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24 Boho Wedding Locations Every Free-Spirited Couple Will Love

This post is all about boho wedding locations.

Location plays a pivotal role in shaping the atmosphere of your bohemian wedding. A boho wedding location will serve as a natural backdrop that enhances the unique elements and free-spirited essence of this theme.

These boho wedding locations cater to budgets of all sizes, ranging from international destinations to venues within the United States. Naturally, every couple holds a distinct vision that reflects their love story and individuality. So, whether you’re envisioning an enchanting forest backdrop, rustic barn setting, or carefree beachy vibe, we’ve curated a diverse selection of venues to choose from.

Here are 24 boho wedding locations that will set the tone and ambiance for your big day.


Tulum, Mexico

Tulum, Mexico is one of the most popular destination wedding spots for bohemian brides. The tropical foliage and turquoise waters provide a picturesque backdrop that naturally complements boho design elements. Its beachy and jungle-like atmosphere feels earthy, organic, and carefree. 

There are different options for a boho Tulum wedding. Some couples host their ceremony at a waterfront resort, like Akiin Tulum, for a more traditional beach wedding. You could also go to a jungle retreat, like Kima Tulum, to enjoy the lush greenery and nature. Or, some couples opt for a more cultural experience by holding their celebration at historical sites like ancient Mayan ruins. 

Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza, Spain is a breathtaking wedding location for a more luxurious, upscale boho wedding. The island-like greenery acts as natural bohemian decor. 

Las Cicadas is one of my favorite Ibiza venues for a bohemian wedding. This boutique villa captures the eclectic charm of boho style with cacti, cultural motifs, natural textures like wood and stone, and an overall artistic flair. 

Bali, Indonesia

Bali, Indonesia has an exotic ambiance and spiritual energy that goes hand-in-hand with boho weddings. You can exchange vows before a stunning view of the Indian Ocean or amidst the lush tropical jungles. Either way, there’s something so peaceful and idyllic about this setting. 

Bali is also known for its thriving artistic community, so you can source decor from local artists for a more authentic and down-to-earth feel. Just remember, it’s not recommended to get married between November and April, because this is known as the wet season with heavy rains. 

Byron Bay, Australia

Byron Bay is a coastal town in Australia that boasts a unique spirit and eclectic culture. This location is known for its laid-back atmosphere, saturated with artists, surfers, musicians, and hippies. 

This is the perfect boho wedding location for you if you’re looking for a free-spirited, laid-back, and relaxed vibe. 

Santorini, Greece

Santorini, Greece is known for its stunning blue and white color palette. However, I love how the warm, earthy shades of a bohemian wedding theme pairs with this setting! The airy, coastal atmosphere naturally complements the organic textures and materials of boho style. A boho wedding in Santorini is like a breath of fresh air. 


Joshua Tree National Park

You can’t beat Joshua Tree National Park for a boho wedding location. The distinct shrubs and rugged desert landscape provides a quirky, eclectic backdrop. If you’re a couple with a wild and free spirit, this venue would definitely match your energy. Plus, the brown, orange and green tones of the setting are perfect for a bohemian color palette.

Big Sur, California

If you want your boho wedding to have a more secluded and intimate feel, Big Sur is an ideal location for you. You can host your ceremony in a cozy beach cove, ancient redwood forest, or cliff overlook. No matter what spot you choose, the ambiance is so enchanting and tranquil. Wildflowers are the perfect florals to use for this wedding venue.   

Upstate New York

Upstate New York has a diverse selection of boho wedding locations, from the Catskills to the Adirondack Mountains to Hudson Valley. These regions definitely have a more rustic, down-to-earth vibe, and would pair well with dark and woodsy decor. 

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Santa Fe, New Mexico is known for its artistic culture and Southwestern charm, which blends seamlessly with the unconventional boho style. The city also has earth-colored architecture made with adobe bricks that would make for the perfect bohemian backdrop.

Newport, Rhode Island

When you think of boho, Rhode Island probably isn’t the first location that comes to mind. However, I think  the historic charm and coastal beauty of Newport is so whimsical and free-spirited. Newport is also known for its vibrant arts and music scene, which sets the tone for a bohemian wedding. 


Your Backyard

The venue tends to be the biggest expense of a wedding. If you’re struggling to stay within your budget, you can scratch this expense altogether by hosting your wedding in your backyard! And if you don’t have the backyard space you need, don’t be afraid to ask a family member or friend.

Backyard weddings have an authentic, cozy vibe that is naturally bohemian. You also have total creative freedom with decor and setup.

Farm Elopement

A farm elopement is a much more intimate and private wedding experience that still has all the boho vibes. You can bring in string lights, lanterns, wildflowers, vintage mismatched furniture, and wood textures to set the scene. 

Campground Boho Wedding
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Campgrounds are extremely affordable for wedding ceremonies and still feel super magical and cozy. The outdoor atmosphere emphasizes the natural and earthy elements of a bohemian wedding theme.

Public Parks

Public parks are another cost-effective and flexible option for a boho wedding location. Public parks can provide diverse types of scenery, from lakes to gardens to mountains. This setting exudes a laid-back, carefree spirit that reflects bohemian lifestyle.



National parks are definitely an underrated location for boho weddings. The best part of getting married in a national park is that you don’t have to get too extravagant with decor–the natural views and beauty acts as decor itself. 

Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah is a great option due to its unique terracotta cliffs. 

Art Gallery

An art gallery wedding venue perfectly captures the eclectic, unconventional, and distinctive bohemian spirit. This venue choice highlights the creative and expressive elements of boho style. 

Repurposed Warehouse

Getting married in a repurposed warehouse might not sound appealing right off the bat, but this location provides so much versatility and flexibility. Warehouses are like a blank canvas for you to have total creative freedom with your wedding theme. You can also lean into an industrial-chic and urban boho vibe.

RV/Airstream Park

I love the idea of having an Airstream food truck at a wedding, so why not take it a step further? Hosting your wedding at an RV/Airstream park is not only affordable, but creates an offbeat and campy energy. 

Horse Ranch

The rolling pastures and rustic barns of a horse farm are so charming. This countryside charm complements boho textures and colors so well.


Beach Wedding

Beach weddings feel so connected to earth and nature, which naturally aligns with the boho philosophy. There’s nothing more free-spirited and laid-back than a bride walking down the aisle barefoot! 

Barn Wedding

Barns are a go-to location for rustic, bohemian weddings. You can easily dress up this venue with string lights, weathered woods, and votive candles to make it more magical. 


A forest backdrop at your wedding feels like a fairytale. The tree canopies and earthy ambiance have such an enchanting and whimsical feel. Hanging globe lights in the trees makes the setting even more ethereal. 


Vineyards are naturally romantic and serene. Bohemian decor, like woven textures and organic florals, will bring out the rustic charm of this location.


Deserts are classically bohemian. The earthy tones and desert plants, like cacti and succulents, serve as natural decor. You can emphasize this eclectic feel with teepees, vintage rugs, dreamcatchers, and geometric shapes. 

A bohemian wedding isn’t just about finding individual decor pieces or the right dress–it’s about curating an atmosphere that exudes warmth, authenticity, whimsicality, and creative expression. The ambiance and energy of the space is the most important part. These 24 boho wedding locations will truly help you bring your theme to the next level.


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