10 Daring Disco Ball Decor Ideas for a Playful Interior

This post is all about daring disco ball decor.

Your interior deserves something special. If you’ve been hunting high and low for the perfect finishing touch for your home, we have an unexpected solution. Set your space apart from the rest with something bold, playful, and totally unique – disco ball decor.

We’ve seen countless design trends come and go this year, but this is one addition that will never go out of style. A symbol of the Studio 54 era of hedonistic glitz, disco balls have never lost their charm. This 1970s party staple is the perfect way to put a lighthearted twist on your designer interior. There are tons of ways to incorporate disco ball decor into your living room, kitchen, or dining space. From boho-chic design ideas to unapologetic opulence, disco balls can suit any style.

While your home should be a space to relax, some of us prefer to unwind with a little frivolous festivity! We’re throwing out the idea that your home has to be entirely sophisticated. 2023 is all about choosing bold over bland decor!

Not only are disco balls a fun addition to your interior, but they also act as a great alternative statement piece. You can’t go wrong with adding a little sparkle to your living space. After all, your home should be a joyful, jubilant space. These disco ball decor ideas will help you elevate your space in a way that feels true to you!

Here are 10 Daring Disco Ball Decor Ideas for a Playful Interior.


1. Borrow Inspiration from Gen Z

Generation Z is all about staying true to yourself. Curating your identity can be a powerful tool for self-expression and self-acceptance. Prim and proper interiors are out, and personality is in! Not only should you embrace a variety of colors and textures, but you should also add lighthearted pieces to your space. Disco ball home decor has the benefit of never clashing with your color palette – even if you’ve chosen an array of vibrant hues! Hang a disco ball from your ceiling for a classic interpretation that will complement any quirky decor. Above all else, interior design should be fun!

2. Try a Lamp for Disco Ball Table Decor

If you want to add a subtle splash of disco ball decor, consider a shining tabletop accessory. Verner Panton’s Flowerpot Lamp has been popping up all over interiors over the last few years, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. However, if you’re bored of seeing the same flowerpot and mushroom desk lamps in every Instagram post, try an innovative variation. Sofiest Designs has created mirror ball-inspired mushroom and flowerpot lamps for every surface. The lamps are covered in tiny mirrored tiles for a shimmering effect. These are great pieces to add visual interest to your credenza, sideboard, or bedside table.

3. Go GLAM with Disco Ball Decor

Steal some inspo from the queen of queens herself – Ru Paul! If your motto is “Go big or go home,” you need to consider this jaw-dropping display. Ru Paul’s designers hung several disco balls from the ceiling in the foyer for a grandiose, full-glam appearance. The touch of grey and silver shimmer is undoubtedly the star of the space. While you don’t have to add this many disco balls to make your eclectic maximalist interior pop, you can easily use this room as inspiration for your glitzy home. Disco ball decor has never been so striking!

4. Designer Disco Ball Home Decor

If you’re looking for ways to incorporate disco ball home decor in a completely individualistic way, consider disco ball-inspired furniture! For example, designer Rachel Shillander created a disco ball chair that took the design world by storm. With 30,000 individually handset mirror tiles, any home would be the talk of the town with this stunning piece. Disco ball furniture is a new way to play with light in your space. Regular mirrors are out; thousands of mirrored tiles are the new way to visually expand your space!

5. A Disco-Infused Cooking Space

While your kitchen might be the last place you expect to see a disco ball, that’s what makes it so fun! Try a disco ball for a funky alternative to a traditional pendant light. Hang two or three parallel disco balls above your kitchen island or countertop. While disco balls may not actually emit light, they do a beautiful job of reflecting natural light sources. Kitchens can often feel very utilitarian, so disco ball decor is a great way to avoid a cooking space that looks too serious. If you have a sleek, contemporary kitchen, disco balls can instantly provide a perky touch.

6. Botanical Disco Ball Table Decor

Botanical details and live greenery are nothing new, but these pots are! Instead of displaying your plants in a traditional pot, consider a mirrored alternative. You can purchase or DIY these funky pieces for the perfect disco ball table decor. If you’re looking for a way to just dip your toe into the disco pond, these are the perfect, risk-free introduction. For a warmer alternative to traditional silver disco balls, try a bronze or gold variation! These playful pots will undoubtedly brighten up any surface in your home.

7. A Pop of Disco in a Neutral Space

If you have a predominantly neutral space, like this organic modern living room, a disco ball is a great way to liven things up! Pair furniture made of natural wood and organic textiles with a sparkly accessory. You can even hang your disco ball from a pre-existing fixture as long as it is modern and understated. If you want to keep your home feeling calm and serene for day-to-day living, you can always add your disco ball on a whim. It doesn’t have to be a permanent addition, which is what makes it so fun! The silvery finish will add an edgy contrast to any warm neutral tones you have woven throughout your space.

Pro tip: A mirror across from your mirror ball will make the whole room shine!

8. An Entire Disco Ball Wall

Why stop at a single disco ball? Try covering an entire wall in a disco-style mosaic for the ultimate disco ball wall decor! While it may be overwhelming for a large, communal space, a guest bathroom is a perfect area to play with daring trends. Rather than dated wallpaper, cover an accent wall in glitzy, miniature tiles for a glamorous touch. The bold, cheeky design choice will wow your guests. Maximalism has made a massive comeback this year, and it’s easy to see why. Pops of personality-infused decor can turn your home from a cookie-cutter canvas to a vibrant work of art.

9. Boho-Chic Disco Ball Decor

If you’re in love with free-spirited design, disco ball home decor is right up your alley. For a boho-chic look, combine plants, natural wood, and diverse textures. These organic details and pops of rich colors will make the disco ball stand out – in the best way. If you want your boho modern living room to remain laid-back, try hanging your disco ball in your dining room to set a playful mood! Imagine hosting dinner parties under the sparkling, speckled light. A disco ball will instantly foster a sense of community and lightheartedness in your boho-chic space.

10. Modern Disco Ball Wall Decor

For a piece that blends effortlessly with a contemporary interior, consider a disco ball wall light. This modern form of disco ball decor will completely elevate your hallway, foyer, or other transitional space. A disco-inspired sconce is a great way to add additional lighting to your space. Rather than taking up floor space with a standing lamp, a mounted light source can double as disco ball wall decor. Create a boozy corner for late-night reveries by hanging the disco sconce above a flashy bar cart! Disco ball wall decor is all about indulging in life’s little joys, and a modern mini bar is the perfect outlet.


Disco ball decor can take your home from basic to bold in the blink of an eye. If your goal is to add a splash of fun to your interior, nothing is quite as powerful as a sparkling, shimmering mirror ball. From the 1970s until today, disco balls have symbolized letting loose and staying true to yourself. So, curate an interior that represents your unapologetic individuality. When it comes to creating a personality-filled space, you can’t beat disco ball home decor.


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