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10 Relaxing Coastal Boho Decor Ideas For a Soothing Space

This post is all about coastal boho decor.

When you come home from a long day, you want your home to feel like a place you can relax, unwind, and be at ease. What better way to achieve this than turning your home into a coastal boho paradise? You can feel like you’re on vacation everytime you walk through your front door when you use boho beach decor in your space.

Coastal boho decor combines the beachy and light feel of coastal design with the earthy and whimsical feel of boho. The two design styles combine perfectly and can make any space feel like an escape from everyday life. Here are some coastal boho decor ideas you can use in your home.

Here are 10 Relaxing Coastal Boho Decor Ideas For a Soothing Space.


Boho Decor Ideas

1. White and rattan furniture

Every home needs furniture. As you plan the design of your coastal boho living room, start with the big items. White furniture is light, airy, and bright, while rattan has a natural and earthy feel. For the best of both worlds, consider this sofa with white cushions and a rattan frame.

2. Surf’s up

A great way to incorporate some beachy energy into your boho space is with design elements inspired by beachgoer’s favorite sport. Not only are surfboards a common thing to see in coastal towns, but they’re also beautiful when used as pieces of art.

3. Natural elements

One of the things that sets bohemian style apart from other interior designs styles is the use of natural elements. To make a boho space feel more coastal, consider using coastal natural elements to decorate. Coastal sands are filled with stunning natural elements like shells, driftwood, and seaglass, so bring this beauty indoors.


1. Aquatic life

Similar to the natural elements of the coast, the aquatic life that lives in our oceans is also absolutely breathtaking. You can use these animals as inspiration when designing your coastal boho bedroom. Dolphins, crabs, and sea turtles are just some of the animals you can draw inspiration from.

2. Something blue

Few views are as beautiful as our planet’s blue oceans. When you’re designing your coastal boho bedroom, use these inspirational shades of blue to make your space feel more like paradise. While you may not be able to open your windows every morning to hear the sounds of the ocean, bedsheets with blue accents can help mornings feel a little more calm.


1. Coastal Boho Wall Art

As you browse for coastal boho wall art to make your space more eye-catching, consider beach-inspired art to bring your coastal boho decor ideas to life. When shopping for art, you aren’t limited to photographs and pictures. You can find wall art, sculptures, wreaths, and even shower curtains to help you transform your space into a beach-lovers dream.

2. Rope ‘em in

Boho style is all about embracing natural textures. One example of a natural texture you can use in your coastal boho bathroom is rope. Rope fits into the boho and coastal style perfectly. Think about using this rope mirror above your bathroom sink to tie your design together.

3. Tropical plants

Greenery is right at home in a coastal boho space. Tropical areas of the world feature tons of plants, including palms. You can purchase palms for your home from a local nursery, but maybe you don’t have a green thumb. If that’s the case, think about using faux palms or tropical-plant-inspired art for your space.


1. Beachy lighting

Lighting is essential in a home, but it’s also a great way to play with different designs, style, and textures. To achieve a beachy boho look, think about picking lighting made from natural elements. Fixtures with sandy tones and texture are perfect for a coastal kitchen paradise.

2. Weathered items

The constant movement of the ocean causes wear and tear to its surroundings, but who says this wear and tear can’t be beautiful? Weathered items are actually a stunning way to incorporate the beach into your boho design. Consider adding some weathered accents to your coastal boho kitchen.

Coastal Boho Decor Ideas

If you want your space to feel like a vacation home, boho beach decor can help you achieve that look with ease. The soothing and sunny feel of the coast can come indoors with you when you use these 10 coastal beach decor ideas in your space.


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