendants give off such a beachy and relaxed vibe to a space. And because of the material, these pendants are extremely light and can offer a big statement while also being very affordable. Handwoven basket pendants look terrific when paired in a group or in large sizes. Because they are lightweight, these pendants can add a punch and no ceiling reinforcement needed!

As you can see, boho lighting offers an array of styles and materials to choose from, providing endless possibilities to create a visually captivating and unique ambiance in your home. By embracing the boho aesthetic, you can incorporate lighting fixtures that combine contrasting elements, such as mixed materials, organic forms, and references to past design eras. Whether it’s the natural beauty of stone lighting, the artistic allure of boho chandeliers, or the charm of basket lighting, each option adds its own distinctive touch. Let your lighting choices reflect the spirit of boho and transform your home into a haven of eclectic beauty. 


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