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Perfectly Elegant, No-Fuss, Everyday Spring Tablescapes

This post is all about perfectly elegant everyday simple spring tablescapes. Here’s how to recreate your own.

In this article, we’ll share how to recreate a perfectly curated, everyday spring tablescape, just in time for warmer weather.

It takes a lot of effort for things to look effortless. Especially for tablespaces, these designs can become intricate, highly curated and honestly, over complicated at times. Luckily, having a chic table setting doesn't have to be complex or costly. Springtime is the ultimate time to reconsider your home decor. If you’re feeling like your home needs a quick freshen for the new season, look towards small but impactful updates to your dining table, perfect for seasonal holidays. 

These ideas for spring tablescapes and floral decor are sure to inspire you.

Spring Tablescapes: ways to decorate

1. Spring Florals

Florals for spring? Groundbreaking. Yes, we know this first tip may sound a bit obvious: florals are typically the centerpiece of any tablescape- regardless of the season. However, spring is most certainly the best season for particular florals, and flowers are definitely the best way to spruce up your table. Make your spring floral arrangement focused on flowers that bloom in spring like tulips, daffodils, lilacs and peonies.

2. Colorful Candles

While white tapers are elegant, but why not mix it up and invite the colorful colors of spring into your everyday tablescape? You can find gorgeous tapered candles in colors from neon to pastels. You can even try different shaped tapers. Twisted candle tapers are very trendy at the moment. Swapping out your candle tapers is an effortless way to switch up your dining table.

3. Branches as Decor

Spring is a time of renewal when flora and fauna come alive again. Why not celebrate spring by decorating with blooming branches? Source branches from floral shops, or even source from your own backyard. Utilizing blooming branches for your spring tablescape adds an organic, natural feel to your space. Either mixed into an arrangement or arranged on its own, spring branches will instantly make your table feel fresh.

4. Get Creative with Produce

Why banish your beautifully colored produce to the fridge? Instead, highlight mother nature’s bounty by repurposing your spring produce into your everyday tablescape. This is a hack that designers and prop stylists have been using for years. Produce such as citrus fruits, carrots, and even radishes can be used to beautify a table setting. By incorporating colorful fresh fruits and vegetables into your table decor, you can master a creative and beautiful table. You can try using a hurricane vase full of lemons or a bouquet of carrots for your Easter Sunday centerpiece. The best part? You can eat the produce after-  first as decor, and then next on your plate! 

5. Eggs as Easter-themed Decor

Another decorative consumable that can be used for springtime decor is eggs! Whether yours are wooden, plastic or real - eggs serve as a great piece of Easter-themed tablescape decor. Right in time for the easter holiday, think about using eggs as beautiful decor. You can display eggs in a basket or in a bowl, or even add them to your floral arrangement. Especially if easter egg decorating is your holiday tradition, think about displaying eggs in artful ways. 

6. Unique Napkin Holders

Napkin holders are one of those items that really make an everyday tablescape feel thoughtful, yet they can be hard to switch up without purchasing new ones. If you’d like an easy and creative way to mix up your table settings, ditch traditional napkin rings and try to think creatively with items around your house that could spruce up your napkins. One easy way to do this is to use a beautiful ribbon or twine. You can even tie sprigs of herbs like lavender or rosemary for a bohemian look. Use can also repurpose jewelry brooches or upcycle craft fabric or beads or shells. Get creative with napkin styling! 

7. Colorful Table Linens

Another key element to a beautiful tablescape is using colorful table linens and napkins. Switching out napkins is such a great way to add extra dimension to your spring table. Oftentimes you can even source beautiful table linens with colorful floral patterns or seasonal patterns. Patterns like stripes, seasonal fruits or vegetables and flora and fauna can be beautiful to celebrate the turning over of a new season. 

8. Patterned Tablecloth

Patterned tablecloths like napkins - are a simple way to switch up your table setting. With a new tablecloth, you can create a true statement, using bright colors that draw in the eye. Another great tip is to try and mix patterns by contrasting your tablecloth to your plates or napkins. Mix and matching can be a fun way to try out a new trend and make your dining room feel instantly more fresh.  

9. Colorful Plates

Colorful plates are such a festive way to switch it up for your spring table settings. Everyone has white plates, but what could feel fresher than colored ones! Thrifting new colorful plates from second hand shops or thrift stores is a great way to freshen up your decor in time for spring entertaining. Antiques often have beautiful, unique patterns with bright colors that look stunning when paired with your other ceramic dinnerware. 

10. Pretty Flatware

Another cost-effective way to build up your tablescape elements is to freshen up your flatware. If you own fairly typical silver flatware, consider gathering a brand new set in a brass finish or a fun color in resin; it’s a simple refresh that your tablescape could be needing! You can also source mix-matched antique silver flatware with beautiful, unique patterns to spice up your flatware. 

11. Unique Serving Ware

Unique but beautiful servingware can come in extra handy when hosting! Even if you aren’t hosting any lavish family gatherings in the near future, isn’t it nice when a meal is served with a beautiful platter or bowl? Consider adding vintage or ceramic serving ware in a new spring color palette. Trays, bowls or platters feel extra special and can make any dish appear extra beautiful. These items are often gifted as hostess gifts, and you likely may have already forgotten about a similar item that was recently gifted to you, so make sure you remember to use these for your next tablescape! 

12. Outside Greenery

Bringing the outside in is the ultimate simple spring tablescape hack. As spring celebrates the rebirth of nature and a new season, bring in natural spring elements to your table. Things like herbs, (sprigs of lavender, rosemary etc.) or flowers from your garden will do the trick. Instantly your table will feel full of life. When creating a tablescape, use sprigs of outside greenery to place on top of your napkins for a chic and natural place setting. Adding natural elements to table settings like napkins, place cards or simply to adorn your table will look effortless and beautiful. 

13. Potted Spring Bulbs

One particular flower feels the most like spring - tulips! Tulips, orchids or other flower bulb varieties fitted in a gorgeous pot is an easy yet stunning arrangement for your dining table. Not only will these arrangements last longer than typical cut flower arrangements, but they look chic and effortless too. Place potted spring flowers in varying heights down the center of your dining table for a beautiful way to celebrate the arrival of spring. 

14. Ikebana Arrangements

Ikebana is the Japanese art form of floral arrangements. This floral design style has picked up the last few years and has created an Ikebana craze. Designed using singular floral stems typically with exotic flowers, and using low ceramic vases, these designs can be created. Florists and Ikebana aficionados alike achieve these designs with the use of floral frogs - or a multi-pronged tool that aids in the stems to stand straight up.The art form of ikebana focuses on the variety of height and the colors and textures of flowers and branches. 

15. Mini Bonsai Trees

Another unique and natural spring table setting idea is a bonsai tree. Bonsai is the Japanese art of growing and shaping miniature trees. It’s a beautiful artform that uses nature as the subject. Artists who practice bonsai take time clipping leaves, shaping the branches, and potting the trees in unique ceramic pots with moss and rocks. Because of their miniature size, bonsai trees would make for a great spring centerpiece and are also a fabulous way to incorporate a bit of Japandi influence to your decor. 

16. Vintage Silver or Brass Candlestick Holders

Vintage silver or brass candlestick holders are another great antique or thrifted find that can be a nice switch up to your table setting. Candlesticks are an elegant way to add style to your table. Play around with varying heights of candlesticks to create a centerpiece that sets a beautiful ambience. Candlestick holders are one of best items to buy pre-loved as they will have so much history and beautiful detail that you just can’t find new anymore. 

Celebrate the arrival of spring with a quick refresh of your table decor. Whether you're hosting a spring dinner party or just needing a fresh everyday table setting, we hope you bring these tablescape ideas from this article into your home. Try out these fresh spring tablescape ideas at your next gathering! 

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