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9 of the Chicest Boho Modern Living Room Ideas

This post is all about boho modern living room ideas.

A boho modern living room can be a stylish yet casual backdrop to entertain family and friends.

What is Modern Boho?

Sometimes described as eclectic or artistic, boho stems from the term ‘bohemian’, associated with artists, hippies and 1960’s counterculture. Within interior design, boho is often recognized as a mix of colors, patterns, textures and cultures. Modern boho plays with elements of bohemian design yet maintains clean, minimalist spaces with contemporary elements.

Can Boho and Modern combine?

While sometimes thought to be opposites, modern interiors and boho interiors are the perfect combination to create a home that is both homey and artistic, yet clean and contemporary. To combine both boho and modern styles seamlessly, it is important to find the right balance of all elements. When designing your boho modern living room, remember that contrast is the key to visual interest in modern boho style. The juxtaposition of modern items with bohemian ones is the cornerstone of this design style. 

How do you style a boho modern living room?

Living rooms are spaces for entertaining with friends and family, or for hanging out. As such, they are often at the center of modern boho designs. To create your dream living room, start by focusing first on the big pieces of furniture - sofas, chairs, rugs, media consoles etc. Then start layering in more bohemian accents -  trinkets from travels, vintage items and art that is personal to you… but don’t over do it! Intentionally curating items ensures that the look stays clutter-free and modern - and doesn’t look like a junk shop. 

To achieve a modern boho aesthetic in your living room–- look to these boho modern living room ideas.

Here are 9 of the Chicest Boho Modern Living Room Ideas.

Boho Modern Living Room Ideas

1. Mid-Century Inspired Sofas and Sectionals

Because of boho’s relation to the 60’s and 70’s counterculture, mid-century design style is the perfect backdrop to modern bohemian decor as the clean lines and simple forms feel classic yet contemporary. Leather sectionals with long lines and that are low-profile look super cool when styled with eclectic throw pillows and blankets to create a boho modern living room. 

If used sofas aren’t your thing, that’s okay! Luckily for us all, this trend will be around for a while, so mid-century modern furniture can be sourced vintage or new; this style of furniture is completely timeless.

2. Patterns & Colors

When done right, loud patterns and colors can be used as a fun accent to a living space without it being too distracting. One way to incorporate patterns or vibrant colors into your chic living room is to use them in small areas like throw pillows, blankets, rugs, or art. This allows the color or pattern to be the ultimate focal point. 

Another tip when using patterns is to keep the rest of your design very neutral and minimal. This contrast will add a punch, yet won’t compete with the other elements of the room. All-white rooms are perfect canvases for color as you can mix and match with colorful decor without too much commitment. 

3. Indoor House Plants

Natural elements like house plants are a mainstay of modern boho spaces. Not only do they provide health properties (they purify and cleanse the air), but they can also be a form of living, breathing art that adds texture and dimension to your space. Try grouping unique plants together or by placing them in brightly colored handmade pots to stand out. 

Boho plant stands are also a unique way to display your plants. Easy-to-keep-alive house plants include many tropical varieties like snake plants, money trees and fiddle leaf fig plants.

4. Rattan Accents

You don’t have to live by the beach to get that boho-Cali vibe. 

Similarly to adding in plants, utilizing rattan or jute as a natural material is key for modern boho designs as it adds texture to a room. Rattan and jute are both natural, fibrous materials that are mostly found in tropical or coastal landscapes like Australia, Asia, and Africa. These elements are a great way to give a beachy affect that is popular in coastal and boho-Cali designs.

Rugs like this one from CB2 keep things looking natural and minimal.  

Utilizing rattan in lighting pendants or rugs can also be a refreshing and unexpected accent to a room. Even a rattan accent chair or wicker furniture is quite popular. To see more ideas surrounding rattan accents, read our article here about rattan decor ideas for a stylish boho home.

5. Earthy Tones

While typically bohemian decor is known for a more vibrant boho color palette, one way to modernize the look is to rely on earthy tones as the backdrop for your design. Warm clay color palettes like browns and beiges make boho designs feel soft and natural. 

Layering different tones of the same color feels easy on the eyes and is luxurious and calming. Try the trend out by adding warm accent walls or ceramics to your space.

6. Floor Pillows

Colorful floor pillows and poufs - which are often associated with laid-back hippie culture - are perfect for casual entertaining in the living room. They can be placed anywhere for easy seating; and the low-profile style offers stylish comfort. 

They can also be a great way to add a boho vibe through color and fun patterns to a space. Vintage shops are also great for sourcing weathered and uniquely patterned floor pillows for your space.

7. Trinkets from Travels

Boho design is often globally inspired and nothing is more boho than tastefully displaying souvenirs from your travels. Be it art, books, pottery or ceramics - personal items tell a story and add layers of depth to your home. Placing personal objects on bookshelves, tops of fireplaces or on coffee tables is a great way to show off your trinkets. 

But don’t let it get too cluttered! Cluttered objects on a shelf can be visually distracting so keep your collection curated. Pairing only one to three like-items together in a mini vignette will ensure there’s some room to breathe while also making them stand out.

8. Craft Style Art

Craft art inspired by the 60’s and 70’s have made a huge comeback in modern boho decor. Modernized versions of craft art like macrame, string beads, and dip dye are a great way to add personality to a home and fill large spaces with wall hangings. Shops like Etsy can be the best place to source unique, one-of-a-kind artisan pieces directly.

9. Antiques

Want an easy and economical way to add in boho decor? Give new life to antiques by incorporating them into your space. 

Vintage items are beautiful when contrasted with newer, modern pieces. Displaying items from all different design eras is pertinent to making your space feel multidimensional. Vintage items that have wear and patina feel loved and lived-in. It’s also a way to ensure your home is truly unique - as no one will have the same piece as you. Be intentional with the antiques you have and always pair them with newer, modern items for a surprising contrast. 

Antique shops, estate sales and even Facebook Marketplace are great sources to find unique vintage items. 

While finding balance between boho and modern elements can be tough, having contrast between the two styles is key to creating visual interest in modern boho decor. These nine decorating tips will help you to create the perfect eclectic atmosphere for boho modern living room ideas.

This post showed you stylish boho modern living room ideas.

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