20 Boho Christmas Decor Ideas for a Chic Holiday Home

This post is all about boho Christmas decor ideas.

The holiday season begets imagery of warm and cozy evenings spent with family and friends. If you’re on the hunt for stylish decor that radiates the Christmas spirit, consider bohemian decor. Boho style emphasizes easy living and a carefree vibe. If you want your home to look effortlessly chic, consider adding a few creative boho Christmas decor ideas.


Because boho decor is all about the freedom of expression, you can mix it with a variety of decorating styles. Minimalism tends to pair beautifully with boho details due to its easy, breezy quality. A rustic aesthetic can also boost the organic quality of boho decor. You can also opt for either a modern or classic take on bohemian design. No matter what your home looks like, a boho touch can take your interior to the next level.

Here are 20 Boho Christmas Decor Ideas for a Chic Holiday Home.


1. Simple Boho Christmas Decor Ideas

Sometimes all you need is a simple wall piece to transform your space. Pine branches are ideal for adding a touch of Christmas magic to your home. You can opt for either live or faux pine branches, depending on your personal preference. Simply use jute string to tie them to a branch, and hang the branch on any wall that’s looking a little lackluster!

2. DIY Boho Christmas Decor

If you’re itching to create your own Christmas decor, there are tons of boho-inspired options. One of our top picks for 2023 is a DIY take on classic clear ornaments. Purchase empty acrylic Christmas ornaments, and fill each sphere with a branch of pine or eucalyptus. This will create a stunning minimalist display.

3. Outdoor Boho Christmas Decor Ideas

Your interior isn’t the only space that you can upgrade with boho decor! Consider giving your patio a bohemian touch with outdoor boho Christmas decor ideas. A bench is the perfect centerpiece for a decorative terrace or porch space. Add wooden signs with modern typography, pine garlands, antique bells, pots with metallic ornaments, and more for apartment balcony Christmas decorations!

4. Boho Christmas Stocking Ideas

Boho Christmas stockings are a unique and eye-catching decor idea. Rather than the typical red and green stockings, why not try a more calming color like ivory or beige? Choose cable knit stockings and add strands of wooden spheres for a natural twist. This will ensure that your decor complements rather than competes with your existing decor.

5. Boho Macrame Christmas Tree

Full-size Christmas trees aren’t the only kind of trees you should consider adding to your home. Macrame wall hangings in the shape of Christmas trees are a playful boho decor idea. Natural materials like macrame, rattan, and jute are quintessential bohemian textiles. A boho macrame Christmas tree can instantly give your home a cozy touch.

6. Boho Holiday Decor for Your Credenza

If you have an empty sideboard or credenza, it can serve as the perfect canvas for a Christmas display! While boho mixed with minimalist is undeniably modern, you can also easily combine boho decor with a pop of color! A typical boho color palette consists of warm hues accented by natural neutrals. Place small colorful Christmas trees on your mantle and accessorize with a vibrant garland of pom-poms.

7. Boho Christmas Fireplace Mantle Decor

Focus on wooden accents when decorating your fireplace mantle. Minimalist artwork will sit serenely above your fireplace, and neutral-toned statuettes can elevate your living space. Monochromatic color schemes are an understated way to add a splash of style.

8. Christmas Boho Hanging Ornaments

Ornaments aren’t reserved for your boho Christmas tree! Choose warm-toned velvet ornaments to hang on a branch over your dining table. If you’re planning on hosting any holiday dinners, your guests will be wowed by the decorative addition to your communal space.

9. Boho Christmas Porch Decorating Ideas

Consider adding an asymmetrical touch to your front door decor for a unique look. Rather than creating a perfectly balanced porch, add decor that creates an asymmetrical appearance. This will look effortlessly modern and original. String a garland of pine branches over the top and right side of your door. Place pinecones on one corner of your porch for a quirky touch.

10. Eucalyptus and Wood Boho Christmas Garland

Eucalyptus has always been a staple of boho design. If pine branches aren’t speaking to you, eucalyptus can be a stunning, modern alternative. Create a garland with eucalyptus and wooden beads. This unique mantle garland will conjure up Scandinavian-inspired decor ideas.

11. Boho Christmas Mistletoe Ideas

No holiday home would be complete without mistletoe! Instead of mistletoe with the traditional red berries, add artificial white-colored berries for a chic twist. Complement the ivory berries with a white satin ribbon.

12. Boho Beaded Christmas Wreath

There are endless boho Christmas wreath ideas to choose from, but an asymmetrical wreath with wooden beads combines all of our favorite boho trends! Make it a more minimalist Christmas wreath or add dried foliage and warm-toned flowers for a true bohemian touch.

If DIY isn’t your style, you can purchase this eye-catching beaded door wreath on Etsy.

13. Boho Christmas Table Decor Ideas

Your table is truly an integral part of your guests’ holiday experience. Whether you’re hosting Christmas dinner or just a holiday dinner party, it’s imperative to pay attention to the table itself. A long, pine garland with pinecones can make an ideal centerpiece. Accessorize with tall, neutral-toned candles for an elegant look. Go for white cotton napkins and handcrafted ceramic dishware.

14. Candles for Calming Boho Christmas Decor

Speaking of candles, the right candlesticks and complementary candles can completely transform your home. Go for gold and bronze candleholders for a metallic sparkle. Real candles will instantly give your home a cozy, bohemian-inspired glow. You can place candles pretty much anywhere, but your mantle, dining tabletop, and entryway table are a few of our favorite spots to add an ethereal shine.

15. Hanging Boho Christmas Branches

We can’t get enough of hanging pine branches from the ceiling! Not only can you add boho ornaments to your decorative branch, but you can also add miniature vases with tiny flowers or twigs. This is also a great alternative if you have a small space without room for a proper tree. A hanging branch can give your home that fresh pine smell without taking up any floor space!

16. Modern Boho Christmas Chandelier

Chandeliers don’t have to be overly ornate. A simple, metallic chandelier can easily be elevated with a handful of olive branches for the holidays. Olive branches are some of our favorite foliage to celebrate the holidays. You can also dangle paper ornaments from the pendant light or chandelier – just make sure they are far enough away from the light or flame!

17. Playful Mushroom Christmas Ornaments

Mushrooms are earthy, cute, and totally boho! We stumbled on these adorable mushroom-inspired Christmas ornaments and we’re obsessed. The rustic style makes them look natural and effortlessly chic. Hang these on your tree, a decorative branch, or create a fun, fungi garland!

18. DIY Ladder Christmas Tree Ideas

We’re all about alternative Christmas tree ideas. Get creative with household items for a beautiful boho look! Use a ladder as the frame of your Christmas tree, and string metallic ornaments from the wooden structure. You can even place a minimalist star on the top of your makeshift “tree.” This is also an excellent idea if a live tree doesn’t suit your busy lifestyle!

19. Eco-Friendly Paper Bag Snowflakes

Searching for an eco-friendly boho Christmas decor idea? We’ve got you covered! Turn paper bags into boho-inspired snowflakes in the blink of an eye! All you have to do is cut a paper bag into a triangular shape, and then fold it into itself and glue it together. It’s the same process as making traditional paper snowflakes, except these will have a stunning 3D effect!

20. DIY Macrame Christmas Ornaments

Unsurprisingly, we’re finishing out the list with macrame. Get crafty with twine and weave a macrame design around a clear ornament. If your weaving skills aren’t well-practiced, you can cheat by gluing the macrame string or twine to the ornament itself. Fill the ornaments with fake snow, greenery, or leave them empty for a minimalist boho look.


Elevate your holiday home with these 20 boho Christmas decor ideas. Curate a festive ambiance that’s truly one-of-a-kind. From DIY boho Christmas decor to creative displays, let the bohemian spirit infuse your space with holiday magic. The goal is to design a unique and memorable holiday atmosphere that reflects your personal style! These boho Christmas decor ideas will instantly boost your holiday interior. 


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