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Your Ultimate Guide to the Coziest Scandi Boho Bedroom

This post is all about designing a Scandi boho bedroom.

Your bedroom should feel completely and utterly you–a sanctuary that exudes your individuality and self-expression. However, an overly vibrant and cluttered space can also feel stressful and overwhelming. After a hectic day, there’s nothing more calming than returning to a spacious and tidy bedroom. So, how do you strike the balance between inviting coziness and clean minimalism in your personal haven? 

Enter Scandinavian boho design–the perfect fusion of these much-needed elements. A Scandi boho bedroom creates a serene, airy atmosphere that doesn’t sacrifice creativity or whimsy. It nurtures both comfort and unique character.  

Here’s everything you need to know about designing the Scandi boho bedroom of your dreams, including 17 Scandi boho decor ideas for inspiration.


Scandi boho style fuses the best elements of two interior design styles: Scandinavian and bohemian. It blends the clean lines, functionality, and minimalism of Scandi design with the playful, free-spirited, and artistic elements of boho style.

This mash-up results in a balanced interior with soft colors, textural richness, eclectic touches, and an emphasis on comfort and coziness. 


Scandi design originates from the countries of Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Iceland. The harsh, cold winters in these Nordic countries heavily influenced Scandi design due to the need for warmth, comfort, and functionality in interior spaces. While the style has adapted to modern trends, it maintains its core principles of simplicity, cleanliness, and a connection to nature. 

Scandi design also emphasizes hygge, a Danish and Norwegian cultural concept that translates to coziness, contentment, and well-being.

While boho style also prioritizes coziness, it exudes the feeling through maximalism and eclecticism. Bohemian design has roots in the artistic and cultural movements of the 20th century, referring to unconventional and free-spirited lifestyles. It embraces creativity, nonconformity, and artisanship. 


A boho bedroom often layers textures and natural materials, like wood, rattan, macrame, and jute. It also mixes bold, intricate patterns and warm tones, creating an earthy yet diverse environment. You’ll also find lots of DIY furniture, unique trinkets, art pieces, and cultural artifacts in a boho bedroom.

The arrangement is usually laid-back and slightly cluttered, creating a carefree and cozy vibe.


Absolutely. Scandi and boho characteristics are like yin and yang. A modern Scandinavian bedroom is all about order and serenity, while boho spaces emphasize energy and individuality. You can use natural elements, greenery, mixed materials, and rich textures to highlight both of these aesthetics. 

Mixing these styles adds more personality and uniqueness to Scandi minimalism, yet soothes the vibrancy of bohemian looks. It’s truly the best of both worlds. 

If you want to infuse your bedroom with tranquility and dreaminess, give these 17 Scandi boho bedroom ideas a try.

Here are 17 Scandi Boho Bedroom Ideas.


1. Light wood furniture

Light wood furniture finds the middle ground between Scandinavian modernity and boho earthiness. Try a light wood bedside table, bed frame, desk, or dresser for a soft and airy appearance that still stays connected to nature. Plus, light wood is super versatile with different patterns and color palettes.

2. Woven chandelier

A woven chandelier will create visual interest and a tactile feel in your boho Scandinavian bedroom. The natural texture and intricate woven pattern resonates with both design styles and is perfect for boho lighting

3. White walls

White walls are common in Scandinavian spaces because they are clean, versatile, and minimal. They also maximize natural light and create a sense of openness, which provides a canvas for layering textures, colors, and boho patterns. 

4. Soft, neutral color palette

Stick to a soft, neutral colors like white and off-white, beige, taupe, rust, terracotta, and touches of muted blue and green. If you use vibrant colors, you’ll eliminate the calming, inviting ambiance that is essential to Scandi boho style.

5. Bare bulbs

Bare bulbs have a stripped-down look that emphasizes the Scandinavian elements of functionality and simplicty. Their unconventional appearance also blends with boho decor.

6. Hanging plants

Hanging plants truly bring the nature indoors. I love the free-spirited and dreamy feel this adds to a bedroom. This touch of greenery also creates the illusion of taller ceilings, igniting a relaxing sense of openness and spaciousness.

7. Extra comfy bedding

Comfort is priority in a Scandi boho bedroom, so don’t be shy with your bedding. Using lots of plush materials and cozy textures will emphasize comfort and align with the concept of hygge. This will make you feel more visually and physically relaxed in your bohemian bedroom.

8. Layered fabrics

Layering fabrics is another way to highlight comfort and coziness. You can layer duvets and blankets on your bed, or even layer rugs on the floor. This will soften the ambiance and add depth to your decor in a warm, inviting way

9. Round mirror accent

If you need a bold piece or focal point for your walls, a round mirror blends with both design styles. The mirror’s organic shape exudes feelings of both serenity and playfulness. I also love using mirrors as wall decor because they reflect light to make the space feel larger and more open.

10. Pops of natural texture

Natural texture is a key element to both Scandinavian and boho design. Textures like wicker, wood, burlap, stone, and leather add depth, warmth, and variety. You can incorporate these textures in your bedroom through wicker laundry baskets, wood furniture, fibrous rugs and pillows, stone vases, and more.

11. Decluttered surfaces

A boho Scandinavian bedroom should feel like a breath of fresh air when you walk in. Cluttered spaces totally eliminate this calming effect. Make sure to keep your open surfaces, like your bedside table and desk, clear of miscellaneous clutter to promote ultimate relaxation. 

12. Cozy candles

Candles can totally transform the ambiance of a room. The soft glow and intimate feel is undeniable, contributing to both the sense of hygge and free-spirited boho vibe. If you want to avoid the fire hazard, a room full of flameless candles still has the same cozy effect for boho lighting.

13. DIY basket wall

This DIY basket wall is my favorite way to dress up a boho bedroom with boho wall decor. The arrangement of woven baskets is natural, simple, eclectic, and artistic all at the same time. You can easily make this yourself by hunting down baskets from thrift stores, local stores, garage sales, or Etsy. 

Then, just hang them to your liking with adhesive hooks. And if it doesn’t look perfect, that actually emphasizes the free-spirited boho feel even more.

14. Donut vases

Donut vases are the cutest accessory for a desk or bedside table. The look is funky and whimsical, but the organic shape is still soft and minimalistic. You can also adorn this unique piece with Pampas grass for an extra bohemian touch. 

15. Neutral gallery wall

A neutral gallery wall incorporates the sleek elegance of a modern Scandinavian bedroom with the mismatched charm of boho style. Mixing and arranging different frames will add personalization and individuality, but sticking to a neutral color palette for the art inside minimizes that cluttered feel. The finished look is visually engaging without being too bold or eccentric, perfect for filling up empty wall space.

16. Translucent curtains

Natural light is your best friend if you want your bedroom to feel more airy and serene. Translucent curtains soften harsh rays of sunlight without sacrificing the natural light itself. Plus, they add a dreamy touch of texture and style.

17. Organic shapes

A modern Scandinavian bedroom tends to emphasize clean lines and geometric shapes. If you feel like you need to balance out this sleekness with some boho decor, play around with organic shapes. Soft, fluid lines like curved furniture pieces, round mirrors, and macrame wall hangings will ease up the Scandi modernity. 

The key to a boho Scandinavian bedroom is finding the balance between minimalism and maximalism. It’s all about capturing the serenity and functionality of minimalism while adding eclectic touches of boho flair. These 17 Scandi boho bedroom ideas are your ultimate guide to creating the coziest Scandi boho bedroom that will welcome you with warm arms. 


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