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Boho Farmhouse Decor Ideas To Create a Welcoming Home

This post is all about boho farmhouse decor.

The fun and breezy bohemian style meets its unlikely match with rustic farmhouse style. While boho decor is known for bright colors and unique textures, farmhouse style is more neutral and simple. However, the two blend together perfectly.

Boho style features a lot of textures inspired by nature, while the farmhouse style features a lot of rustic styling. When you choose boho farmhouse decor for your space, you can use natural wood, stone, and other rustic elements to perfectly blend the styles for something that feels the most like you.

You can embrace boho farmhouse decor in your space if you’re attracted to the farmhouse look, but you desire something more fun, or you enjoy boho style, but you feel it’s a little too much for your home. Here are some ways to do so.

Here are 15 Boho Farmhouse Decor Ideas To Create a Welcoming Home.


1. Reclaimed wood

Reclaimed wood combines the earthy feel of boho style with the rustic feel of farmhouse style. In addition to being stylish, reclaimed wood is also sustainable. If you’re handy, you can transform pre-used pieces of wood into just about anything to make your home feel more like a farm-inspired sanctuary. However, if you’re not as good with your hands, you can find countless pieces of reclaimed wood furniture. A reclaimed-wood dining table makes for an excellent focal point in a room, but you can also use a storage cabinet in your living room for a functional pop of farmhouse boho decor.

2. Window wall decor

Windows aren’t just for letting the sun in. You can also use windows as decor. Repurposed windows are another example of sustainable and eye-catching boho farmhouse decor. You can use a window wall plaque on a floating shelf in your space to incorporate more of a boho farmhouse look, or you can think about using a window-inspired mirror in your living room to make it feel larger and more outdoorsy. The frame of a piece of window wall decor can even be used for hanging wreaths, pictures, and flowers, adding dimension to your room.

3. Baskets

Something as simple as adding more baskets to your space can help you turn your house into a boho farmhouse home. Baskets can also help you stay more organized, whether you’re using them for kid’s toys, pet toys, shoes, or blankets. Not only do baskets add a clean and streamlined look to a space, but baskets are made of organic materials that provide a boho farmhouse feel to any room. You can visit both World Market and Home Goods to find a stellar selection of beautiful baskets in a range of colors, sizes, and shapes, making it easy to discover the perfect baskets for your boho farmhouse home.

4. Neutral furniture

Farmhouse decor is known for feeling light, clean, and fresh. In order to incorporate the boho farmhouse feel into your space, opt for neutral furniture. Colors like white, cream, and beige can help your space feel larger and brighter. This couch from Pottery Barn is available in light colors like khaki, sand, and oat, and features a wood base for a more rustic feel.

5. Pops of color

Farmhouse style may be more neutral, but bohemian style is more colorful. The perfect way to combine these two styles is by using pops of color in your decor. Incorporate your personality into your home with colorful accessories like blankets, pillows, picture frames, and vases. Pops of color add more dimension, interest, playfulness, and whimsy into a space.


1. Fringe

Fringe is a go-to styling detail if you’re looking to achieve a more bohemian appearance in your space, but it’s also a great accent in a boho farmhouse home. Fringe is a common styling detail in Western-inspired design, making it right at home in boho farmhouse decor pieces. Tossing a couple fringe accent pillows onto your bed can help your bedroom feel more whimsical and relaxing.

2. Macrame

Macrame is another classic boho piece of home decor, but it is also considered an ideal piece of boho farmhouse decor. You can use macrame in your home to tie together the airy feel of boho style with the natural feel of farmhouse style. Consider using this macrame hat display in your bedroom to display your collection in a cute and unique way.

3. Farm animals

While you may not be able to have farm animals on your property, you can incorporate them into your home decor. A long horn bull skull is a striking example of boho farmhouse decor. However, if you’re not a fan of using skulls in your space, using farm-animal artwork is the next best thing. Pieces like animal paintings, photographs, figurines, or statues can add the finishing touches to your boho farmhouse home.

4. Wooden benches

Benches aren’t just for outside. Part of the boho farmhouse style is bringing elements of the outdoors inside. You can put wooden benches in your home for added seating or storage. Consider putting a bench in the entrance way of your home so you and your family have somewhere to put your shoes on before leaving the house. You can also store shoes under the bench to stay organized. Additionally, think about putting a wooden bench at the end of your bed. This bench can add more depth to your bedroom, while also offering a place for you to get dressed in the morning.

5. Lanterns

When it comes to boho farmhouse lighting, lanterns are the way to go. Lanterns add a stylish and outdoorsy feel to any space. Not only can you use lanterns to add more lighting to your home, but you can also remove the bulbs or candles from your lanterns and use the frames to hold plants, flowers, or knick knacks. Instead of using lamps on your bedside tables, try using lanterns to achieve the boho farmhouse home of your dreams.


1. Stone

Stoneware is right at home in the kitchen. If you stop by your local Home Goods, you can find countless pieces of stone home decor. Think about using stone-texture tumblers in your kitchen to bring in some elements of boho and farmhouse. You can use these tumblers as part of a boho farmhouse inspired table setting, or you can display the tumblers on a floating shelf. Stone is organic and natural, which is the perfect combination of bohemian and farmhouse.

2. Rustic accents

Rustic accents are the key to achieving a farmhouse-inspired home, but rustic elements are also a big part of bohemian style. Incorporating rustic accents into your space can help you achieve your dream boho farmhouse home. You can use repurposed rustic accents like jugs, old bottles, and barrels in your space, or you can opt for more functional pieces like lighting. Wood, tin, and wire are just some rustic materials that can transform your kitchen.

3. Flowers

Flowers are right at home in any space, but they can really help tie together a boho farmhouse home. In order to achieve the boho farmhouse look, you want to opt for flowers that are more neutral and earth-tone in color. Dried flowers are also a great way to incorporate boho farmhouse decor into your kitchen. Think about adding some dried flowers to a repurposed piece of tin or glass as a rustic display for your kitchen, or you can opt for wreaths or wall decor made with flowers. This dried-flower wreath adds subtle pops of color to your space, which is perfect for bringing more boho farmhouse whimsy into your kitchen.

4. Open shelving

To make your kitchen feel more in line with the boho farmhouse style, add some open shelving. Open, floating shelves made from wood add a more rustic and carefree feel to a kitchen. This type of shelving is also great for showing off your stoneware, glassware, and dinnerware.

5. Wreaths

Wreaths aren’t just for Christmas decor time. In fact, you can use wreaths in your home year round to add more color, texture, greenery, and nature elements to your space. You can hang wreaths on doors, walls, or window wall plaques. Doing so adds more dimension and interest to a space.

While a life on the farm may not be the most realistic option for you, incorporating boho farmhouse decor into your space is more achievable. Incorporating these elements into your space can help transform your house into a light, airy, rustic, and relaxing home. Be sure to try these boho farmhouse decor ideas in your home.


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