Your Ultimate Guide to Planning a Boho Wedding | 40+ Boho Wedding Ideas 

This is your ultimate guide to planning a boho wedding.

Boho weddings are infused with warmth, coziness, and eclectic charm. This theme is known for its organic textures, warm hues, whimsical motifs, and connection to nature. 

However, boho weddings aren’t just one-size-fits-all. There are so many ways you can bring this theme to life, whether you want a rustic barn wedding, soft and romantic atmosphere, or tropical beach setting. Either way, your boho wedding will emphasize the individuality and free spirit of you and your soon-to-be spouse. 

Here are over 40 ideas for a boho wedding, including venues, themes, decor ideas, food and drink ideas, flowers, and activities. This is your ultimate guide to planning a boho wedding.

Here are 40+ Boho Wedding Ideas.


Boho Destination Wedding

If you’re dying for a destination wedding, there are a few locations that naturally exude a bohemian flair. Tulum, Mexico is a hot spot for boho weddings because of its beachy landscapes, jungle-inspired botanicals, and unique cultural influences.

Other popular spots include Bali in Indonesia, Moab in Utah, and Big Sur in California.

Rustic Barn or Farm Wedding

Barn venues go hand-in-hand with a boho wedding theme. Barn settings provide lots of warmth and rustic charm through wood beams and down-to-earth dirt floors.

Boho Beach Wedding

Boho style is also characterized by breeziness and a free-spirited essence. And what’s breezier than a beach wedding? I love how bohemian florals, like Pampas grass and palm fronds, pair with a beachy venue.

Outdoor Garden Wedding

An outdoor garden is the perfect backdrop for your boho wedding. This setting is naturally airy, whimsical, and connected to nature. This space gives you lots of opportunity to incorporate greenery and multi-colored florals.

Woodland Wedding

Woodsy areas have such an enchanting ambiance. You still get those earth tones and rustic vibes, but it feels a little more magical and fairytale-like.

Boho Industrial Warehouse Wedding

A warehouse doesn’t sound like an ideal wedding venue, but it’s a great blank canvas to bring your boho wedding to life. The industrial elements also add a sense of avant-garde. If you want to emphasize the eclectic and quirky sides of bohemian style, look into a warehouse venue.


Tropical Boho

A tropical boho wedding theme just oozes relaxation and ease. Monstera leaves are my favorite decor piece for bringing this theme to life. You can also pair them with Pampas grass to bring out that bohemian earthiness. 

Rustic and Down-to-Earth

A rustic wedding is all about simplicity, functionality, and coziness. This theme uses lots of natural colors and textures, like dark woods, burlap, twine, and wildflowers. You could also add repurposed, mismatched furniture and mason jars as drinkware to emphasize practicality.

Whimsical and Enchanted

A whimsical boho wedding will seriously make you feel like a princess. You can recreate this theme with lots of fairy lights, light woods and materials, and a pastel color palette

Botanical and Nature-Inspired

Greenery makes any space feel more inviting and magical. This nature-inspired wedding theme will be like a breath of fresh air for you and your wedding guests. 

Terracotta Boho

Terracotta is a go-to shade for boho weddings. The warmth and vibrance of this color pairs so well with wooden furniture, Pampas grass, gold accents, macramé hangings, and other classic bohemian decorations.

Vintage and Mismatched

If you want a more offbeat and quirky look, a vintage wedding theme is right up your alley. This theme is a hodgepodge of vintage decor pieces, textures like lace and velvet, and muted tones like ivory, sage green, and gold.

Romantic and Dreamy

A boho wedding can still emphasize classic romance! Use light colored roses and fairy lights to fuse dreamy whimsicality with soft elegance.


Dried Florals

Including some dried florals in your boho wedding invitation will add a rustic and earthy touch that flawlessly conveys your theme. And if you don’t want to press your own flowers, you can easily find some on Amazon!

Wax Seals

Wax seals will make your invitations look so classy and cohesive. You can match the color of the wax to your wedding colors to really boost the theme.

Textured Envelopes

I think adding some texture to your invitations will make them way more visually interesting. These wrinkled envelopes have a vintage, nostalgic feel that aligns so well with bohemian characteristics.

Terracotta and Gold

I love the combination of terracotta and gold for boho wedding invitations. The colors are warm and cozy yet bold, just like boho decor.


Vintage Carpets

You can arrange vintage carpets down the aisle, or just one carpet up at the altar, for some added texture and pattern. This small touch truly ties the whole theme together (and might help the bride walk over grass in her dress!).

Taper Candles

You can’t go wrong with taper candles as wedding decor. They have such an enchanting look, and I love how they look in warm shades like burnt orange and rose.

Woven Peacock Chairs

Woven peacock chairs are the perfect bohemian thrones for the newlyweds! They’re bold and unique, but still emphasize boho style with the organic texture and shape.

Triangle Arches

A triangle arch will add an eclectic flair to the altar. The geometric shape brings some eye-catching contrast to the other soft, natural elements.

Burlap Accents

Little touches of burlap will go a long way at your boho wedding. You can add small accents with silverware sets, napkins, ribbons, and table runners. 

Mismatched Seating

How unique and funky is this mismatched seating at a boho wedding ceremony? This is such a fun way to highlight creativity and functionality at your wedding. You can even hunt at thrift stores for the individual furniture pieces!

Aisle Lanterns

Walking down the aisle is a captivating moment, and lanterns will only enhance the magic and romance. I love how these lanterns are garnished with dried eucalyptus to fit the boho theme.

Wooden Signage

You’re going to need signage at your wedding to direct guests to the ceremony and their seats at the reception. Wooden signs are the perfect way to infuse natural textures and boho style.

Hanging Fringe

Fringe just has a breezy and free-spirited feel to it, especially in an outdoor venue. This decor will definitely add more movement and visual interest to your boho wedding.


Dried Eucalyptus

The round shape and cool-toned greenery of dried eucalyptus is so soothing and dreamy. You can incorporate eucalyptus pretty much anywhere at your wedding, from your bouquet to your tablescapes.

Tropical Foliage

Tropical leaves, like monstera and palm leaves, are bold and unique. The shapes and vibrant colors will add a pop of eclecticism at your boho wedding. 

Terracotta Roses

I love the warmth and earthiness of these terracotta roses. You’ll have to get these roses dyed, which you can ask your wedding florist to do.

Pampas Grass

Pampas grass is a bohemian staple. The look is soft and soothing, but exudes a bit of wildness as well. If you have an arch at your altar, consider decorating it with Pampas grass for a true boho flair.


A wildflower bouquet is unconventional and free-spirited–right on theme! You can create a wildflower bouquet with daisies, aster, lavender, eucalyptus, and Baby’s Breath. 

Floral Table Runner

Flowers are the most enchanting way to dress up your reception tables. It provides a dramatic focal point with lush nature and greenery.

Hanging Florals

I’m so obsessed with these hanging flower installations! This decor idea will transform your venue with a whimsical and ethereal touch.


Vintage Glassware

Vintage glassware will add intricate patterns and textures to your wedding tables. You should definitely mix the colors and shapes to further emphasize the unique boho look.

Gold Silverware

Get rid of the standard silverware and bring in gold cutlery! This is a quick and easy addition, but it will instantly add warmth and boost your boho theme.

Woven Plate Chargers

Woven chargers are another super easy way to upgrade your reception tables with boho flair. This adds a pop of natural texture and tactile feel.

Grazing Table

I think a grazing table is the best boho wedding food idea for cocktail hour or the reception. This not only gives your guests some extra fruits, cheeses, and meats to snack on, but emphasizes that earthy aesthetic.

Coffee Bar

I’m always dying for a little caffeine at super long weddings, so your guests are going to love this coffee bar idea! You can even make your coffee station look extra boho with a wooden cart and floral decor.

Make Your Own S’mores Station

There’s something so rustic and cozy about making s’mores. I love this Build-Your-Own-S’mores Station idea for outdoor weddings.

Donut Wall

Donut walls are a go-to wedding treat! This hand-painted wooden peg board will blend right in with a boho-inspired wedding.


Polaroid Guest Book

A Polaroid station not only highlights the rustic and vintage elements of your boho wedding, but it gives you physical photos of your Big Day to hold on to forever.

Jenga Game

If you’re having an outdoor boho wedding, you might want to include some lawn games to keep your guests occupied and having a good time. I think a wooden Jenga game is perfect to blend with your boho theme.

Postcard Messages

This is such a unique and meaningful activity for you wedding guests to enjoy. Find a bunch of vintage postcards and have your guests write messages on them. You’ll not only have a wedding keepsake, but it will help boost the eclectic and free-spirited atmosphere.

Fire Pit

I think a fire pit is essential for a rustic outdoor wedding. There’s nothing more magical or cozy than gathering around a fire with your loved ones on your wedding day! 

This was your ultimate guide to planning a boho wedding. Wedding planning is insanely stressful, so don’t forget to enjoy the ride and cherish every moment. No matter what, your boho wedding will be a charming experience brimming with creativity and romance.  


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