38 Minimalist Christmas Wreath Ideas for Modern Homes

This post is all about making a minimalist Christmas wreath.

Minimalist home decor cultivates a sense of serenity and spaciousness. The emphasis on clean lines, uncluttered surfaces, and neutral colors will transform your home into a breath of fresh air. When you merge a minimalist aesthetic with your Christmas decor, your space will exude stress-free cleanliness without sacrificing the cozy holiday warmth. 

A minimalist Christmas wreath is the perfect piece to execute this design style in your home. 

Wreaths are the most versatile decorative elements, offering touches of texture, pattern, color, and a visual focal point. While these wreath ideas are utterly minimalist, they fit all kinds of home interiors: modern, farmhouse, boho, and everything in between. 

Try these 38 best minimalist Christmas wreath ideas to modernize your home this holiday season. 

Here are 38 Minimalist Christmas Wreath Ideas for Modern Homes


1. Hoop Wreath

Hoop wreaths are the most popular minimalist Christmas wreath DIY option. All you need is a metal hoop, craft wire, scissors, string, and festive foliage like spruce and pinecones. 

2. Vintage Bells

This minimalist Christmas wreath with vintage bells has a rustic look that still focuses on sleek simplicity–a go-to for a modern farmhouse home. 

3. Dried Citrus

The warm orange glow of dried citrus complements Christmas color palettes so well. This wreath idea is minimal yet eye-catching.

4. Twigs and Bows

This twig Christmas wreath captures the natural rustic feel of the winter season without going over the top. 

5. Kitchen Minimalist Christmas Wreath

Adding little minimalist Christmas wreaths to your kitchen–even in unexpected spots like a cutting board or cooking appliances–will bring a pop of festive coziness without looking cluttered. 

6. Berries and Burlap

This wreath is so delicate and minimal, but adds a splash of boho Christmas decor texture with the burlap ribbon.

7. Simple Ribbon

Plaid ribbons remind me of an elegant, classic Christmas morning. Too much plaid can be visually overwhelming, so just one will do the trick with this hoop wreath. 

8. Farmhouse Minimalist Christmas Wreath 

I love how these minimalist Christmas wreaths are hanging from a wooden branch to emphasize the rustic, repurposed farmhouse look. 

9. Felt Ball Wreath

The soft texture of felt balls are perfect for the cozy winter season, but the monochrome color palette still prioritizes minimalism. 

10. Juniper and Bells

You can’t go wrong with classic bells and juniper for a minimalist Christmas wreath. 

11. Cabinet Minimalist Christmas Wreath

If you need more festive touches in your kitchen, little minimalist Christmas wreaths on your cabinets will go a long way. 

12. Macrame Wreath

If modern boho decor is your style, a macrame Christmas wreath will blend seamlessly in your space. 

13. Boho Minimalist Christmas Wreath

This is another boho minimalist Christmas wreath that focuses more on the classic holiday look with dried citrus and spruce. 

14. DIY Pine Wreath

If you’re on a budget or love the repurposed look, you can make your own DIY pine wreath by clipping pine leaves and collecting pinecones from your own backyard.

15. Simple Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus leaves are versatile for any season. The soft sage green color is both festive and calming.

16. Olive Christmas Wreath

Olive has a sleek leaf shape that is naturally minimalist, making for the perfect minimalist Christmas wreath option.

17. Rustic Stars

This galvanized star wreath is stripped down and minimal, but still has a rustic charm fit for a modern farmhouse space.

18. Cream Florals

Cream florals will brighten up your Christmas wreath, giving it a more soft and airy look. You can even spray paint a wreath you already have to make it more light and minimalist. 

19. Minimalist Gold Wreath

This minimal Christmas wreath strikes the balance between contemporary and cozy. It would pair well with a minimalist Christmas tree

20. Modern Geometric Wreath 

If your home is styled ultra modern and sleek, this geometric Christmas wreath will fit right in for the holidays. 

21. Farmhouse Poinsettias

I love how this farmhouse Christmas wreath doesn’t appear too busy, but also isn’t too clean and minimal. It’s earthy and organic without being overwhelming. 

22. Silver Bells

All you need is silver bells and red ribbon to create a jolly Christmas vibe that is still simple and modern. 

23. Boho Pampas Grass

If you’re dreaming of a bohemian Christmas, Pampas grass never fails to bring out a soft and whimsical boho look. 

24. Minimalist Candle

If you’re making your own hoop wreath for the holidays, adding a single taper candle is so classy and elegant.

25. Stacked Hoop Wreath

This stacked hoop wreath is a little more playful and dynamic, but still maintains clean minimalism. 

26. Minimalist Pinecones

Pinecones are a go-to for holiday decor, so you can’t go wrong with a pinecone minimalist Christmas wreath. 

27. Red Ribbon Hanging Wreath

Hanging your minimalist Christmas wreath from red velvet ribbons is so quick and easy, but instantly adds more warmth and contrast. 

28. Minimalist Triangle

This triangle wreath is a unique spin on the popular hoop wreath. It’s still simple and minimal, but will set you apart from the traditional hoop shape.

29. Farmhouse Gingham

Gingham is a charming, cozy print for a country-inspired holiday in a farmhouse home.

30. Tiny Bells

These tiny bells are so dainty and whimsical, exuding both minimalism and Christmas magic.

31. Minimalist Bead Wreath

Beaded Christmas wreaths have a smooth texture and organic shape that blend so well with minimalist holiday decor.

32. Black Ribbon 

Most people don’t utilize black decor during the holiday, but I love how this black ribbon adds depth and contrast while looking classy and elegant. 

33. Gold Leaves

This gold leaf Christmas wreath is modern and sleek, but a bit more bold and eye-catching than the rest. 

34. Boho Pinecones

Since boho style uses lots of natural elements, this pinecone wreath with a burlap ribbon is the best addition to your bohemian holiday. 

35. Minimalist Berries

Red berries are a staple for Christmas with their jolly red color. Plus, they look so classic and elegant on a minimalist wreath. 

36. Farmhouse Cotton Wreath

Cotton is used in modern farmhouse homes all year long, but I love how the soft texture blends with the cozy winter season. 

37. Frosted Berries

This wreath is a little more full and traditional, but it still keeps it light and simple with nothing but frosted berries and pine.

38. Minimalist Stars

Another alternative to the minimalist hoop wreath is using star-shaped metal. The stars have more a classic Christmas look.

The holiday season is always packed with stress and chaos, so the last thing you need is a cluttered home with over-the-top decor. Minimalist Christmas decor creates a calming and airy atmosphere in your home so your family can gather for a stress-free holiday. These 38 minimalist Christmas wreath ideas will harmonize simplicity and cleanliness with cozy warmth and Christmas joy. 


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