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Modern Cottage Homes: Decor Tips for a Soft and Dreamy Space

This post is all about modern cottage homes.

If you’ve searched for interior design inspo on Pinterest or Instagram lately, you’ve probably come across the term “cottagecore.” If you’re wondering what this term means, it’s actually pretty simple. Cottagecore is a word used to describe the modern cottage aesthetic. Who hasn’t dreamed of living in a country-side cottage? Modern cottage homes take inspiration from cottages of the past, while putting a modern and functional twist that brings this earthy and old-school aesthetic into the 2020s. 


Cottages are traditional homes that date back generations, while modern cottage homes made a resurgence in the late 2010s. Social media users filmed themselves participating in activities associated with life in a cottage, such as frolicking in fields, baking bread, making floral arrangements, and embracing nature and a slower lifestyle. In addition to engaging in these activities, social media users also started decorating their homes with this lifestyle in mind.


As mentioned previously, embracing nature is the key to the modern cottage home. Elements of cottagecore include rustic furniture, antique decor, florals, lace, linens, natural materials, neutral tones, and clean lines. Think of a European cottage in the countryside, with modern enhancements that improve style and function for the contemporary person.


Wood is one of the main materials that evoke the modern cottage look. Linens, lace, and delicate fabrics are also a key element to modern cottage homes. You may also see other natural textures and materials in cottagecore house decor, such as stone and brick.

You don’t need to live in a cottage to incorporate cottagecore house decor into your space. Your modern cottage home can feel slow paced, dreamy, and peaceful when you consider these tips when styling your space.

Here are 14 Soft Modern Cottage Homes Decor Tips for a Dreamy Space.


1. Oil lamps

Start embracing cottagecore house decor with cottage-inspired lighting. Oil lamps may have been replaced by electric lamps, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring these lamps back. You can use an oil lamp for its intended purpose and add lamp oil, or you can simply use these pieces as decor.

2. Playful wallpaper

Part of the appeal of modern cottage homes is the fantasy and whimsy behind the interior design style. One way to play up this fun style is by using wallpaper in your home. A playful wallpaper, preferably floral, can help an ordinary home feel like a modern countryside cottage.

3. Stained glass

Some cottages of the past featured stained glass windows, but this design element is not as common in modern cottage homes. You can install a stained glass window in place of a window you already have in your home if you’re committed to adding this element to your space. A window above a door is the most ideal option. However, if replacing your windows isn’t in your budget, you can add stained glass to your modern cottage in other ways. These stained glass candle holders add a touch of antique cottage charm, without the commitment.

4. Baskets

Foraging is part of the cottage lifestyle, so it only makes sense that baskets are part of cottagecore house decor. When you think of baskets, you may think of picnics in a field or collecting apples in an orchard, so why not bring this inspiration into your home decor? Baskets can be used to hold just about anything, including fruit, blankets, toys, and so on.

5. Gallery walls

One of the ways to make a house feel like a home is by putting things up on the wall. If you want to make your space feel like a modern cottage home, consider putting up some gallery walls. The key to a great gallery wall is incorporating a mix of different kinds of wall art. Don’t just stick with framed photos. Add things like embroidery, plaques, trinkets, wall-mounted vases, sconces, and so on for the most eclectic and interesting gallery wall possible

6. Stone

Just because you moved into a bungalow, craftsman, or ranch doesn’t mean the exterior of your home can’t look like a cottage. One of the key elements of an exterior of a cottage home is stone. If possible, add stone to the siding of your home to help it feel more like a secluded home tucked away in the countryside. If adding stone to your siding isn’t an option, consider making a stone walkway to your front door to get the same whimsical effect.

7. Lace

Modern cottage homes have a delicate and feminine feel that can be achieved through lace. There are many ways you can add touches of lace to your interior design. Lace curtains, tablecloths, and doilies are some of the most simple, easy, and effective ways to achieve the cottage look in your modern home.

8. Florals, florals, florals

You can’t have modern cottage homes without florals. Florals give off the airy and whimsical feel that is necessary to make an ordinary home feel like a cozy cottage in a secluded valley. When it comes to adding florals to your home, you can do so with just about any cottagecore house decor. You can find floral plates, wall art, mugs, blankets, bath mats, wallpaper, towels, rugs, and the list goes on and on.

9. Lattice windows

You may not be able to change much about the exterior of your home to help it feel more like a countryside cottage, but you can change your windows. Lattice windows are timeless, elegant, and evoke the feel of a cottage home. Consider switching out your current windows for lattice windows to get that cottage look from the exterior and interior.

10. Pops of green

The cottage aesthetic uses a lot of soft natural elements. The same can be said about the cottage color scheme. When you’re designing modern cottage homes, think about adding pops of green in your space. You can shop for green accent pieces like vases, pillows, or centerpieces, or you can use green paint to transform items you already have.

11. Bring nature inside

Cottage homes from back in the day had a seamless transition from the exterior to the interior. This is because these homes had a lot of natural elements both in the yard and in the house. Bring nature inside to get the look of modern cottage homes. The easiest way to do this is with a bouquet of flowers, but you can also get more creative with your nature decor.

12. White picket fence

We’ve all dreamed about having a house with a white picket fence, so why not make that dream come true with modern cottage homes? The white picket fence helps bring the cozy cottage vision to life. The white color is breezy and soft, while the picket design adds to the timelessness of the cottagecore aesthetic. 

13. Candle sticks

Candles may be small, but they make a big difference in a home. If you’re looking for the perfect way to get that modern cottage home look, you need to get your hands on some candles. Rather than opting for scented candles that come in jars, choose candle sticks. Candle sticks provide a more traditional look that is in line with the cottage aesthetic. Plus, candle stick holders are remarkably cute.

14. Metal rails

The inspiration behind cottage homes may come from generations ago, but that doesn’t mean these items still aren’t functional and practical. Metal rails are a significant part of the modern cottage interior design style because of how useful they are. You can use metal rails in just about any room. Using them in a kitchen to hang your pots and pans gives an industrial feel that is excellent for your dream cottage kitchen, while using metal rails in your bedroom to hang jewelry or clothing adds that rustic prairie-inspired touch.

This post showed you 14 soft modern cottage home decor tips for a dreamy space. The mountainside cottage home of your dreams can become a reality, no matter where you live, when you channel this inspiration in your interior design. Adding touches of the countryside is as easy as incorporating these tips into your space.


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