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6 Dark Bohemian Bedroom Ideas that are Perfectly Moody

This article is all about dark bohemian bedroom ideas.

Move over white walls –  dark and cozy spaces are in! Dark bohemian bedroom ideas have been trending big-time this year, a trend that is a stark contrast to the white and airy minimalist spaces that have been so pervasive over the last few years. 

While minimalist spaces like these cozy minimalist living rooms with clean lines are elegant and beautiful, dark bohemian spaces have also cropped up in a major way, especially in the bedroom, as people long for a cozy retreat that is perfect for sleep. There’s no question that light sun-lit kitchens or living rooms are bright and airy, but sometimes, bedrooms are ideal for using a darker color palette. Designers and interior design fanatics right now especially cannot get enough of the cozy dark boho bedroom. 

Both traditional bohemian and dark bohemian styles pull from an eclectic mix of colors and patterns, however dark bohemian has a moodier boho color palette and often utilizes vintage decoration. 

Dark bohemian bedroom style is similar to traditional boho design, just slightly more gothic. Gothic architecture is an architectural style that came into popularity during the middle ages. Gothic architecture can be recognized by churches with stained glass windows, ornate stonework and tracery work. In addition, the architecture had a revival period that coincided with the Victorian age, therefore Victorian-era design often drew inspiration from this medieval style as well. A cozy dark bohemian bedroom can play on gothic design elements like moody colors, antique elements and romantic floral accents. The result is a timeless design style that feels both modern and vintage.

Dark bohemian is the perfect interior design for the individual who wants a bedroom that is cozy and relaxing. After all, bedrooms with darker colors are known to actually aid in sleep and relaxation. As such, dark boho bedrooms are the perfect setting for comfort and overall relaxing, and romantic vibes. 

Read on to see 6 dark bohemian bedroom ideas that will transform your space.


You can’t talk about dark bohemian bedrooms without discussing dark wall paint colors. This year, dramatic and dark vibrant colors were all the rage and give off a decidedly dark boho vibe. Just ask famed paint company, Benjamin Moore; their deep violet paint color “Wenge AF-180” was named one of the top colors of 2023.  

This color of the year is great for a moody bedroom; it has violet with chocolate undertones. As seen in the below shot, moody colors are beautiful when paired with luxe details like velvet fabrics and ornate antique decor. 

Similarly, Sherwin Williams’ color of the year also featured another dark gray and purple hue, appropriately named “Darkroom”. Both these colors topped designers’ lists this year, further showcasing dark boho’s rise in popularity.

Using wall paint like “Darkroom” or “Wenge AF-180” to create a dark accent wall instantly can give your bedroom a romantic and moody effect. 

Hues like dark blues, purples, greens and grays add drama and highlight architectural details of your home. One tip to use when painting a room with dark colors – go monochromatic! Painting the entire room (including the trim, inside shelving and on ceilings) makes a bigger impact and creates a really modern look. But if painting an entire room baseboards to ceiling sounds a bit too dramatic, painting just an accent wall works too. 


Velvet is a fabric that is rich and plush, perfect for a dark cozy bohemian bedroom. Velvet is a fabric that was traditionally made from silk, but now is often made from synthetic fibers. It’s a soft, plush fabric that is beloved by many. Adding in elements of velvet – such as in bed frames, pillows, or throws add extra warmth and dimension to a space.

You can also add in velvet elements in furniture. Velvet furniture can also be found new or vintage as velvet was quite a popular material in the early 20th century. Antiques like velvet victorian side chairs or ottomans are also great additions to a bedroom.

You can also recreate the look easily at home by adding in velvet in smaller touches like in pillows and throws. Pair it with an antique Victorian bed frame and this look is complete.

If you want to purchase a velvet piece new, look for a tufted ottoman or side chair like this one from Rejuvenation. It’s a cozy yet functional piece that would look great in a bedroom corner.

Luxurious patterned velvet pillows and throw blankets like these ones from Burke Decor can cozy-up any bedding. 


Victorian-inspired dark wooden furniture is a must-have in for a cozy dark bohemian bedroom. Not only do these furniture pieces offer useful extra storage but they’re beautiful too! While built-in cabinetry is great to have, not every home is lucky enough to have them. However, you can always get the look and functionality by adding in extra storage with large oak furniture and cabinets. 

Curio cabinets and wardrobes were popular furniture items that can be made new again in modern dark boho spaces.  While light wood is modern and on-trend, staining wood furniture dark or painting wooden furniture black is the key to embracing this dark boho trend.

This dresser from Pottery Barn would make a great statement furniture piece in your bedroom with its gilded handles and Victorian details. 


It’s all in the details. Victorian accents are a hallmark of dark bohemian bedroom styles. You can easily find Victorian details in bed frames, dressers or mirrors. As previously shared, the Victorian era was one that revived a lot of the same gothic designs that were previously popular. Victorian-era design clung to the same extremely ornate details that were used in gothic architecture; and can be seen in lots of current wallpaper designs, to details in metal or woodwork. Finding furniture with dark victorian accents is a great way to add some gothic flare to your bedroom.

Boho retailers like World Market, Zara HomeAnthropologie or Urban Outfitters are perfect places to find unique boho pieces. 

Beds like this Menara bed from Anthropologie (shown above) are the perfect addition to a dark bohemian bedroom. Ornate and stained a dark wood stain, this bed frame screams dark bohemian and looks so incredibly cozy and moody against a dark accent wall. Retailer Anthropologie is known for selling updated versions of dark boho items, and often pulls inspiration from vintage decor.

Another favorite and frequently-used type of Victorian decor is gilded mirrors. Gilded floor mirrors like this one from Arhaus are beautifully ornate and display an elegance from a previous era.

Pair the look with vintage silver candlestick holders and matching black candlesticks for an especially gothic look. 


One unique way of displaying eclectic, antique frames is to create wall art by displaying them in a gallery wall. Frames can be sourced in antique shops, online shops like Etsy, or even sourced from your grandparents’ basement! Framing personal art or family heirlooms is a great way to add cozy personal touches to your home, while honoring your heritage. Pilfering through your family photographs is a great way to find unique and eclectic framed art.

The secret to recreating a beautiful gallery wall look is to group many different kinds of frames together. Mixing gilded ornate frames with modern wood ones creates a look that is very eclectic and bohemian. Arrange multiple small and medium sized frames together in a cluster above your bed for a curated look.

Antique shops or Etsy shops like above are great places to score gold vintage frames. But if you can’t find the right size frame that you need, check out Wayfair for new frames that have vintage flare. 


Lastly, floral accents, specifically dark florals, are a great way to add a sense of romance to a gothic bohemian bedroom. Adding in floral accents like wallpaper, textiles or pillows are romantic and add drama.

One easy way to add in floral accents is in pillows and bedding. This decor tip is simple, and accents like these can easily be swapped out if you grow tired of them.

However, if you’re par for the course, floral wallpaper can be an excellent way of adding in beautiful floral accents. For centuries, wall paper has been a luxe way to decorate homes and add in more color and dimension to a space. Nowadays, wallpaper is viewed as a time-consuming and dramatic wall treatment.

Luxury wall paper retailers like House of Hackney and Rebel Walls offer a large amount of gothic floral wallpaper in all different colors and styles. 

Bold and beautiful, this type of floral wall treatment is the perfect backdrop for a dark bohemian bedroom.

You can never have too many flowers. Floral embroidered pillows like this one from Pottery Barn would pair nicely on a bed layered with bundles of throws, quilts and pillows. 

Dark bohemian bedrooms are ideal for creating a room that is cozy, bohemian and slightly gothic. These 6 dark boho bedroom ideas hopefully inspire you to decorate a moody space.


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