23 Minimalist Bedroom Ideas For A Relaxed and Refined Space

This post is all about minimalist bedroom ideas.

Your bedroom should be a haven for rest and relaxation. However, if your space feels cluttered and jam-packed, it can be pretty difficult to actually decompress.

Minimalist bedroom decor is essential if you want to create a clean, stress-free space that still oozes modern and sophisticated style. Minimalism is all about simplicity, de-cluttered surfaces, neutral colors, functional furniture, and clean lines. These design elements build an atmosphere that is not only sleek and contemporary, but feels more tranquil and at ease.

It is so easy to achieve a minimalist aesthetic in your bedroom–-just try these 23 minimalist bedroom ideas to make your own relaxed and sophisticated sanctuary.

Here are 23 Minimalist Bedroom Ideas For A Relaxed and Refined Space.


1. Use an all-white color pallette

White is a go-to color for minimalist decor because it reflects light to make a room feel brighter and more open. White walls, white bedding, and white accents will work together to create a calming and refreshing environment. You can also layer and combine different shades of white, like cream, to add more dimension to your room. 

2. Utilize texture

Instead of using busy patterns or colors in your bedroom, take advantage of texture. Texture will add contrast and depth to your space without appearing too chaotic or crowded. You can implement texture into your modern minimalist bedroom through throw pillows, comforters, or even furniture pieces.

3. Add mid-century modern furniture

Mid-century modern blends seamlessly with minimalist decor. This design style emphasizes sleek lines, organic shapes, and muted tones. Add a mid-century modern chair, dresser, or bedside table to pull together your minimalist aesthetic.

4. Industrial lighting fixtures

The sleek and simplistic style of industrial lamps is an effective addition to your modern minimalist bedroom. Place a table lamp, like this one from Amazon, on your bedside table for a functional, minimalist accent piece.

5. Use a pallet bed frame

With minimalist design, less is always more. A pallet bed frame is the most stripped-down and simplified furniture piece you can get. The low-to-the-ground look also feels so cozy and inviting. 

This DIY bedroom idea is also ideal if you’re going for a boho-minimalist vibe.

6. Avoid busy patterns

Bold patterns add more clutter and chaos to a room. Stick with solid shades when it comes to your bedding, rugs, and walls. Your space will feel more refined, clean, and tidy.

7. Add an abstract art piece

Abstract art commonly highlights elements of minimalism, such as geometric shapes and simple lines. If you want to add personality and color to your wall space that is still minimalist and modern, abstract art is the perfect way to do it. Try adding a large abstract art piece above your bed; this piece will create a more cohesive look without adding visual clutter. 

8. Add a bench at the end of your bed with storage

Double-duty furniture is a life-saver, especially for a small minimalist bedroom. Furniture with added storage helps to maximize your space while simultaneously adding style. Placing a functional bench at the end of your bed is a quick and easy way to achieve this. This furniture piece works to add texture and color while also providing storage for miscellaneous clutter.

9. Anchor the room with a rug

Rugs are the best (and easiest) way to bring a sense of unity and flow to a bedroom. A rug in the center of your bedroom acts as an anchor to your space, making it feel more connected and cozy.

In a minimalist bedroom, avoid rugs with loud patterns or bold colors. Go for a solid shade with texture to add dimension without appearing too busy. 

10. Light and dark contrast

A neutral color palette is key to a minimalist bedroom, but you don’t want your space to feel too stagnant or bland. Add some movement and bold pops with light and dark contrast. Personally, I love black accents in an all-white bedroom. If you want more impact, you could even go for a dark accent wall. 

11. Keep it natural

Natural elements are a breath of fresh air in an interior space. If you want a light and airy atmosphere in your bedroom, use a combination of natural wood tones and earthy shades. Your bedroom will definitely feel more relaxed and muted, which is essential to minimalist design.

12. Try floating bookshelves

Minimalist philosophy is all about only having what you absolutely need. Floating bookshelves are a decor piece that embodies this philosophy in a super unique and eclectic way. This is such a fun idea for storing your books and dressing up with your walls within a minimalist aesthetic.

13. Add a leafy pop

You can’t go wrong with a touch of greenery. Plants, even if they are artificial, can infuse life and color into any space. This is the best way to add variety and movement to your bedroom while still keeping it minimal.

14. Use symmetry

Symmetry brings a sense of balance and harmony to your room, which is both visually pleasing and mentally soothing. Utilizing symmetry in your bedroom will not only immensely elevate your space, but emulate the relaxed and refined feel of minimalism. 

If you need some inspiration for applying symmetry to your room, try installing identical lighting fixtures to opposite sides of your bed. 

15. Clear off your bedside table

It’s so easy to let clutter accumulate on your bedside table–your phone charger, books, water bottles, jewelry, and anything else you want to toss aside before falling asleep. While it may not seem like a big deal, your nightstand is central to your bedroom and actually contributes a lot to the overall feel of your space. If your bedside table is cluttered, everything will feel cluttered, so keep this surface as clean and minimal as possible. 

16. Sheer curtains

Nothing can energize and enhance a bedroom like natural sunlight–it’s seriously one of the most effortless interior design hacks . That’s why sheer, translucent curtains are the most effective addition to your minimalist bedroom. Even when you want them closed, they will still filter in sunlight to keep your space light and fresh.

17. Cool tones

A cool-toned color palette really works with a minimalist decor style and can also be calming. Combine shades of pale blues, light greens, grays, and whites for a bedroom that feels like a breath of fresh air. 

18. Mirrors as decor

I love using mirrors as wall decor in a modern minimalist bedroom. Mirrors create the illusion of depth, which makes your space feel more open and roomy than it actually is. Plus, it’s a go-to remedy for filling up your empty wall space without adding unnecessary colors and busy patterns. 

19. Use geometric shapes

Shapes can enhance the style of a room in such a simple way. Adding an arched mirror, angled furniture piece, or even geometric-patterned rug can create a modern and dynamic feel. The clean lines and contemporary aesthetic of geometric shapes blends so seamlessly with minimalist decor.

20. Multi-purpose furniture

If you want to achieve a minimalist bedroom, you have to utilize every inch of space. Multi-purpose furniture is the best way to do this and to prevent having more stuff than you actually need. For example, doubling a chair for a nightstand is a super cute and contemporary idea. You could also opt for a headboard with shelving or an ottoman with storage.

21. Contemporary dressers

Dressers without handles or knobs are so trendy in minimalist design, and perfect for a modern minimalist bedroom. The sleek and smooth finish is bound to add a refined touch to your space. 

22. Add a black accent wall

A black accent wall is bold and eye-catching, but still minimalist. This design choice adds sharp contrast and depth, but still avoids cluttered wall space. Also, black walls have a soothing and comforting effect that will put your mind at ease. 

23. Half circle wall decal

If you want to liven up your walls without overcrowding them, try this half-circle wall decal. The shape is simplistic and organic, but adds just the right amount of ornamentation. This option from Amazon is so affordable and comes in different shades to fit your bedroom aesthetic. 

Cluttered, chaotic spaces are directly linked with stress, which you shouldn’t be feeling in your own bedroom. These 23 minimalist bedroom ideas will create a bedroom atmosphere that is modern, refined, and built for the relaxation you deserve. 


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