Here’s Exactly How to Achieve a Luxury Hotel Room Aesthetic in Your Home

This post is all about achieving a modern luxury hotel room aesthetic in your home.

There’s something special about a luxury hotel room. As soon as you step inside, a wave of rest and relaxation washes over you. Stealing styling tips from luxury hotels is a foolproof way to ensure a sleeping space that feels and looks expensive. If your goal is to create a bedroom that feels as high-end as a five-star hotel, you can borrow design inspiration from this selection of contemporary interiors.


A Calming, Hotel-Inspired Sleeping Space

To create a luxurious yet calming interior, take a peek at Instagram user Rebecca Maddern’s hotel-inspired bedroom. Prioritize maximizing natural light to inspire a sleek space. Next, choose organic linens for a touch of natural refinement, promoting a sense of peace. You can create balance with symmetrical arrangements, a key hotel concept. Place a bench at the foot of the bed for practicality and a subtle touch of luxury. Finally, put a comfortable chair in a corner for a quiet spot to unwind and relax. You can effortlessly cultivate a space that exudes tranquility, offering a soothing escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

You Can’t Go Wrong with Wood & White

For a timeless and luxurious aesthetic in your home, borrow inspiration from the EDITION hotel in Rome, as showcased on the World Luxury Hotel Awards Instagram page. Taking a minimalist approach, the combination of wood paneling, wood floors, and white and wood furniture creates a serene and sophisticated atmosphere. This blend of materials exudes a sense of warmth. By including these elements in your own interior, you can achieve a look that is both contemporary and enduring.

Minimalism + A Hotel-Grade Mattress

Drawing inspiration from the modern minimalism of Cara Cara hotel in Los Angeles, you can transform your bedroom into a contemporary getaway. Embrace warm, neutral tones and include curved lines to soften the overall aesthetic. One standout feature in this space is the plush mattress, which serves as a statement piece. Investing in a thick, hotel-grade mattress is a simple yet effective way to transform your bedroom, and emulate the luxurious appearance of a hotel room. By combining minimalist design principles with high-quality bedding, you can create a tranquil retreat that exudes comfort.

Consider Neutral, Not-Quite-White Walls

While white paint has its allure, consider taking your bedroom’s aesthetic up a notch by opting for a light paint color that deviates slightly from pure white. Shades like sage or rosy beige can infuse your space with warmth and elegance, elevating its appeal. Take a cue from the Hoxton hotel in Downtown LA, where a neutral, non-white paint color increases the sophistication of the atmosphere without overwhelming the senses. Choose a subtle yet distinct hue for your walls to create a refined backdrop.

Add Texture from Floor-to-Ceiling

Neutral tones don’t have to mean boring when you incorporate texture. While a minimal color palette can lay the foundation for a calming atmosphere, the decor doesn’t have to be dull. Take a look at Les Bains in Paris, where they’ve decked out their rooms with marble-style wall-to-wall headboards and textured paint. This mix of sleek and rough gives off a cool, almost antique feel that’s typical of Parisian luxury hotels. You can easily give your bedroom a stylish makeover that’s both cozy and chic.

Retro Details Mixed with Modernism

Looking to inject a bit of personality into your modern hotel-inspired bedroom? Consider adding retro details for a unique twist. The Life House Hotel in Nantucket flawlessly demonstrates this approach, seamlessly blending clean lines with vintage elements such as pillows, lampshades, and picture frames. By integrating these eclectic touches, you can infuse your space with character and charm while maintaining a luxurious look. It’s the perfect way to add a playful yet elegant edge to your bedroom decor.

Dramatic Drapery Over the Bed

Try adding a touch of drama to your sleeping space. Steal inspo from the Solar de Vila Meã hotel in Porto via their stunning room featuring dramatic drapery over the bed, creating an elegant frame around the headboard. This luxurious detail adds instant sophistication and visual interest to the space. To further improve the ambiance, consider using a calming accent color like green, echoing the chic vibe of this stylish setting.

Success with Visual Symmetry

Creating visual symmetry is essential for crafting a balanced and inviting energy, mirroring the luxury hotel room aesthetic. Inspired by the Pulitzer hotel in Amsterdam, opt for a headboard that extends beyond the bed, paired with two attached nightstands for a cohesive look. Keep the design simple yet elegant, by adorning the nightstands with matching lamps. Centering the bed along the wall anchors the room while adding throws across the bed enhances visual balance. When you integrate visual symmetry, you can alter your bedroom’s aesthetic to reflect the refined charm of upscale accommodations.

Experiment with Organic Minimalism

Incorporating elements of organic minimalism into your bedroom design can bring about a natural charm and understated elegance. Taking inspiration from the trendy Can Lluïssó hotel in Mallorca, consider making your bedding the focal point within a predominantly neutral space. Opt for natural materials and a subdued color palette to foster a serene atmosphere. Then, introduce a pop of contrast with dusty rose bedding. This subtle yet effective choice adds warmth and texture, enhancing the overall aesthetic while maintaining a tranquil vibe.

Add a Statement Wall Lamp

Steal a stylish idea from the Life House hotel in Palm Springs with this classic touch of decor. Wall lamps are a hallmark of luxury hotel design, instantly elevating the ambiance of any sleeping space. Channeling a mid-century-inspired aesthetic, hang a sleek wall lamp over your bedside table for a touch of sophistication that never goes out of style. Ditch the overhead lighting, go for the soft glow!

Opt for a Statement Headboard

Headboards are an integral part of the design of the luxury hotel room aesthetic. If you want your bedroom to mimic the look of a high-end hotel, make your headboard the statement piece in the space. Consider going a step further by creating a bold design on the wall behind the headboard, as showcased in this new suite concept for the Bagatelka hotel in Poland. This dramatic touch adds depth and visual interest, instantly transforming your bedroom into a retreat reminiscent of high-end accommodations. With a statement headboard, you can boost the style of your sleeping space.

Take Inspiration from Your Locale

Draw inspiration from the unique characteristics of your locale when designing a luxury hotel-inspired space. The Cirqa hotel in Arequipa, Peru, is a prime example, showcasing organic details that reflect its surroundings. From natural materials to architectural elements, the design seamlessly integrates with the environment, exuding authenticity and charm. Consider your location and the natural architecture of your home to craft a space that feels like an authentic escape.

A Monochromatic Mood

If you’re stumped on how to curate the perfect five-star color palette, choose a single color and decorate the room with variations of that shade. The Ett Hem hotel in Stockholm chose different shades of green to create a stunning, cohesive space. You can easily do the same in your bedroom to create a foolproof, high-end look. By selecting different hues within the same color family, you can effortlessly add depth and visual interest while maintaining a sense of cohesion. Whether you opt for shades of blue, grey, or any other color, this approach offers a foolproof way to achieve a high-end look that exudes elegance and sophistication.

An Eye-Catching Table Lamp

Adding an eye-catching table lamp can be a simple yet effective way to boost your bedroom’s aesthetic. Get inspired by the Henrietta Hotel in London, which showcases charming table lamps as part of its design consistency. Consider opting for a metallic lamp to introduce a pop of visual interest without overwhelming your sleeping space. With its subtle shimmer and elegant design, a metallic lamp can transform your bedroom with a single accent piece.

Incorporate Classic Touches

Incorporating classic touches into your bedroom design can bring a timeless charm and enduring appeal. Luxury hotel rooms are known for their lasting style, carefully curated to maintain relevance over time. Take a cue from the Hotel Grands Voyageurs in Paris, where classic pieces of fine art are used to enhance modern spaces, particularly when positioned above a bed. Fine art will ensure that your space stands the test of time.


Your bedroom should feel like a lavish personal sanctuary. By incorporating these luxury hotel room aesthetic concepts, you can easily turn your home into a 5-star retreat.


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