How To Transform Your Home With Bohemian Decor On A Budget

This post is all about bohemian decor on a budget.

Bohemian decor can convert any space into an eclectic, whimsical sanctuary. Creating a boho-inspired space requires an accumulation of layered patterns, raw materials, early color palettes, and unique furniture pieces. Collecting and curating the right pieces and elements to bring your bohemian style to life takes time. Also, it can get pretty expensive.

However, there are tons of tips and tricks you can use to give your home that bohemian feel without spending too much money. With these easy decor ideas and budget-friendly items, you can transform any room in your home into a cozy boho haven. 

Here is how to transform your home with bohemian decor on a budget.


1. Floor cushions

Floor cushions are the perfect fit for a bohemian living room. Not only do they add functional seating to your living room, but they exude a grounded, earthy feel that is central to boho design. The low-to-the-ground look is cozy, inviting, and eclectic.

Floor cushions are so much more affordable than a standard couch, but just as practical and effective. You can also utilize them to add some necessary texture, color, or pattern to your space.

2. Woven rope coffee table

Boho style emphasizes natural materials and textures, which is why a woven rope coffee table is an effortless addition to your bohemian living room. The rope material has an unrefined, coarse look that adds visible texture and a natural feel to your space.

You can find rope coffee tables on Etsy that are hand-crafted and made with upcycled materials for a budget-friendly price.

Image Credit: Danielle Rose Design Co.

3. Vintage rug patterns

Rugs are crucial to living room spaces because they anchor the surrounding furniture pieces and create cohesion. The rug pattern and style can also dictate the overall feel of the entire space. 

To construct a bohemian look, go for faded and vintage rug patterns. The eclectic, layered shapes and designs will add so much variety and contrast to your area.


4. Pallet bed frame

Pallet bed frames are one of the most popular DIY bohemian bedroom ideas on a budget. You can make this piece yourself with cheap, recycled materials and instantly generate a bohemian vibe in your bedroom. The lack of structure and refinement is naturally boho. 

You can find pallets at your local hardware store, construction store, or even garden shop to build the frame. 

5. Hang a tapestry or blanket on the wall

If you want to fill up lots of wall space without having to purchase tons of individual art pieces, tapestries and blankets are the way to go. Hanging a blanket or tapestry behind your bed will contribute so much to your wall space without having to blow your budget. This look is also so carefree and flowy. 

6. Statement bedding

Boho design is dependent on bold patterns, colors, and textures. Statement bedding is the easiest way to add these elements to your bedroom space. Go for bedding with busy, layered patterns like floral, suzani print, lattice, or patchwork. You can also add mismatched, textured throw pillows to contribute more variety and eclecticism.


7. Wood cane dining chairs and barstools

Wood cane furniture has made a comeback in 2022 due to its durability, affordability, and touch of earthiness. Woven wood cane dining chairs and bar stools are simply a staple for bohemian kitchens. The organic material and rattan weave style radiates a natural warmth and boho feel.

8. Cluttered kitchenware

This design trick is ideal if you’re on a budget because you don’t have to spend a dime. If you want your kitchen to feel more bohemian, simply display and clutter your existing kitchenware. The cluttered, unstructured look screams boho. You can achieve this cozy, homey look by hanging your pots and pans on your kitchen wall or filling your counter space with mismatched glassware. 

9. Lots of greenery

You can never go wrong with a few touches of greenery in your home. Plants are not only a breath of fresh air in an interior space, but they’re a cheap way to add vivid color and organic shapes to your space. A few nods to nature will be the finishing touch to your bohemian kitchen.


10. Mixed patterns and textiles

Your bathroom is the perfect place to contrast textiles and patterns. You can install adhesive tiles in your shower and your bathroom floor to add some layers of contrast and variety. This DIY boho decor idea is not only affordable, but allows you to get crafty and hands-on in your home. 

11. Crochet bath mat

A crochet bath mat is super cheap and easy, but will make a major difference in your bohemian bathroom. Try adding a matching textured shower curtain with thick tassels as well to elevate your space with boho style even further. 

12. Warm, earthy accents

A warm color palette will instantly make your bathroom space feel more cozy, relaxing, and inviting. Stick with shades of orange, brown, cream, and pink when it comes to your towels, shower curtain, bath mat, and other bathroom elements. 


13. Basket collage

Wicker basket wall collages are insanely popular in bohemian interior design. Everything about basket collages just screams boho: the natural texture, the lack of structure, and the unique decorative style. You can find pre-made collages, like this one on Amazon, or collect individual baskets from thrift shops yourself to make it even more distinctive.

14. Sunbeam mirrors

If you need to fill up wall space in your bedroom, kitchen, or by your staircase, a sunbeam mirror is a perfect addition. They’re a budget-friendly piece that add some versatility and touch of texture. 

15. Floating shelves

I love using floating shelves for bohemian wall decor because they allow for creative freedom. You can decorate your shelves with anything you want–the more cluttered and mismatched, the more boho it will feel. This also adds some personalization and hominess to your living space.


16. Hanging rattan chair

Your backyard or porch will instantly feel more bohemian if you add a hanging rattan chair. Hanging chairs can be a bit higher in price, but once you add this piece, you won’t have to add much else. These chairs have a natural texture and free-spirited look that will transform any outdoor area into a boho haven.

17. Edison string lights

String lights can make any interior or exterior space feel magical. These Edison bulb string lights provide an extra warmth and retro flair. Drape them along the furniture in your back porch or wrap them around a tree in your garden to create a cozy, whimsical vibe.

18. Lots of lanterns

Lanterns can also completely transform the atmosphere in your outdoor space. You can clutter and layer different styles of lanterns for more depth and variety as well; try a combination of woven lanterns, wood, paper, and metal lanterns for a more boho feel.


Now, you don’t have to exhaust your wallet to enhance your living spaces with boho decor. These bohemian decor ideas on a budget will add warmth, earthiness, and whimsy to your home while staying practical and affordable. 


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