10 Boho Color Palette Ideas for a Cohesive Home

This post is all about boho color palette ideas.

The beauty of boho decor is that it’s easy to transition any interior into a bohemian sanctuary. Whether you prefer neutral colors or something more vibrant, there are endless options for the perfect palette. You have the opportunity to experiment with everything from earthy to minimalist color schemes.

If your goal is to transform your home into a stylish, free-spirited atmosphere, changing up your color palette is the perfect solution. Focus on a few key hues and pepper them throughout your space. Our guide will offer ten unique boho color palette hex codes to download for your use. We’ve highlighted top-trending boho color palette ideas to inspire your space! Curate your ideal interior with this handpicked selection of shades.

Here are 10 boho color palette ideas for a cohesive home.


1. Earthy Boho Color Palette

If you’re looking for the perfect place to start your boho decor journey, earthy tones are the way to go. Boho decor is all about embracing nature and the beauty of organic details. Bohemian interiors should be filled with dynamic textures and nature-inspired finishes. You can’t go wrong with warm, sandy tones like beige and ivory. Add both cool and warm-toned accents, but focus on muted shades. For example, include hints of soft teal, peach, and dusty rose. You can incorporate these slightly brighter shades by painting an accent wall or hanging contrasting wall art. The goal is to curate an organic space with pops of visual interest.

2. Modern Boho Color Palette

If your home leans more contemporary, you can still create a boho-inspired atmosphere. Similar to the earthy color scheme, the modern boho color palette starts with a neutral base. Shades like ivory, white, and taupe are the foundation of this contemporary color scheme. Rather than adding colorful accents, use deeper neutral tones like khaki for contrast. Keep your walls a classic white or ivory tone and add accessories like vases and coffee table books for visual interest. Include natural greenery as a finishing touch. These color schemes will work well in an organic modern living room.

3. Bright Boho Color Palette

Feeling bold? Dare to go bright with your boho color scheme! Steal inspiration from vivid floral bouquets, including carnations, poppies, and marigolds. Mix both warm and cool tones for a stunning cacophony of color. You can choose to have a cool base with warm accent colors or vice versa, depending on the effect you want to create. A bright cerulean base looks stunning with red and orange accents. Alternately, you can include mint or sea green tones against a yellow or rouge backdrop. The ultimate goal is to create a hyper-saturated atmosphere that is full of striking contrast – check out our article on eclectic maximalist decor ideas for more inspo to match this color scheme.

4. Warm Boho Color Palette

Warmth is a key component in a bohemian home. If you want to create the ultimate cozy space, use exclusively warm tones. Stray away from cool neutrals like grey and use only ivory, beige, and brown. To add color, go with muted warm hues like tan, rust orange, and auburn. The goal is to create a vintage, well-loved effect in your space. Don’t worry if the colors seem to clash at first; the monochromatic theme will tie everything together. As long as you layer enough warm tones, the space will look cohesive. Boho decor is all about embracing an eclectic interior with the common thread of coziness.

5. Neutral Boho Color Palette

Similar to the modern boho color palette, a neutral color scheme avoids uber-colorful hues. However, this style focuses on curating a light, bright space. Take Danish decor as inspiration and implement the theory of “Hygge.” This is all about creating a peaceful environment through minimalism. Use shapes and geometric decor to create a dynamic space rather than color. You want your home to feel like a breath of fresh air. Use gauzy materials rather than thick fabrics, and use wooden pieces for natural accents.

6. Boho Rainbow Color Palette

On the opposite side of the spectrum…be bold with rainbow boho decor! Because bohemian style is all about self-expression, that means you can experiment with prismatic, polychromatic designs! As the most personal room in your home, your bedroom is the perfect place to play with rainbow boho decor. Pile blankets, throws, and pillows in different patterns and colors. Accessorize with live greenery and brightly-colored flower arrangements. Add vibrant, eye-catching wall art or create a beautiful gallery wall. If you want to avoid going overboard, keep your walls a neutral tone like white or beige and add color through furniture and decor.

7. Minimalist Boho Color Scheme

Minimalist boho decor has been taking over 2023 trends. This style is all about creating a boho space with just a few simple additions. If you want to create a boho space such as a bohemian bedroom on a budget, this is a great way to dip your toe into bohemian design. Start with a white base and add touches of sage green and sandy beige. A set of wall art that includes boho designs is a great and affordable way to add a pop of color. Stick to fairly simple furniture and include accessories like pampas grass and textiles made of natural fibers. Because the goal is minimalism, make sure to be selective and avoid overwhelming your space. This look is a crowd-pleaser, making it an ideal solution for your main living space or family room.

8. Complementary Boho Color Palette

Complementary colors will never go out of style. Use colors opposite of each other on the color wheel for a surefire way to create a designer interior. Colors like orange and blue can act as a perfect base for a boho space. A boho color scheme can include practically any hues, so if you’re stumped on which colors to choose, try complementary shades. Once again, blending warm and cool tones can have a striking effect in your space. For example, try dark blue or green wallpaper and add orange or red furniture. Boho decor is a great opportunity to explore bold choices!

9. Desert Boho Color Palette

Cool tones aren’t the only way to create a calming interior! A major 2023 trend is desert-inspired boho decor. Similar to the warm-toned color palette, this boho color scheme includes primarily hot hues. Sandy beige, peach, and burnt orange are a few desert-inspired essentials. You can also include hints of succulent-infused tones like sage and cactus green. Escape to the sunny Mojave as soon as you enter your space. Hippie details and desert shades go hand in hand. A desert-inspired color palette is the perfect way to modernize the bohemian vibe, and this super-hot trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

10. Jewel-Toned Boho Color Palette

If you prefer a darker interior, boho decor can lean moody too. Jewel tones are ideal for a dynamic, bohemian-inspired living space. Give your free-spirited home a royal touch. Borrow inspiration from textured Moroccan interiors. North African design typically includes a plethora of deep, vibrant colors. This region has long been a source of inspiration for bohemian spaces. The patterned textiles, ornate details, and rich color palette can’t be beaten. Add an excess of pillows and throws in different jewel tones for a delightfully maximalist approach.


There are endless boho color palette ideas to explore. Whether you want to maintain a minimal, modern home or you’re looking for something more colorful, bohemian design is highly adaptable. The primary goal is to curate a space that feels true to you. Use our handpicked boho color palette hex codes to start (or refine) your design journey. These color schemes provide a simple way to ensure cohesion and express your desired aesthetic. A color palette is the base of a well-curated space. Create your ideal space with an eye-catching, eclectic bohemian color scheme.


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