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24 Best Boho Thanksgiving Table Ideas for a Cozy Holiday

This post is all about making a boho Thanksgiving table.

Your Thanksgiving tablescape should radiate warmth and coziness–an inviting space for your loved ones to gather and relish each other’s company. That’s where boho decor comes in. Bohemian style embraces a laid-back and comfy atmosphere with earthy hues, natural textures, mixed patterns, and an artistic charm. These design elements go hand-in-hand with the cozy and family-oriented vibes of Turkey Day. 

Boho style meshes with many interior design aesthetics, from modern to farmhouse to chic maximalism. So even if your home isn’t typically adorned with boho-inspired decor, you can still complement it with a boho Thanksgiving table. 

These 24 best boho Thanksgiving table ideas are made for any home and will cultivate the coziest holiday.

Here are 24 best boho Thanksgiving table ideas.


1. Boho table runner

A table runner is the perfect starting point for your boho Thanksgiving table. It will help the seating arrangements and table decor feel more unified, and you can build the rest of your spread around it. Utilize texture for a boho fall decor vibe, such as macrame, burlap, or cheesecloth.

2. Dried fruit accents

Dried fruit is an easy decor idea that screams harvest chic. Dried citrus or pomegranate share a warm color palette that emphasizes bohemian style.

3. Vintage glassware

Vintage glassware adds a touch of nonconformity and individuality, which brings out the playful side of boho style. You can mix and match different vintage glasses for variety, or purchase a matching set that sticks to a warm color palette. I love the textured amber glasses.

4. Woven plate chargers

Plate chargers instantly enhance your tablescape. Woven plate chargers will add natural texture and a rustic yet refined touch to your boho Thanksgiving table.

5. Pampas grass centerpiece

Pampas grass is a go-to decor idea for bohemian spaces–the eclectic look and neutral tones exude boho flair. A Pampas grass centerpiece is bold and eye-catching, but still maintains softness and earthiness.

6. Taper candles

I love taper candles because they are the most versatile Thanksgiving table decor. You can embrace a more modern feel with their sleek and elegant shape, or go for an eclectic vibe with bright colors and mismatched candle holders.

7. Gingham linen napkins

If you want your Thanksgiving table to fuse traditional autumn decor with subtle touches of boho style, gingham print meets both in the middle. The busy pattern of gingham linen napkins is eclectic and fun, but still aligns with a rustic farmhouse feel. 

8. Boho floral arrangement

A floral arrangement is a must-have for your boho Thanksgiving table, but there are so many directions you can go. Try wild, bright florals for an eccentric and unconventional spread. Or, stick to the rustic side of boho style with terracotta roses and Pampas grass.

Floral Arrangement

9. Mini pumpkins

Pumpkins may seem like an obvious table decor idea for Thanksgiving, but you can really style them to embrace a boho vibe. I love the look of pairing white pumpkins with a leafy table runner for a more whimsical boho feel.

10. Lots of nature

When it comes to boho-inspired spaces, you can never have enough nature. Lots of greenery and mixed plants will breathe life into your tablescape, creating a more inviting and relaxed atmosphere for your guests. 

11. Eucalyptus leaves

The organic shapes and muted green hues of eucalyptus oozes coziness. Use eucalyptus leaves as table scatter or a table runner for a calming and magical finish to your Thanksgiving table. 

12. Colored wine glasses

Colored wine glasses are a more modern way to add color and variety with glassware. The warm shades will subtly embrace the boho vibe while still looking sleek and elegant.

Colored Wine Glasses

13. Copper accents

Copper has an inviting warmth that complements both boho style and classic fall elements. You can add pops of copper with utensils, candle holders, or dishes. Or keep it more simple – read our top pics for minimalist fall decor ideas. 

14. Faux vines

This decor idea doesn’t go directly on your tablescape, but it will definitely transform it into a cozy haven. Hanging faux vines on the walls surrounding your table will make the gathering space feel more unified and lively.

15. Low to the ground seating

If you’re feasting in an outdoor setting or have lots of floor space in your home, low-to-the-ground seating has a humble earthiness that is naturally boho. You can DIY this idea by finding a recycled wood pallet at your local home improvement store or construction site, then surround it with tons of big, comfy pillows. This type of seating will definitely make you feel more grounded and connected to your Thanksgiving guests. 

16. Cream color palette

A cream color palette for your boho Thanksgiving table is soft and minimalist Thanksgiving decor idea, but doesn’t feel too bland or stark. This look is perfect for you if you don’t want your tablescape to appear too busy or vibrant, but still want to capture the warm coziness of boho style.

17. Dark and light contrast

If you’re going for a modern boho Thanksgiving table, try playing with light and dark contrast. If you pair dark dishware and table decor with woven textures and cream pumpkins, the finish is simple and refined with earthy undertones.

18. Terracotta color palette

Terracotta is warm and rustic, fusing both autumn and bohemian color palettes. Using  terracotta hues for your Thanksgiving table will embrace the boho vibe while exuding a sense of seasonal comfort.

19. Resin coasters

Coasters are a tiny decorative touch that can make all the difference.  These resin coasters with dried leaves are brimming with eclectic flair and fall spirit. It’s all about the details.

20. Pops of yellow

Touches of yellow on your boho Thanksgiving table will bring energy and free-spirited warmth. Florals are the best way to wake up your earthy tablescape with little pops of bright yellow.

21. Sage green color palette

Sage green is like a breath of fresh air. This color palette is soothing and comforting, more airy than the rich warmth of terracotta. Sage green decor elements are still bohemian and down-to-earth, but sway from the rustic farmhouse aesthetic.

22. Fairy lights

Boho style also emphasizes dreaminess and magic. If this is the look you’re going for, a simple string of fairy lights draped across your table will boost the whimsy and coziness. Your loved ones will never want to leave the table. 

23. Cozy pillows

Adding pillows to your chairs will not only make your Thanksgiving guests more comfortable, but will contribute to the overall cozy boho vibe. You can also use this decor idea to infuse mixed patterns and textures. 

24. Boho place cards

Place cards will make your Thanksgiving feast feel so cozy and personalized. You can also use them to uplift your style by using certain colors, fonts, or materials.

When you think of Thanksgiving Day, you imagine being surrounded with warmth, comfort, and family. Bohemian decor is a must-have for bringing this cozy and welcoming ambiance to life. The characteristics of boho design, from its free-spirited use of textures and earthy colors to its emphasis on natural elements, blend effortlessly with the warm rustic spirit of the fall season. 

No matter what style your home is, these 24 best boho Thanksgiving table ideas will help you create a cozy gathering and feast worth remembering. 


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