Western Boho Bathroom Ideas for a Fresh, Frontier-Inspired Space

This post is all about Western boho bathroom.

Living rooms are for living, dining rooms are for dining, bedrooms are for sleeping, and kitchens are for cooking. Even though bathrooms are for bathing and handling business, you still want these spaces in your home to evoke an inviting and cozy atmosphere.

The Western boho aesthetic combines the rustic and traditional feel of Western decor with the fantastic and light attitude of bohemian decor. Using the Western boho design style in your bathroom can assist in making the space feel more classic, comfortable, and charming.

Whether you’re remodeling your guest bathroom or hoping to make your master bathroom feel like an extension of yourself, you can gain Western boho bathroom ideas by checking out these tips.

Here are 13 Charming Western Boho Bathroom Ideas for a Fresh, Frontier-Inspired Space



1. All-over tile

Tile is a bathroom essential because it’s water resistant, durable, and holds up against humidity. Additionally, tile is timeless. Porcelain and clay tiles have stood the test of time in bathrooms for decades.

When designing a Western boho bathroom, consider an all-over tile layout. Using tile on the ground, walls, shower, and tub can help your bathroom look cohesive and spacious. The ideal Western bathroom tile is a variation of white, gray, or cream in a simple and classic pattern.

If you own your home, you can invest in porcelain or ceramic tiles and either hire a contractor or take on tiling as a DIY project. However, if you’re a renter, you will need to opt for a less permanent option. Peel and stick tiles are great for temporary use in a rented space.

2. Wicker, rattan, and woven elements

Bohemian style is all about playing with texture to create an interesting and expressive space. Wicker, rattan, and woven elements are all suitable factors of Western boho bathroom decor. Adding these touches to a bathroom is a breeze. You can use woven baskets to hold towels, a rattan stool for use at a vanity, and wicker hanging art to bring texture to the walls.

3. Cow skull statement piece

Few pieces of home decor bring the Western aesthetic to life like a cow skull. If you’re searching for Western boho bathroom ideas, look no further than an iconic cow skull statement piece. Hanging a cow skull on the wall in your bathroom, whether it’s a real skull or a faux skull, can help an otherwise simple space with not much room for decor feel inspired by Western bohemian style.

4. Antique-inspired fixtures

Fixtures are the finishing touches in a bathroom that tie the entire room together. If you want to master the appearance of a Western boho bathroom, you need to pay careful attention when selecting fixtures. Antique-inspired fixtures in brass or copper finishes can transform any ordinary bathroom into a Western bohemian oasis. Consider a wall-mounted fixture for the tub, antique-inspired lighting above the bathroom mirror, a vintage faucet for the sink, and so on to complete the look and embrace the Western boho style.

5. Wallpaper

Wallpaper is right at home in any room, including a bathroom. When using the proper products and application techniques, humidity and moisture won’t damage wallpaper. It’s no secret that wallpaper is on the more expensive side, so testing out wallpaper in a smaller room, such as a bathroom, is a great way to decide if you’d like to use wallpaper  in other rooms as well. In addition to being a great way to test out the style, using wallpaper in a bathroom is a perfect Western boho bathroom idea.

As you select a wallpaper design for your Western bathroom, opt for more classic and bohemian inspired prints. A floral pattern can give off that classic Western feel, while something more earthy is excellent for those who lean more towards the “boho” in the Western boho aesthetic. 

All types of wallpaper are removable, but some styles are made to be more permanent than others. Standard wallpaper is more appropriate for those who own their homes, while peel and stick wallpaper is an ideal option for renters.

6. Clawfoot tub

If you have the space for a tub in your bathroom, opting for a clawfoot tub is a must. Clawfoot tubs are the essential Western tub. The details on the feet of these tubs also tie in the whimsy of the bohemian style.

The used market has vintage clawfoot tubs available. However, if you’d rather purchase a brand new tub, you can find antique-inspired options that will match your Western boho bathroom decor.

If all else fails, you can DIY a clawfoot tub. However, you must be sure the tub is safe to use. Consider working alongside a contractor to make sure your DIY clawfoot tub is sturdy, up to code,  and won’t crack or leak.

7. Candles

What’s better than taking a bath while surrounded by candles? You can embrace this relaxing ritual in your Western boho bathroom decor. Adding candles to your bathroom plays into the wonderful and whimsical elements of bohemian style. When selecting candles for your space, consider using a variety of colors and sizes. In doing so, you can create more dimension and interest in your bathroom. You can also get creative with the candle vessels. Think about DIYing a Western boho bathroom candle by adding a pillar candle to a mason jar or vase. Tie a piece of rope around the vessel as a finishing touch. This easy DIY project can add more texture and Western elements to your room.

8. Exposed wood

If you’re a fan of the Western boho style, it is possible you purchased a home that already embodies this look. If that’s the case, don’t cover up what makes your home unique. Rather, embrace it. If you have exposed wood beams in your bathroom, show off these beams for the world to see. Exposed wood adds a rustic Western feel to a boho bathroom.

However, if your bathroom does not have exposed wood, all hope is not lost. You can add cosmetic wood beams to your space to get the look you want without performing any major renovations.

Another way to add exposed wood into your Western boho bathroom is by adding pieces of natural wood furniture to your space. Something as simple as a wood picture frame, wood chair, or wood shelf can help you achieve that Western bathroom look with ease.

9. Layer rugs

You know what’s better than one rug in your Western boho bathroom? Multiple rugs in your Western boho bathroom. Instead of using traditional bath mats in your bathroom, opt for the rugs you’d otherwise use in your living room or bedroom. Many of these standard rugs are structurally the same as bath mats. The only difference between the two is that standard rugs are more attractive and in tune with the Western bohemian aesthetic.

When selecting rugs to layer, think about the color story of your Western bathroom. Consider selecting rugs that are the same colors as your towels, shower curtain, wallpaper, tiles, or walls. You can also get creative with colors and use contrasting options for a more bold and bohemian look. Don’t forget to switch things up with the size and shape of each rug for a more dimensional appearance.

10. Sink skirt

Sink skirts are both stylish and functional. If you want your Western boho bathroom to look more clean and organized, a sink skirt can hide any cleaning products, skincare items, or clutter that you have in your bathroom. A sink skirt also offers the opportunity to add more color, texture, and style to your space. Even if you don’t need to hide anything, you can use a sink skirt for style purposes. Attaching a sink skirt to a pedestal sink can give the illusion of a larger sink (while also increasing storage space). On the other hand, using a sink skirt in place of below-the-skin cabinet doors can give a more whimsical look to your Western boho bathroom.

11. Cactus chic

A cactus is the most Western plant there is. Houseplants are right at home in a bathroom because of the high levels of moisture. If you have a window in your bathroom, even better. Adding a real cactus to your bathroom is the perfect way to bring the outdoors inside to embrace that Western boho vibe. However, if you don’t have windows in your bathroom or a green thumb, you can achieve a cactus-chic look in your boho bathroom by opting for cactus art,cactus shower curtain, or a faux plant.

12. Head-turning turquoise

Turquoise is the color of the West. This is because the stone that the color got its name from is found primarily in Southwestern states. Painting your Western boho bathroom walls turquoise is a bold way to embrace the vibrant color. However, if you’d rather leave your walls a neutral color, you can add more subtle pops of turquoise to your space instead. Try adding turquoise touches to your space via bath mats, soap dispensers, and so on.

13. Southwestern print

The Southwestern tribal print is a go-to when it comes to achieving that Western boho look. The pattern can be found in a variety of colors, ranging from subtle and neutral to bold and bright. This wide range of options makes it easy to find something that matches the colors you have in mind for your bathroom. You can also find this print on everything from wall art to decor pieces. A statement wall made using Southwestern-print wallpaper is an awesome idea for a bathroom. On the other hand, if you’re seeking something less bold, you can add touches of the print in your Western boho bathroom using wall art or a bath mat.

When it comes time to take your morning shower or wash your face before bed, you want your bathroom to be a room you feel comfortable in. The Western boho aesthetic can get you inspired as you get ready for your day and help you relax before calling it a night. Consider using these Western boho bathroom ideas to create a fresh and frontier-inspired space.


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