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14 Rattan Decor Ideas for a Stylish Boho Home

This post is all about rattan decor ideas.

What Is Rattan? 

When you hear the phrase rattan decor, you probably imagine woven baskets and wicker chairs. That isn’t totally incorrect– rattan is most commonly-used in wicker furniture pieces. However, it is also much more versatile than that. Most people assume that “rattan” and “wicker” are interchangeable terms, but they’re not. So, what is rattan then? 

Rattan is a vine-like material that is similar to bamboo. There are over 600 species of rattan that grow naturally in tropical parts of Australia, Asia, and Africa. The fibrous plant is super flexible and durable, which is why it is often used for woven furniture and decor. The term “rattan” refers to a physical material while the term “wicker” refers to a method of weaving. Rattan doesn’t have to be used in a wicker design and not every wicker piece is made from rattan. 

Rattan decor is super popular in bohemian design due to its earthy appearance and ability to create a bold texture. Boho decor is all about contrasting textures, patterns, and organic elements; rattan seamlessly aligns with this aesthetic. There are so many ways to incorporate rattan pieces into your space to create different bohemian looks – minimalist, modern, chic, and more. Here are 10 rattan decor ideas for a stylish boho home.  

How To Use Rattan Decor In Your Home

1. A subtle pop of texture

When it comes to rattan, a little goes a long way. If you overdo it, your room will lack diversity and contrast. Add a subtle touch of rattan with a lamp shade, picture frame, planter, bar stools, or a coffee table centerpiece. Your space will feel modern and chic, but still radiate elements of boho style.

2. Mix rattan with a pattern

I love the combination of rattan and patterned fabrics. The balance of texture, pattern, and color effortlessly emphasizes a bohemian aesthetic. For example, add a rattan bench with patterned cushions at the end of your bed or in your entryway hall. You can even make it more modern with simpler patterns and muted shades.

3. Add a bold accent piece

Instead of adding several small pops of rattan, you could alternatively add one big, bold accent piece. A rattan accent piece will add a focal point to your room, which makes the design feel more cohesive and harmonious. This is a quick and easy way to add eye-catching texture or contrast to your space. 

4. A rattan seating area

Rattan can create so many unique shapes and designs due to its natural ability to bend and mold. The best way to incorporate these diverse styles and patterns is with a seating area. You can find bohemian rattan chairs and sofas with rounded shapes, dome styles, interesting woven patterns, and other eclectic designs. A rattan seating area will also give your room a relaxed feel. 

5. Utilize lighting fixtures

Lighting fixtures are another efficient way to infuse rattan texture into your living space. Try a wicker chandelier above your dining table or woven lampshade on your bedside table. It not only adds a subtle pop of earthy texture, but provides functional use. 

6. Add storage with end tables and dressers

If you want to add boho elements to your bedroom, a rattan end table or dresser is the way to go. I love rattan dressers that are made with a tighter weave–it feels a bit more sleek and contemporary. Rattan dressers and end tables are also commonly designed with wood finishes, which adds a warm and organic touch to your room. You’ll also be doubling your clothing storage for decor. 

7. Woven wall decor

Rattan wall decor will add warmth and variety to your empty wall space, especially if you have white walls. My favorite use of rattan wall art is a woven basket collage–a collection of circular, woven basket decals arranged on your wall space. This look is so earthy and bohemian, but still minimalist. 

8. Multi-colored rattan

Rattan naturally grows in shades of beige and brown, but can be dyed or stained to pretty much any color. Using multi-colored rattan is the best remedy if you need more dimension and contrast in your space. I highly recommend the use of white rattan or black rattan for a modern, sophisticated living area that still carries out elements of boho style. 

9. Rattan round mirrors

Rounded shapes and angles are so fitting for a bohemian space because they create a soft, relaxing feel. Rattan round mirrors are an effective way to not only create that softness, but add texture as well.  A rattan round mirror is a great accent piece for the wall above your couch or in your entryway. There are so many patterns and designs to pick from, depending on how minimalistic or bold you want to go.

10. Wicker coffee table

A coffee table is like the anchor to your living room–it is essential for both function and design. A rattan wicker coffee table would completely tie together your bohemian living room. The natural, basket-like texture would be such a homey and organic addition to your boho space. A rounded table would create an even softer, cozier atmosphere. 

Recreate rattan decor Looks

1. A modern boho dining space

You can still incorporate elements of boho decor without having an entirely bohemian space. For example, create a modern boho dining room with a geometric dining table, sleek chairs, and light and dark color contrasts. Then, add a pop of boho texture with a rattan wicker chandelier. The balance of modern and boho elements is so dynamic. 

You can bring this look to life with this hand-woven rattan chandelier from Wayfair. It’s price-conscious, but still has an upscale and sophisticated look. I love the warmth and natural feel this piece would bring to a modern dining space. 

2. A bohemian entryway

Entryway tables are all the rage right now. It’s such a cute way to welcome guests into your home and create an inviting atmosphere. They also provide storage for keys, shoes, coats, etc. 

To make a bohemian entryway, try this rattan storage console from Urban Outfitters. The rounded shape would fit perfectly in an entryway hall, and the wicker texture just screams boho.

3. White rattan

All-white home interiors have been insanely trendy. White spaces feel more open, light, and breathable. If you want bohemian decor but also love the white look, you can combine both with white rattan. White rattan keeps everything bright and minimalistic, but still adds texture and variety.

Start with this cute hanging rattan chair from Serena & Lily. This brand is a bit more expensive and upscale, but is best for quality and longevity. 

4. Boho yet chic bedroom

You can definitely design a bohemian bedroom without getting too rustic or eccentric. 

If you want a balance of boho and chic decor, try this super cute rattan bed frame from Anthropologie. The weave pattern has a soft and natural look, but still has clean lines that are sleek and modern. You can pair it with both earthy and sophisticated design elements.

Rattan can be so versatile in your home decor–it goes way beyond wicker baskets. With these rattan decor ideas, you can easily create a boho home that is both stylish and chic.

This post showed you 14 Rattan Decor Ideas for a Stylish Boho Home.

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