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17 Boho Wall Decor Ideas that are Anything but Boring

This post is all about boho wall decor ideas.

There’s a reason why boho wall decor always remains a top design style – it’s effortless and cool yet casual and not too stuffy. Bohemian styled rooms celebrate free-spirited ideals and organic materials. Boho design is eclectic and pulls inspirations from different eras, cultures and styles, and often mixes many styles at once. Because of this, there truly is something for everyone, and so many ways to decorate!

A key proponent of bohemian design is thinking outside the box for decor. Using unique objects, antiques or taking cues from mother nature to decorate is key. No one likes a boring blank wall.  You’ll find that most of these boho wall decor ideas are very cost effective and stylish. Get creative and you can even DIY a cool bohemian statement wall feature.

Here are 17 boho wall decor ideas that are anything but boring.


1. Vintage Paper Fans

Vintage paper fans are such a unique bohemian wall decor idea. They come in all different colors and are an easy way to elevate a blank wall. Beautiful fans like these can be found either online or amidst your travels! Boho design often utilizes decor from other cultures, and authentic flags are often used in many Asian cultures. Fans are light and relatively cheap so they can be switched out easily if your design tastes change. Especially if you’re in a boho dorm room or rental space where putting holes in the wall is not ideal, these fabric fans can be mounted easily.

2. Large Round Mirror

If you’re unsure of what wall decor to use in a warm minimalist living room or bohemian bedroom, you can’t go wrong with a large round mirror. Any designer can tell you that mirrors are imperative to an interior. Mirrors help to give the illusion of larger space and help to brighten up a room. Round mirrors specifically are seen as much more modern, and becoming much more popular than traditional rectangular mirrors.

3. Groupings of Mini Mirrors

If a large mirror isn’t quite within your budget, try creating a boho accent wall made up of mini vintage mirrors. You can find and build an eclectic collection from antique shops or estate sales and then rearrange them on your wall. Gilded mirrors or ones with Victorian or Moroccan ornate details would go great in any bohemian style home.

4. Wood Cut Prints

Boho style is often most inspired by natural elements. Decorating your wall with wood cuts or wood prints are a great way to turn nature into art. You can DIY a woodcut yourself with paint, or you can easily find them at any home decor store.

5. String Art

String art is one of those amazing kinds of craft art that started in the 70’s and has continued on in boho wall decor for some time now. Colorful strings can be woven into beautiful patterns and shapes that can be easily mounted on a wall to make a beautiful statement. Local artisans on Etsy and beyond create gorgeous wall string art. 

6. Tapestries

Tapestries are not just for college dorm rooms! Printed tapestries on fabric or canvas are a beautiful and cost-effective way to add color to your walls. You can even DIY one for yourself. One way to elevate this look is to actually frame the tapestry in glass. This makes the tapestry art look more expensive and customized.

7. Surfboards

Believe it or not, you don’t have to be a surfer to decorate your home with surf iconography. If you live near water, decorating your walls with a beautiful surfboard can look especially cool, and may even inspire you to take up the sport. Boho design is often mixed with coastal aesthetics and this unique wall feature will make your home feel like a Malibu beach house. 

8. Hat Display

Using your hats as wall decor is an idea that is both design-worthy and functional. Take from your own closet and display your hat collection above your dresser or behind your door. Using accessories from your own closet is a great boho wall art idea for those that need to smartly use their walls as hanging storage!

9. Painted Branches or Beachwood

This is a DIY boho wall decor idea that anyone can do. Next time you find yourself out in nature, take a look at the materials that surround you – large branches or beachwood can be beautifully painted and turned into wall art! This do-it-yourself idea is especially great for kids. Get inspired by what you see outdoors and hang it up on a blank wall. This idea would work especially well with coastal boho decor.

10. Pampas Grass Decor or Wreaths

In keeping with the nature theme, boho decor lovers love to use dried flowers, leaves and pampas grass. If you feel so inclined to try to make it yourself, there are lots of guides out there that provide instructions on how to create your own wreath or hanging wall decor made of dried plants. 

11. Baskets as Wall Decor

This eclectic DIY is super unique and easy to achieve! Try hanging woven baskets from flea markets or vintage shops on your wall. Not only is this look original but it also can be quite functional for storage as well. Key tip – adding woven baskets in the kitchen or pantry to store produce like lemons, potatoes or garlic is such a fun and rustic idea.

12. Wall to Wall Shelving Displays

Wall to wall shelving is one of the easiest ways to show off your personal style. If you have a large empty wall and you don’t know how to decorate it, install display shelving. Create little moments on your shelves by displaying personal items in small clusters. Add in plants, trinkets, books and photographs – anything personal to you that represent you and your home.

13. Hanging Wall Plants

Hanging plant walls provide such color and life to a space. Next time you’re unsure of what to do with your blank wall, add in shelving with lots of indoor plants. Plant varieties that have vines create such a beautiful look.

14. Graphic Wall Decals

Graphic wall decals are great to add when you want an instant pop of color. Graphic wall decals are  bold and perfect for making a statement, and they are extremely easy to use! Unlike wallpaper or paint, wall decals are relatively cheap and can transform your room in mere minutes. Floral patterns or geometric mid century prints would look amazing in a boho home. If you need a boho accent wall, looking at wall decals is an easy idea.

15. Framed Photobooth Strips

We love this frame idea because it involves an item that you probably already have hiding in a drawer! Framing black and white photobooth photos look so cool and are a fun way of documenting a memorable time. If you have many, a collected grouping of photos like in the image above look very graphic and retro.

16. Vintage Art

This look is easily achievable and best when it looks eclectic. Source vintage art from family heirlooms or thrift stores and create a unique gallery wall of personal and vintage art. The best way to style art is to mix match frames and color. In bohemian design,  the more contrast, the better!

17. Neon Word Signs

Neon signs are no longer just for your favorite restaurant or bar, many people have been utilizing these kinds of signage for their homes too! Neon signs are for those that enjoy bold moments in their home. Many artisan shops such as Etsy have neon signs that can be customized to say whatever you’d like to say.

And there you have it! 17 Boho wall art ideas that will instantly inspire you. 


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