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21 Whimsical Boho Nursery Ideas For Your Baby Girl or Boy

This post is all about boho nursery ideas.

A baby nursery should be a cozy and calming environment for both you and your little one. You’ll want your nursery space to feel warm and airy so your sweet newborn feels safe, and you don’t feel too stressed. Bohemian design is the perfect way to bring this soft, inviting atmosphere to life. 

Boho style is known for elements of whimsy and nature, which blends seamlessly with nursery decor. If you’re a soon-to-be parent, you have to try these 21 boho nursery ideas for your baby boy or baby girl (or gender-neutral!).

Here are 21 whimsical boho nursery decor ideas for your baby girl or boy.


1. Dreamy blues

If you want to stay traditional and give your incoming baby boy a blue nursery, you can still put a bohemian twist on it. When choosing your shades of blue, stick with softer hues and pastels to make the color scheme boho nursery decor. This color palette will radiate a dreamy, whimsical feel that is essential to boho style.

You can implement shades of blue into your nursery with an accent wall, patterned rug, and wall decor. To emphasize that boho vibe, pair your dreamy blues with light wood accents. 

2. Woodland forest wonderland

A woodland forest theme is one of my favorite boho nursery ideas. Not only is it absolutely adorable for baby boys, but it’s so fun to design as a parent. There are so many different pieces you can gather to create this look. You can add forest animal toys, tree-printed or boho wallpaper for an accent wall, or a felt woodland mobile. The cozy boho color palette and earthy elements are naturally bohemian.

3. Dark wood tones

There’s something so soothing and snug about dark wood furniture. Throw in accents of dark wood with your crib, changing station, shelves, and other fundamental pieces. This wood stain also pairs so well with greens and other warm tones. 

4. Triangle wall mural

Accent walls provide a touch of personality and variety that every baby nursery should have. With this simple triangle wall design, a little really does go a long way. If you want a more free-spirited and boho-inspired feel, you can hand paint this mural as well.

5. Boho safari nursery

A boho safari theme is one of the cutest nursery decor ideas. Not only is the theme bursting with character and creativity, but the decor elements scream boho. Make sure to use natural textures and organic materials to emphasize the safari feel. You can also add in some safari animal plushies and pops of greenery. 

6. Neutral minimalism

Boho minimalism still feels warm and cozy, but it’s more focused on clean lines and de-cluttered spaces. As a new parent with an overwhelming to-do list, having a clean and minimalist nursery might feel like a breath of fresh air. It’ll be an open and tidy area for you and your baby to relax.

Keep your decor simple and stick to soft, neutral colors like sage green, gray, beige, and white.

7. Pastel airplanes

Mobiles add such a whimsical touch to a nursery in general. This pastel airplane mobile emphasizes those care-free, boho vibes even more! The wooden base and soft colors are perfect for an airy, light atmosphere. 


1. Boho butterflies

I love the earthy yet playful feel of butterflies as a nursery theme. Using warm, boho butterfly decals would make for the perfect accent wall. You can also include other touches of butterfly decor, such as vintage butterfly wall prints or a fluttery butterfly mobile.

2. Warm pinks and neutrals

A pink nursery is classic for a baby girl. If you want to bring a tinge of boho to a classic nursery look, you can opt for warmer hues of pink. Try layering different shades of pink, red, rose, and nude for some depth.

3. Flowery mobile

You can’t go wrong with florals in a boho nursery for a baby girl. A flowery mobile above your little one’s crib will look so magical and delicate. 

4. Boho rainbow nursery

Muted boho rainbows have been super trendy for nurseries in 2022, and it’s easy to see why. These neutral rainbows are so simple, yet so warm and youthful. They’re an adorable theme for a baby girl’s nursery.

You can create a boho rainbow nursery with so many design elements: a hand-painted mural, woven wall hangings, wall art, or a macrame garland will do the trick. 

5. Gold metal crib

If you need a bold piece in your boho nursery, a gold metal crib could be your finishing touch. I love how vintage and rustic this looks in a nursery space. The warm gold accent complements boho style so well.

6. Daisy accent wall

This simple daisy wall print is just so precious and whimsical. If you want a sweet and soft aesthetic in your little girl’s nursery, this is the perfect theme for you.

7. Tulle canopy

A tulle canopy above your crib can totally transform your nursery space. The canopy adds a layer of coziness and magic, especially if you use a soft, fairy-like material like tulle.


1. Simple black and white

Whether you’re having a boy or a girl, you can’t go wrong with a simple black and white nursery. This light and dark contrast feels so bright, clean, and airy. If you’re looking for a more modern boho feel, black and white decor is a go-to.

2. Lots of greenery

Bohemian spaces are always connected to nature. Adding plants to your baby’s nursery will not only emphasize that boho feel, but breathe some life into the room. 

3. Minimalist name sign

A minimalist name sign for your nursery wall goes with just about any decor. It is such a simplistic design piece, yet brings so much personability to the space.

4. Cozy in cream

Nothing soothes the soul like a cream color palette. Cream is perfect for a boho nursery because it’s airy and warm at the same time, and works for both boys and girls rooms.

5. Rattan accents

When you think boho, you think rattan. Rattan is such an essential texture to bohemian style. You can add pops of the woven pattern with storage shelves, baskets, chairs, and even a crib.

6. Retro boho

If you want to get a little more quirky and bold in your boho nursery, go for a retro boho vibe. This nursery will have bright, contrasted colors, layered bold patterns, and other vintage pieces. I love the fun energy and curiosity this brings to a gender-neutral nursery. 

7. Hot air balloon decor

Hot air balloons are absolutely adorable in a nursery for either a girl or boy. Nothing feels more bohemian, free-spirited, or oozing with whimsy than a hot air balloon mobile floating above a crib.

Boho style is ideal for cultivating a nursery with both warmth and youthfulness. These 21 boho nursery ideas will create a cozy and whimsical space to help you welcome your little one into the world.


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