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17 Boho Bathroom Ideas that You’ll Want to Immediately Copy

This post is all about boho bathroom ideas.

In this article, we’ll show you the best bohemian bathroom design trends and ideas that will make you want to re-style your bathroom immediately. 

Bohemian decor has been on the rise in interior design over the past few years from the boho modern living room to the boho bedroom and has followed suit into bathroom design! Bathrooms are the perfect room to incorporate boho elements to make your space feel natural, earthy, and overall relaxing. 

Here are some easy boho bathroom decor ideas that will inspire you immediately. It’s also important to note that these ideas are relatively easy to accomplish and won’t require too much time, effort or cost to achieve. We hope this inspires you! 

Here are 17 boho bathroom ideas that you’ll want to immediately copy.


1. Earthy Tones

Earthy tones like warm clay pinks and oranges are the perfect color palette for a bathroom. The color palette is warm and inviting, and also fun and feminine. You can invite earthy tones into your bathroom through accents in big ways like wall paint, or small accents like  towels or decor items.

2. Wicker baskets

Wicker baskets are the one of the most stylish yet practical boho elements that you can add in a bathroom. Wicker baskets are great for stylish storage like holding towels, toilet paper or other bathroom necessities. Wicker baskets are multi-purpose and great for adding in chic but practical storage.  You can find these wicker baskets anywhere from Etsy to Target to upgrade your bathroom.

Wicker Baskets

3. Vintage-Style Bath Mats

Bath mats are one of the simplest ways to switch up your bathroom decor and to add touches of your personal style. To achieve a more boho space, invest in a vintage-looking bath mat that  has bohemian textures and patterns that feel like they are from another era. Bohemian style stems from eclecticism in design that layers in different patterns and fabrics that feel multicultural. Even old Turkish rugs can be used in the bathroom to elevate a boho bathroom.

4. Cute Containers

Cute bathroom containers are another one of those chic yet practical decor items. All designers would agree that bathroom toiletries displayed out on the counter are a big no-no. Instead, hide your everyday beauty products in cute containers instead. Beautiful glass or ceramic jars are the perfect place to keep cotton swabs or toothbrushes etc. That way, your essentials are always in reach but stay hidden. 

5. Organic Materials

One design tip to achieve a bohemian bathroom is to use organic materials whenever you can. Using organic materials like wood, bamboo, pampas grass in decor is a simple way to add natural, organic elements in your bathroom decor. Opting for natural materials will create a serene bathroom look.

6. Waffle Towels

Another easy way to switch up your bathroom decor is to invest in new, luxurious towels. This particular type of waffle towels have shown to be quite popular lately. These towels have a unique texture that makes them soft, lightweight and great at whisking off water. Purchasing new towel sets like these is a great way to change up your bathroom design while staying on budget. 

7. Beautiful Towel Hooks

If you’re not sure how to style one of your bathroom walls, one practical way is to add a line of beautifully designed towels hooks. Gorgeous brass towel hooks are a way to add a vintage, bohemian flare to your bathroom.

8. Minimalist Soap Dispensers 

Give your bathroom the luxury spa treatment by trashing ugly product packaging. Similarly to the cute containers, minimalist-looking soap dispensers are great for making a space look more curated and styled. Product packaging can easily look cluttered, and can ruin a beautifully designed bathroom. Many products, like Aesop or Grown Alchemist, have simple and beautiful product packaging, but are also a splurge to buy regularly. Instead, try decanting all of your shower products like shampoo and conditioner into minimalist-looking dispensers that you can use over and over again. 

9. Vintage Style Bath Hardware 

Sometimes design is all in the details. Deciding to change out your bath hardware can actually be a lot easier and cheaper than one would imagine. Switching out ultra modern or simply outdated bath hardware for victorian-styled ones or ones in brass would be a wonderful way to add some unique bohemian elements to your bathroom. 

10. Plants in the Shower 

Adding in plants to your shower and bathroom area is a key way to give your bathroom a bohemian makeover. Tropical plants thrive in humid areas so adding them to your bathroom or shower is a great idea. Not only do indoor plants add color and life to a room, but it is also well known that living plants can add more oxygen to the room and can cleanse the air.

11. Eucalyptus Bundles in the Shower 

This design idea is a trick of the trade for many interior design stylists, and one that can be seen in nearly every magazine. By adding eucalyptus bundles to your shower, the scented oils from the eucalyptus enhance your shower as the steam enhances the scented vapors from the plants. Not only is this an idea that will enhance your shower experience, but it’s beautiful to look at and will add tons of natural elements to your bathroom. 

12. Wallpaper

Another relatively cheap albeit time consuming trend is to add patterned or boho wallpaper to your bathroom. Although it may take a whole weekend to complete, you’ll be more impressed with the results! Colorful wallpaper can turn any drab bathroom into a beautiful, personalized space. Without doing too much major remodeling, you can transform your bathroom into a bohemian oasis. 

13. Bath Sconces 

Replacing outdated bath sconces for new ones can effortlessly elevate a bathroom and give it new life. Bath sconces are relatively inexpensive and can be installed quite quickly. Although some luxury retailers like Serena & Lily or Rejuvenation  are known for offering gorgeous bath sconces, even simple modern ones can be found in many hardware stores for a low price. One tip when purchasing new lighting: be sure to focus on the color temperature of the bulbs when installing. Having warmer bulbs and an overall warmer glow in your bathroom elevate and soften your space. 

14. Accent Tile 

If you have a whole weekend, one bathroom enhancement that can transform your space is by replacing old bathroom tile. Accent tile like in the image above can be a beautiful way of adding color and life to your bathroom. Play around with fun colors and patterns of your tile to create a gorgeous and unique look.

15. Upgraded Light Fixtures

Another easy bathroom renovation idea is to upgrade your bathroom light fixtures. Lighting is often an overlooked element in designing a space that should not be forgotten. Finding the right lighting can instantly be mood-creating, and is a simple and relatively cheap way to upgrade your current bathroom. Look to a bohemian raffia pendant or an ornate victorian chandelier if you want to add in more bohemian elements.

16. Upgraded Bathroom Mirrors 

Outdated bathroom mirrors can be such an eyesore in a bathroom. Replace your bathroom mirror with a more contemporary design to uplift your bathroom space. Bathroom mirrors with rounded or organic shapes can look quite modern and can drastically freshen up your bathroom. 

17. Patterned Shower Curtains

Last but not least, adding in patterned shower curtains is the simplest way to makeover a space. New curtains are incredibly cheap, costing anywhere from $25-$100 and make such a large impact on an overall space due to the amount of coverage they give. If your bathroom is outdated, or you’re renting and can’t make any large changes, adding in a beautiful shower curtain can quickly upgrade an outdated bathroom. 

As shown in this blog post, there are many cost-effective and design-forward decor ideas that can positively affect your space and add more bohemian flare to your bathroom. We hope that these 17 aforementioned boho bathroom ideas have inspired you to makeover your bohemian bathroom this weekend!  


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