Earthy Boho Kitchen Ideas for a Cozy and Carefree Kitchen

This post is all about decorating a boho kitchen.

Many people consider the kitchen to be the heart of the home. The kitchen is the room where friends and family gather to cook, eat, and gather. When you think of what you want the heart of your home to look like, the bohemian style is a beautiful option. Boho style is light, airy, soothing, and bright, perfect for a cozy and welcoming kitchen.

Bohemian style involves a lot of elements of nature, including wood, stone, and plants. Boho style also features lots of texture, soothing lighting, and playful colors. All of these earthy elements can contribute to an inviting space.

There are countless boho kitchen ideas you can draw inspiration from. Whether you want to add more color, texture, or just a more soothing bohemian vibe to your space, consider these boho kitchen ideas.

Here are 14 earthy and boho kitchen ideas for a cozy and carefree kitchen.


1. Open shelving

Open shelving is one of the latest trends in kitchen design. If you want to achieve the look of a hippie kitchen, consider choosing open shelving instead of traditional kitchen cabinets. The openness of the shelves feels breezy and carefree, which perfectly aligns with the bohemian style. To add, the openness of the shelves allows you to display your prized china, kitchen appliances, or mug collection, plus some extra boho kitchen decor pieces. Finally, floating shelves made from wood add more natural elements to your kitchen, helping to achieve the earthy kitchen of your dreams.

2. All white with touches of natural elements

Perhaps you’re interested in boho kitchen decor, but you also like the clean and minimalistic look. If that’s so, opt for an all-white kitchen with touches of natural elements. The all-white look is modern and minimal, while the touches of natural elements bring in the boho feel. Stone countertops, whether marble or another type of stone, give that hint of boho that can assist in achieving the earthy kitchen look. A wood table is also an excellent addition to a boho kitchen. If you have a smaller kitchen or you have a designated dining room, a small and circular wooden table is perfect for creating the look you’re going for.

3. Lamps in the kitchen

Don’t let anybody tell you lamps don’t belong in the kitchen. If you’re the type of person who dislikes overhead lighting, lamps are key to creating a cozy and comfortable kitchen. When selecting table-top lighting, choose a smaller lamp that doesn’t take up too much counter space. Smaller lamps are also more quaint and charming, making them the ideal boho lighting for the kitchen.

4. Touches of rattan

Rattan is one of those materials that screams boho style. Adding touches of rattan to your kitchen is essential if you’re going for that hippie kitchen look. You can incorporate rattan into your boho kitchen decor a few different ways. Opting for overhead lighting made from rattan is excellent, but if you don’t have space for a rattan chandelier, rattan chairs, baskets, or placemats are ideal alternatives.

5. Add a pop of color

Bohemian style is often colorful, but it doesn’t always have to be. If you enjoy boho style, but you aren’t a huge fan of color, adding a pop of color to your boho kitchen is the way to go. Adding a statement color to an otherwise neutral kitchen can make the room feel brighter, elevated, and fun.

6. Plants galore

Nothing can make a space feel more earthy than plants. To create the earthy kitchen of your dreams, simply add some plants to your space. Plants with vines are perfect for placing on top of cabinets. If you don’t have space above your kitchen cabinets for plants, consider installing hooks to your ceiling to hang plants in your kitchen. Hanging plants add greenery, without taking up valuable space. You can also add a smaller potted plant to your kitchen table as a centerpiece. Lastly, consider potting some seeds in your kitchen to grow your own small herbs or vegetables on a window sill or shelf.

7. Use shades as window treatments

When it comes to choosing window treatments for your boho kitchen, you have a lot of options. Curtains can make a space feel light and airy and blinds can offer privacy, but think about choosing shades. Bamboo shades are perfect for a hippie kitchen. These shades offer privacy and can block out the sun, while also adding a touch of natural elements to your space. Bamboo shades also look expensive and elevated, but they can be affordable and easy to install.

8. Wood countertops

Similar to window treatments, the amount of boho kitchen ideas for countertop options are almost endless. For those who desire an earthy kitchen, wood countertops are an unexpected, but very effective option. A butcher block countertop isn’t just practical, it’s also a remarkable way to incorporate more natural elements into your kitchen. You can chop up vegetables on a butcher block countertop, no cutting board needed. Even though cleaning a butcher block countertop requires different products and techniques than other types of countertops, the extra effort can pay off in both function and style.

9. Utilize metal rods in a boho kitchen

Seeking a stylish and streamlined way of displaying pots, pans, or mugs? Instead of cramming these items into a cabinet, opt for a metal rod. Installing a metal rod over your countertops can increase storage space and make your kitchen feel more bohemian. These rods can hold hooks, which can hold any item with a handle. In addition to kitchen items, you can also hang things like dried flowers, baskets, or boho kitchen decor to make your kitchen more interesting, cozy, and personalized.

10. Wood panels

When you hear “wood panels” your brain may immediately go to the wood paneling in your parent’s basement. When we refer to wood panels, we’re talking about sleek and stylish wood panels that can make a boho kitchen feel clean and classic. Think about installing wood panels in your kitchen on a statement wall. If the look of wood walls isn’t what you’re going for, you can paint over these panels with the same paint you used for the rest of the walls in your space. This gives a cohesive look, while also adding texture.

11. Rugs in the kitchen

One of the reasons some kitchens don’t feel cozy is because of the cold tile or hardwood flooring. While tile and hardwood are the ideal materials for kitchen floors because of their strength and durability, they can feel cold to the touch and look bland. To spice things up and help your kitchen feel more comfortable, add some rugs. Putting a couple statement rugs in your kitchen can achieve that bohemian feel.

12. Embrace maximalism

Bohemian style can either be minimal or maximal. If the latter speaks to you, embrace it! One way to do this is by choosing open shelving for your boho kitchen. With open shelving, you can deck out your shelves with a combination of kitchen items and boho decor. If you don’t have open shelving in your kitchen, but you’re still inspired to embrace maximalism, you can add a bookshelf to your kitchen along a wall or in an unused corner.

13. Tile backsplash

Backsplash is the ideal way to make a boho kitchen feel more customized. Backsplash doesn’t take up any space in a kitchen, but can make the room feel like a completely different space once it is installed. When selecting backsplash for your boho kitchen, think about choosing a colorful option that adds to the color palette of the room. Green tiles are a suitable option to achieve that boho look. If you want to be more maximal with your design, choosing a pattern tile backsplash can really embrace the hippie kitchen aesthetic.

14. Mix and match

Part of the bohemian aesthetic is embracing the carefree and breezy feel that a space can have. One way to get your kitchen to feel more bohemian is by mixing and matching pieces. If you have a kitchen table in your space, opt for different chairs, as opposed to chairs that are all the same. Choosing different chairs gives a more carefree look and it also allows you to add more textures and colors into your space.

The heart of your home should be comfortable, inviting, and cozy. Utilizing these boho kitchen ideas can help your space feel lighter and more carefree. Try out these earthy and welcoming tips to create the hippie kitchen of your dreams.


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