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14 Inspiring Boho Office Decor Ideas to Increase Your Motivation

This post is all about boho office decor.

Do you work from home? For many of us, our jobs have gone hybrid or remote. Just because you’re working from your home doesn’t mean your work space needs to be boring and bland. In fact, you may feel more productive in a space that is stylish and cozy. 

Your home office can match the rest of your interior design style, while also being a functional and motivating space that is perfect for your work-from-home needs. Check out these tips on how to improve your at-home remote work space with boho office decor.

Here are 14 Inspiring Boho Office Decor Ideas to Increase Your Motivation


1. Natural cane office chair

The chair you choose for your boho home office is arguably one of the most important pieces of furniture in your space. You want an office chair that is both comfortable and stylish. Natural cane is a timeless design element that is frequently used on chairs because it is both eye-catching and cozy. A chair with a natural cane is breathable and flexible, as well as a key piece to add to your bohemian office decor.

2. Creative Lighting

Your office lighting doesn’t have to be a boring lamp or overhead lighting. Consider creating a more homey and inviting office space with creative boho lighting. As you plan out your boho desk decor, shop for lamps that aren’t designed for use in an office. A funky and bold lamp that you may style in your living room is just as at home when it’s placed on your office desk. You can also use string lights around your desk to create a warmer vibe in your space. While candles can produce a pleasant fragrance in your boho home office, they can also offer yet another unique and creative lighting option. Shop for unique candlesticks and holders for some boho desk decor that is full of personality.

3. White desk

One of the essential parts of a boho home office is a desk. When shopping for a desk, think about keeping it simple. Choosing a white desk for your work-from-home office allows you a clean and minimal area that can help you focus on your work. A white desk is also a great blank space for adding funkier boho desk decor and pops of color. As you shop for a white desk, consider picking a desk that has some texture or unique style elements so it isn’t too boring for your taste.

4. Cool clock

If you’re on the clock, you need to know the time. Instead of sticking to the clock on your phone, add some style and function to your boho home office with a cool clock. A statement wall clock is an ideal piece of boho wall decor that can make your space feel work-from-home ready and packed with personality.

5. Natural elements

Just because you work from home doesn’t mean your job isn’t stressful. You want your bohemian home office to feel like a relaxing space that can keep you calm during hard days at work. In order to make your space feel more relieving, try incorporating natural elements into your boho office decor. Reclaimed wood is the top natural material you’ll find as you shop, so think about using items made from this material to make your space feel more like a retreat and less like a work area.

6. Gallery wall

Do you want your boho home office to feel like a space you can get inspired? If so, try using a gallery wall in your room. A gallery wall can help you express your personality, while also getting your creative juices flowing. Stepping into your home office and glancing at your gallery wall in the morning can help you get in the work-from-home zone. When putting together a gallery wall, be sure to use a lot of variety. You don’t have to stick to just picture frames when designing your wall. Play with colors, textures, sizes, and shapes for the most inspiring and interesting gallery wall possible.

7. Boho pin board

If you’re the type of worker who leaves notes around your desk, try organizing your notes with a DIY boho pin board. You can create a pin board using a variety of materials, including cork, natural cane, tapestry, felt, or foam. As you shop for supplies, consider purchasing materials that are neutral in color for the ultimate boho office decor. Neutral colors can feel relaxing and rustic, which is essential if you’re aiming for a bohemian style in your space. Plus, using neutral-color supplies can help your pin board feel more neat and organized, even when it’s covered in notes.

8. Chic storage

Your job may require you to keep a lot of items in your home office. Whether you’re storing files or supplies, opt for a more stylish storage unit to keep your bohemian home office looking chic and put together. A handwoven seagrass trunk can incorporate natural elements and practical style in your boho office decor.

9. Dark walls

You may be the type of person who feels most productive and focused when you’re in a moody space. If that’s the case, opt for dark walls when designing your boho home office. A dark green or burgundy paint color can create a more sophisticated space that helps you stay engaged in your work. If you rent and can’t paint your walls, you can DIY a richer office area by using wall tapestries or floor-to-ceiling bookshelves. Dark and moody offices can be classic and calming, so think about incorporating rich and deep colors into your boho office decor through DIY painting or design tricks.

10. Exciting rug

When you step into your boho home office every morning, you want to feel happy about being there. Sometimes all it takes to make a space feel more warm and inviting is an exciting rug. Don’t be afraid to play with colors and patterns when selecting a rug for your home office. After all, you want to make this space feel as fun as possible to help you get motivated for your work day.

11. Statement bookcase

What’s an office without a bookcase? When picking a bookcase, opt for a statement-making piece of boho office decor. A shelving unit made with reclaimed wood, bamboo, or rattan can feel breezy and light, blending in perfectly with your bohemian-style space.

12. Plants

Plants are key to designing a boho space because they make a room feel natural, light, and airy. However, houseplants aren’t just stylish, they also offer a wide range of benefits. Plants can boost your mood, improve your focus, reduce fatigue, and lower stress. All of these benefits are perfect for creating a positive work space in your home, so be sure to visit your local nursery to shop for soothing and stunning office greenery.

13. Seating options

Bohemian interior design style is all about creating a carefree and breezy environment. So, when creating a bohemian office space, remember the carefree inspiration behind your design. A desk may be an appropriate place for you to work, but keep your options open. You can put an armchair, sofa, or dining table with chairs in your home office as well to give you options during your work day. Switching up the place where you sit when you work can help you stay productive and motivated on those days where it feels like you’re doing the same old stuff.

14. Cozy blanket

One of the best parts about working from home is you can wrap yourself up in a cozy blanket and none of your co-workers will judge you. Throw blankets are an excellent addition to a boho living room, so why not use throw blankets in your boho office as well? Toss a blanket over your office chair to create a warm and comfortable environment when you’re working from home.

This post showed you 14 inspiring boho office decor ideas to increase your motivation. When you incorporate your personal bohemian style into your work-from-home area, you can make remote work as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. Your boho home office can be an inspiring, calming, and motivating space when you try out these tips for yourself. 


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