14 Best Boho Wallpaper Ideas to Enchant Your Home

This post is all about boho wallpaper ideas to enchant your home

When it comes to curating a bohemian home, every piece matters. Boho design is all about mixing and layering different patterns, colors, textures, and natural elements. It takes time to build a collection of furniture and decor that work together to exude the essence of boho flair. 

However, there is a secret weapon to harmonizing these mixed-and-matched pieces: boho wallpaper. Boho wallpaper is the finishing touch you need to unify your whimsical, eclectic, and boho-inspired design elements. It’s also the perfect refresher for a dull space that needs a little variety, personality, and depth.

These 14 boho wallpaper ideas will enchant your wall space and create a cohesive boho look in your home. Here are the best boho wallpaper ideas made for every room.

Here are 14 best boho wallpaper ideas to enchant your home.


1. Aesthetic Boho Wallpaper

Aesthetic boho wallpaper is a trendy look that still embodies classic bohemian eclecticism. The aesthetic style trend, in true Gen Z fashion, refers to a bold, maximalist, and nonconformist ambiance. It emphasizes good vibes and self-expression. 

Aesthetic boho wallpaper brings extra warmth and whimsy to this youthful look. It uses vibrant colors and offbeat patterns, but still complements the softness and earthiness of boho style. If your room has lots of neutral colors and natural-textured pieces, try elevating it with bold, aesthetic boho wallpaper.

2. Boho Peel and Stick Wallpaper

If you’re not ready for a long-term relationship with wallpaper, then peel-and-stick is your pal. Peel-and-stick wallpaper is easily removable, so it can infuse personality and style into a space without the commitment.

This boho wallpaper option usually comes in rolls with self-adhesive backing. All you have to do is measure and cut the appropriate amount, peel off the liner, and stick it straight to your wall. You can use a roller to smooth out any bubbles. The only disadvantage? It won’t last as long as traditional wallpaper and you might have to replace it after a few years. But, you can remove it at any time without damage and play around with different patterns.

3. Boho Floral Wallpaper

Floral patterns are super versatile, making them an effortless addition to boho-inspired rooms. Floral wallpaper can speak to the soft, romantic, and dreamy side of bohemian style. For example, with delicate flower prints and earthy tones. 

Or, you can opt for more vibrant colors and busy patterns that create a playful, unconventional look.

Either way, boho floral wallpaper provides a nod to nature and a mix of patterns, textures, and colors that are essential to boho style. It also gives the opportunity for complexity, contrast, and visual interest in an otherwise dull or flat space.

4. Pink Boho Wallpaper

The color pink balances energy and playfulness with romance and femininity. With its flexibility and versatility, there are several different ways to utilize pink boho wallpaper.

You can go for soft, warm shades of pink to create a cozy and gentle atmosphere. This delicate ambiance pairs well with natural elements that are common to boho style, like wood, wicker, and macrame. A cozy, soft pink sanctuary is so soothing and dream-like. 

Or, make a statement with bright pink shades and quirky patterns. This is a more expressive and unique look, but boho all the same. No matter how you style it, pink is a go-to color for making a boho home.

5. Fabric Textured Boho Wallpaper

Textures–like woven fabrics, knitted items, fringe, tassels, and embroidery–are an important piece to the boho look. Texture will make your room more visually rich and diverse. It also celebrates the authenticity, individuality, and artisanal touch of boho design elements.

So, why not bring texture to your walls? You can find fabric textured boho wallpaper (including peel-and-stick) like grasscloth, natural weave, linen, tile, and tons more. This will provide an instant tactile feel and natural touch.

6. Boho Arches Wallpaper

Boho arch wallpaper is so simple, but goes such a long way. This is another great boho wallpaper option if you’re into the minimalist look. 

You can add these wallpaper arches behind a bed, desk, or on any empty wall space. It instantly adds contrast and depth without the addition of busy patterns or bright colors. The smooth, organic shapes also align with boho design characteristics. Most of these boho arches are peel-and-stick decals, making it a quick, easy, and budget-friendly trick.

7. Boho Nursery Wallpaper

This is the cutest and most whimsical way to bring your newborn’s nursery to life. Boho nursery wallpaper has a dreamy, magical flair that is generally gender-neutral. There are so many wallpaper prints to choose from, from neutral rainbows to stars to minimalist animals. 

The completed look is cozy, comforting, and brimming with whimsy.

8. Minimalist Boho Wallpaper

Your room doesn’t have to be cluttered with patterns, shapes, and colors to be bohemian. In fact, you can fuse elements of minimalism with elements of boho design. 

Minimalist boho wallpaper stays true to the warm and natural ambiance of boho style, but executes it with simplicity and cleanliness. Try wallpaper prints with simple geometric shapes, earthy tones, understated patterns and textures, and delicate botanical designs. Your space will feel serene, inviting, and not too busy.

9. Boho Rainbow Wallpaper

Boho rainbows are a huge trend in boho home design. Boho rainbow wallpaper is the cutest and most creative way to incorporate this fun-spirited pattern into your space. 

Boho rainbow print uses a crafty, hand-painted style and warm boho color palette that brings the joy and playfulness out of any room. It fits well in a nursery or children’s bedroom, but don’t hold back from putting it in an adult bedroom or living room! No matter where you put it, it adds a subtle touch of curiosity and carefreeness.

10. Modern Boho Wallpaper

Modern boho wallpaper combines the essence of bohemian style with fresh, contemporary elements. If you want to capture that boho warmth while keeping it refined and subtle, try adding modern boho wallpaper to your room. 

Examples of modern boho wallpaper include geometric shapes, abstract prints, and organic botanicals. The key is to strike a balance between clean modernity and boho eclecticism. The space will feel unique, dynamic, and harmonious.

11. Dark Boho Wallpaper

The dark bohemian aesthetic is one of my favorite design trends. This style is still free-spirited and unconventional, but has a more moody and mysterious atmosphere – perfect for a dark bohemian bedroom

Dark boho wallpaper will transform your room into a boho noir haven. It definitely has a more dramatic touch, using rich colors like black, charcoal gray, burgundy, plum, and jade. These deep shades pair best with ornate botanical wallpaper prints. The finished look is eclectic and somewhat gothic, but still as cozy and inviting as boho spaces should be.

12. Ikat Boho Wallpaper

Ikat wallpaper replicates a traditional textile technique in which threads are tie-dyed before weaving, creating an intricate pattern of shapes with blurred edges and hazy appearance. The design exudes authenticity and hand-crafted imperfection, which aligns with the avant-garde nature of boho style.

This boho wallpaper option combines cultural influences, eclectic patterns, and rich textures. Your space will feel artsy, worldly, and relaxed–it doesn’t get more boho than that.

13. Green Boho Wallpaper

Green is another go-to boho color. You can’t go wrong with shades of sage and forest green, which blend seamlessly with the earthy and natural elements of bohemian style. Green boho wallpaper embraces the calm and soothing ambiance of the outdoors. It also complements materials like natural wood and rattan pieces, which is welcomed in any boho-inspired space.

14. Boho Wallpaper Bathroom Accent Wall

Boho wallpaper will bring your bathroom from bland to enchanting. Try adding a boho wallpaper accent wall behind your sink, toilet, or bathtub. This subtle contrast will create a visual focal point that makes it more captivating and inviting.

If you want to stay cohesive with your boho bathroom tile, you can opt for adhesive tile wallpaper. This is a peel-and-stick wallpaper option with raised tiles and shiny texture. You can find it in boho prints like floral and abstract patterns. This easy DIY touch will transform your space with color and variety. 

There are several ways to embrace bohemian style in your home. You can infuse your space with vibrant colors, eclectic pieces, and layered patterns for a free-spirited and distinctive aesthetic. Or, create a cozy haven with soft earthy tones and elements of whimsy. Either way, boho wallpaper is the final piece to effortlessly tying these looks together. 

Boho wallpaper can anchor your design elements together and add the finishing touches of charm and personality. These 14 boho wallpaper ideas are all you need to refresh and harmonize every room in your boho-inspired home.  


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