16 Dreamy Danish Pastel Room Decor Ideas You’ll Love

This post is all about boho wall decor ideas.

If squiggly candles and checkered rugs have dominated your Pinterest feed, then you’re privy to the Danish pastel room decor trend. This dreamy room aesthetic has taken Gen Z by storm, flooding the interior design space with whimsical color palettes and playful shapes. 


Pastel room decor is inspired by Scandinavian and Danish design principles, specifically the concept of hygge. Hygge does not have a one-word translation to English, but it basically encompasses the feeling of coziness, contentment, and well-being. The concept is usually associated with interior spaces that have a soft, warm, and inviting atmosphere. 

Danish-inspired room decor creates a sense of hygge with pastel color palettes, wavy lines, soft textures, minimalist furniture, and unique trinkets. This combination of design elements creates a dreamy ambiance that is welcoming and relaxing, but still brimming with character and youthfulness. 

If you’re down to transform your space with the basics of hygge and Scandinavian design, here are 16 Danish pastel room decor ideas you’ll love. 


1. Plush textures

Plush textures and pastel colors work hand-in-hand to bring the dreamlike atmosphere of Danish design to life. Danish-inspired rooms should feel like being enveloped in a cozy, warm hug. There’s no better way to recreate this feeling than shag rugs, soft pillows, and puffy comforters. 

2. Wavy lines 

Wavy lines enhance the playful and whimsical qualities of Danish pastel room decor. You can incorporate wavy lines into your room decor by adding squiggly candles to a tabletop or a wavy mirror to your empty wall space. 

3. Funky candles

Funky candles are a go-to for modern pastel room decor in general. There are so many quirky candle shapes to choose from to add character and youthfulness to your room. My personal favorites are bubble candles–their eye-catching, rounded appearance blends seamlessly with pastel colors.

4. Matisse art prints

Henri Matisse was known to use soft hues, fluid lines, and pastel shades, which aligns perfectly with Danish design principles. Filling your walls with his pieces will not only add an artistic flair, but tie the overall aesthetic together. There are tons of affordable Matisse art posters on Amazon.

5. Playful color palettes

When it comes to pastel room decor, stay away from neutrals and earth tones. Go for fun shades like lavender, pale pink, milky yellow, and pastel blue to create a more light, inviting space. 

6. Checkerboard accents

Checkerboard is a staple with Danish pastel room decor. The pattern is so funky and eclectic, bringing out the whimsical side of this room aesthetic. Checkered rugs or pillowcases add contrast and visual interest to a bedroom. 

7. Colorblocked bedding

I love the idea of mixing and matching pastel colors with your bedding to enhance coziness and creativity. Luckily, the soft hues will prevent any color palette from being too bold or overbearing. 

8. Seashell motifs

Seashell decor is a must-have when it comes to Danish-inspired spaces or coastal boho decor. The curved lines and organic shapes accentuate the soft and dreamy ambiance of this room aesthetic. Seashells also have an imaginative quality that adds to the whimsicality and youthful character of the style.

There are tons of cute ways to utilize seashell motifs in your space. My favorite way is with these velvet seashell throw pillows from Amazon, which you can toss on your couch or bed.  

9. Whimsical florals 

Any touch of nature will bring comfort and coziness to an interior space. If you want to complement Danish pastel room decor, try adding flowers that have a more offbeat vibe. Wildflowers, tulips, daisies, lilacs, and orchids are the perfect fit. 

10. Minimalist furniture 

The pastel color palette and unique motifs should be the focal point of your Danish-inspired room, so keep it minimal when it comes to furniture. For example, stick with clean-lined couches, minimalist coffee tables and desks, floating shelves, and white finishes. Other styles of furniture will make your space feel busy and cluttered, which takes away from the relaxing and cozy concept of hygge. 

11. Dreamy curtains

Lighting plays a huge role in the soft aura of Danish pastel rooms. If you need to soften the natural lighting in your Danish-inspired space, try adding these dreamy tulle curtains to your windows. You can also use these curtains to introduce more pastel shades, like light pink or lilac. 

12. Floating shelves

Floating shelves are the best decor for Danish pastel rooms. Their appearance of “floating” on the wall creates a sense of minimalism and airiness in the room, and they’re super functional. You can also use them to emphasize your pastel color palette or incorporate playful, fluid shapes. 

Flower-shaped floating shelves are a popular decor piece, but these wavy squiggle shelves from Etsy are my favorite. 

13. Faux vines

An important principle of Scandinavian and Danish design is staying connected with the outdoors. Faux vines will add an airy, organic element to your room without the need for live (and high-maintenance) plants. 

14. Cozy armchair 

This Danish pastel room decor idea is a simple touch, but will make all the difference. Adding a cozy armchair to your space will emphasize comfort and relaxation, which is central to Danish design. You can also utilize it to implement soft textures, shapes, and colors. 

Scalloped armchairs are a super cute choice because they resemble the shape of a seashell. You can also opt for ultimate coziness with a sherpa-lined ottoman. 

15. Heart-shaped decor

 Hearts are another shape that pair so well with pastel room decor. Heart-shaped motifs are so simple, soft, and romantic, capturing the dreamy vibes of Danish design. You can implement heart-shaped decor into your room through mirrors, lighting fixtures, pillows, and vases. 

16. Gingham print 

If checkered print is too bold for your space, gingham print is its softer, sweeter sibling. Gingham print is elegant and romantic, yet still maintains eclecticism and individuality. Even a small touch of gingham, like a pillowcase or a dish towel in your kitchen, will add depth and variety. 

Danish pastel room decor aims to create welcoming spaces with an emphasis on comfort, minimalism, and softness. Gen Z has also taken to this dreamy trend because it’s the perfect canvas for self-expression and individuality, without sacrificing coziness and relaxation.

If you want to fuse playfulness and whimsicality with a soothing ambiance, these 16 Danish pastel room decor ideas are all you need. 


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