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14 Sleek Organic Modern Living Room Design Ideas for a Calming Space

This post is all about the organic modern living room.

Your living room is the space in your home that is meant to be a place to sit back, relax, and hang out. Whether you use your room for spending time with your family or entertaining guests, you want the area to feel like a reflection of yourself and your lifestyle. The design style of your living room sets a tone, so think about creating this tone using organic modern style.


Organic modern style is a combination of smooth, clean lines and natural, earthy elements. An organic modern living room typically features a neutral color palette, minimal design elements, soft touches of nature, and a soothing feel. When done correctly, organic modern style doesn’t look plain or boring. Rather, it plays with textures and shapes in a way that is aesthetically pleasing and calming.

To create an organic modern living room, you should form a balance of minimalist, mid-century, and modern design. If you want your home to feel like a comforting, simple, and gentle space, embrace organic modern interior design in your living room.

Here are 14 Sleek Organic Modern Living Room Design Ideas for a Calming Space.


1. Natural wood

If you want your modern living room to feel more organic, add natural wood elements. Natural wood can help a space feel more earthy, and also goes well with coastal boho decor. Small items like wooden picture frames are a great way to incorporate this style into a room that is already fully furnished. However, if you’re shopping for furniture, a console table can add a rustic and organic feel to your room.

2. White walls

One thing you may notice as you search for organic modern living room inspiration is many of the walls in these spaces are white. White paint can make a room look larger, and goes well with a minimalist living room. White walls also reflect natural light to make a space brighter. Natural light is a key element of organic modern style. There are countless white paint options you can choose from for your walls, so consider checking out this guide for help picking that perfect shade. You can also use textured white wallpaper in your living room. Organic modern interior design uses a lot of texture to make the neutral color palate of the style more interesting, dimensional, and aesthetically pleasing.

3. White curtains

As mentioned previously, organic modern interior design is all about natural light. When selecting curtains for your windows, think about picking white curtains. White curtains can provide privacy, while simultaneously adding brightness to a room. As you shop for white curtains, think about picking a textured option like these Brixton textured curtains from Pottery Barn. The texture adds more dimension to your windows, especially if your windows are on white walls.

4. Acoustic slat

Acoustic slat may have been designed to reduce noise pollution in a room, but it’s also beautiful. This functional and stunning type of wood paneling makes any ordinary space feel more modern and interesting. Add an acoustic slat wood panel wall to your living room to make a statement with your organic modern interior design.

5. Exposed beams

Exposed beams in a living room help your ceiling appear taller. Not only do these beams open up your space, but they also incorporate natural and rustic wood elements into your interior design. If your home doesn’t have exposed beams, you can still achieve this look by purchasing made-to-order exposed beams that perfectly fit in your organic modern living room.

6. Unique Light Fixtures

One of the most fun parts of incorporating organic modern style into your space is the opportunity to play with unique or boho lighting. This interior design style uses a lot of playful hanging, tabletop, and standing lamps, so don’t be afraid to think outside of the box when picking fixtures for your living room.

7. Geometric shapes

Another fun element of organic modern interior design is the use of geometric shapes. Using funky shapes in your organic modern living room adds personality. Just because your space is a neutral color palette doesn’t mean it has to be boring. You can use all sorts of unique and geometric items in your space to achieve an organic modern look.

8. Stone

Wood isn’t the only organic material that you can use in your organic modern living room. Stone is right at home in your space. Stone can help bring the calming and soothing feel of the outdoors inside, whether you’re using a stone vase or coffee table to incorporate this element into your home.

9. Mid-century modern furniture

Mid-century modern decorating adds the modern to organic modern interior design. Depending on your preference, you can use either authentic mid-century modern furniture in your home or you can opt for contemporary furniture inspired by mid-century design. Vintage furniture stores sell mid-century modern furniture and you can also find authentic pieces on Facebook Marketplace. Give this guide a read for help authenticating mid-century furniture. However, if you’re looking for brand-new pieces, Crate & Barrel is an excellent place to shop. 

10. Storage ottomans

You may be wondering how people with an organic modern living room keep their space looking so clean and streamlined. Well, the secret is out. The answer is ottomans, but not just any ottomans. Storage ottomans allow people to hide away functional items that clash with the organic modern style. Whether you want to hide away toys, magazines, blankets, or board games, you can find a stylish and functional ottoman that helps you achieve that sleek and minimal look.

11. Get creative with layering

When it comes to organic modern interior design, less is more most of the time. However, this isn’t the case when it comes to layering. In order for an organic modern living room to be well-designed and aesthetically pleasing, it needs to feature a range of textures. You can do this by adding mismatched pillows to your couch, using knick knacks of different textures on your coffee table, or layering your rugs. Why stop at one rug when you can have two or three? When picking rugs for layering, be sure to stay within the same color story, while also picking rugs that are different sizes, shapes, and materials.

12. Play with texture

Adding texture to your space doesn’t always have to involve layering. If you want to achieve an organic modern living room without using several rugs, opt for one textured rug. You can also use elements like stone, wood, rattan, and wicker to play with texture in your living room. Be sure to add these textures to different areas around your room for a more balanced look, such as on the walls, on top of tables, or incorporated into the furniture.

13. Terracotta

Terracotta isn’t just for your garden. You can bring terracotta indoors to achieve the organic modern style. Terracotta is fired clay, usually used for potted plants. However, terracotta can also be used in countless ways. You can find lamps made with a terracotta base, wall art made from terracotta, and you can even use the color of terracotta as inspiration when selecting a color palette for your organic modern living room.

14. Plants

No home is complete without plants, especially an organic modern home. Plants make a space feel natural and airy, but they can also help you create a more balanced color scheme in your space. Some houseplants can add a touch of green to your organic modern interior design color palette, while other houseplants can help you achieve a more monochromatic look. If you’re looking to achieve an organic modern living room made up of shades of white, cream, and beige, be sure to put some pampas grass in your space for added texture.

This post showed you 14 sleek ways to achieve a calming and inviting organic modern living room. Incorporating organic materials, mid-century inspiration, and modern styling can help you design a dreamy space that is ideal for entertaining, hanging out with the family, or just sitting back with tea and a good book.


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