15 Insanely Cute Bohemian Bedroom Ideas on a Budget

This post is all about bohemian bedroom ideas on a budget.

Bohemian decor is the best way to add a relaxed and warm vibe to your bedroom. Whether you call it boho or bohemian, the design aesthetic is all about creating an interior that exudes coziness and whimsy–what better room for that than your bedroom?

A boho design transforms your space into a respite that is perfect for relaxation, restoration, and creativity. With cost in mind, we’ve put together a list of bohemian bedroom ideas on a budget that will allow you to play with patterns, texture, and vintage furniture while still being price-conscious. If you’re looking for affordable ideas to transform your bedroom into a bohemian haven, look no further. 

It is so easy to achieve a minimalist aesthetic in your bedroom–-just try these 23 minimalist bedroom ideas to make your own relaxed and sophisticated sanctuary.

Here are 15 bohemian bedroom ideas on a budget to design the boho bedroom of your dreams.


1. Patterned blankets

Contrasting patterns are an essential element of boho room decor. Bohemian patterns are characterized by unstructured and carefree layers, shapes, and colors. If you want to bring these eclectic patterns to your bedroom, blankets are a super cute and cozy way to do so. 

You can throw a patterned blanket over your reading chair, ottoman, or at the end of your bed to instantly generate a boho feel. It’s a super easy and affordable touch that also provides function.

2. Pallet bed frames

Pallet bed frames are unconventional and earthy, which totally aligns with the bohemian aesthetic. This DIY decor piece is low-to-the-ground and constructed only with wooden pallets. It’s insanely affordable and allows you to get hands-on with your bedroom furniture.

You can usually find wooden pallets for a low cost at your local home improvement store–occasionally, they will give them away for free. If you’re not sure where to look, here is a guide to places you should be able to find them. A queen bed is typically four pallets. Once you build your pallet bed frame, just position your mattress and bedding on top. This handmade piece exudes a natural, boho feel and is so budget-friendly.

3. Lots of plants

Greenery is key when it comes to bohemian room decor. Indoor plants breathe life into a space, which is what boho style is all about. Try dressing up any flat surfaces in your bedroom–like your bedside table or desk–with tons of plants for an effortless pop of green. You can also dangle a cute hanging planter from your ceiling.

4. String lights

When it comes to boho lighting, nothing feels more magical and cozy than string lights. String lights can transform the mood and atmosphere of your bedroom with their warm, fairy-like glow. No matter how you arrange them, your space will instantly feel more whimsical and homey.

5. Buy vintage pieces

The most effective way to achieve a bohemian look is by mixing in unique, vintage pieces. The contrast of different styles and lack of structure will scream boho. This is also one of the best bohemian bedroom ideas on a budget because you can find these pieces at thrift stores, garage sales, or other low-cost sources. Your room will truly feel individualistic and eccentric.

Etsy is the best spot to look for vintage boho furniture and decor pieces. 

6. Cover furniture with marble vinyl

Marble vinyl is an easy and affordable touch that goes a long way. Add this stick-and-peel adhesive to your desk, bedside table, or other furniture pieces for some added texture and contrast. Warm-toned marble patterns will create a more earthy, natural feel. This is the perfect addition to a modern boho bedroom.

7. Statement duvet

Boho bedrooms usually exude a busy and carefree energy. A statement duvet is a perfect way to emphasize this vibe. Try a multi-colored duvet set with layered patterns, such as paisley and floral. This will definitely unify your bohemian aesthetic.

8. Textured throw pillows

A boho bedroom never lacks texture. The use of rough, natural textures and fabrics is what makes the bohemian style feel so cozy and rustic. Throw pillows are a super easy way to incorporate this necessary element into your bedroom. You can find throw pillows that are shaggy, tasseled, tufted, velvet, and more. They’re also effective in adding dimension, color, and contrast to a room. 

9. Distressed rugs

Distressed rugs have been insanely popular, especially in bohemian spaces. This style of rug has a worn, vintage appearance that just makes a room feel cozier and friendlier. The rustic style meshes so well with boho decor. 

Rugs are generally a very important element of a room because they provide cohesion and harmony. They act as an anchor to your furniture pieces and tie everything together. Amazon is the best place to look for distressed boho rugs that are still budget-friendly.

10. Sheer flowy curtains.

Sheer flowy curtains have such an airy and whimsical feel to them. Plus, the natural sunlight that filters through the translucent fabric will make your bedroom feel so warm, bright, and open. If you want to add a bit more texture and dynamic, you can knot the curtains in the middle. This is such a cute look for a Scandi boho bedroom.

11. Sunbeam mirrors

Sunbeam mirrors add so much zest to a wall space. Their bold and eccentric design radiates a boho vibe. Decorative mirrors are generally a very effective design tool because they provide more than one function. Mirrors create the illusion of depth in a room. Hanging a mirror on your wall will instantly make your space feel roomier and larger. If you use a decorative mirror, like a sunbeam mirror, you’ll also get that extra pop of style and variety.

Try hanging one of these above your bed to add a literal ray of sunshine to your space.

12. Wicker laundry basket

A laundry basket is a necessity in your bedroom, so why not make it cute? You can totally utilize your laundry hamper to add extra texture to your space. Wicker laundry baskets have a very natural and down-to-earth feel to them–perfect for a boho space. This is one of the best bohemian bedroom ideas on a budget because you get the most practical use out of it.  

13. Rattan reading chair

Rattan is a boho decor staple due to its coarse, natural, and earthy texture. A rattan reading chair fits right into a boho bedroom aesthetic. It will also give you a cozy spot to curl up with a good book and relax. To add even more dimension to your space, you can decorate it with textured pillows and a patterned blanket.

14. Use a tapestry or blanket as a headboard

Furniture in a bohemian space typically lacks structure and status quo. You can use a wall tapestry or a blanket as a headboard to achieve a free-spirited, unconventional look. This is a great pairing with a pallet bed frame as well. It’s also an effective way to add contrasting patterns and textures.  

15. Wooden wall art

If you need some inspiration for filling up empty wall space in your boho bedroom, try wooden wall decor. Wood has a rustic finish that really complements other elements of bohemian design. You can incorporate wood on your walls through floating shelves, frames, decorative hooks, mirrors, or canvases. Even a subtle addition of wood will add so much warmth to your room.

If you want to transform your bedroom into a boho haven without breaking the bank, try these 15 insanely cute bohemian bedroom ideas on a budget. You can easily create a bohemian space that is affordable, functional, and just as magical.


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