14 Must Try Modern Dressing Table Designs For Small Bedroom

This post is all about modern dressing table designs for small bedroom.

A dressing table is a worthwhile investment for added style and function in your bedroom. If getting ready in the morning usually feels like a drag, a dressing table will bring pep and luxury to your daily routine. The variety of dressing table styles and designs will also infuse extra modernity and refinement to your space. 

A smaller bedroom is no reason to stray from a dressing table. There are so many builds that are just as efficient as they are stylish. These modern dressing table designs for small bedrooms can blend with whatever space (or lack of space) you have. 

Here are our top picks of modern dressing table designs for small bedroom, as well as answers to your most pertinent questions on the design topic.


A dressing table is a furniture piece designated for doing makeup, hair, and other getting-ready tasks. Waking up and getting ready in the morning typically feels like a chore, but a dressing table can help it feel more like a moment to pamper yourself. 

Dressing tables typically have a vanity mirror, drawers and other storage space for cosmetics, and a comfy stool or chair. 


Dressing tables are ideal for smaller bedrooms because they minimize clutter and are multi-functional. If you are limited with floor space, you can opt for a tall vertical design that utilizes wall space instead. You can also place a dressing table in an empty corner or get a compact style to tuck away when you’re not using it.

White Dressing Table

Where’s the best place to put a dressing table?

Natural lighting is so beneficial when you’re getting ready in the morning. If you have a window in your bedroom, place your dressing table in front of it to take advantage of that natural light. You can also position the table so the sunlight reflects off the mirror and makes your space feel more bright and open. 


Dressing tables are primarily used for function and storage, but every furniture piece is an opportunity to add style and personality to your space. You can use the color, texture, and finish of your dressing table as variety or a visual anchor to your bedroom.

You can even play with the shape of your mirror, design of your chair or stool, and arrangement of items on your table surface. 

Here are 14 Must Try Modern Dressing Table Designs For Small Bedroom.


1. Floating dressing table

If you want to maximize the limited space in your small bedroom, a floating dressing table is a go-to. This modern dressing table idea won’t consume all your floor space, but will still provide function and comfort. You can mount this piece right to your wall and tuck a chair or stool underneath. You’ll instantly have extra storage and style without feeling too cramped.

2. Rattan dressing table

Just adding one pop of rattan furniture in your bedroom will create so much dimension and variety in the space. A rattan dressing table is also the best way to build a modern bohemian aesthetic in a room.The natural material and organic shapes are both clean and earthy.


3. Ladder dressing table

This is another must-try dressing table idea for smaller bedrooms. This dressing table design is a vertical ladder shape that utilizes wall space rather than floor space. Not only are you taking advantage of limited space, but you’re adding a unique design and focal point to your bedroom.

If you can’t find a ladder design that is specifically for vanity use, you can get a ladder shelf desk (like this one from West Elm) and add your own mirror and cosmetic containers.

4. Sleek black dressing table

If you want to boost the contemporary and modern feel in your bedroom, go for an all black dressing table. Monochrome black furniture pieces are naturally sleek and refined. It can also add depth to your bedroom by contrasting with the lighter or white elements in your space.

Green Dressing Table

5. Green dressing table

Green has been so popular in interior design this year. Green decor pieces aren’t too bold, but still add a breath of fresh air and pop of color. For a warm and cozy feel, try a shade of sage green or forest green. 

6. Mid century dressing table

This bedroom dressing table idea provides a balance of sophistication and retro elements. Mid century modern furniture is characterized by warm wood stains, clean geometric lines, and organic shapes. Blending this design style with your dressing table adds a modern twist on 1950’s design trends.

7. Traditional dressing table

A traditional dressing table typically has ornate designs and a feminine, glamorous feel. You can find dressing tables that maintain the elements of this classic style, but execute it in a modern and minimalist way. Traditional dressing tables also look super cute with bohemian decor pieces. You can style this design with a rattan mirror for a modern boho look. 

8. Statement dressing table

For bedrooms that feel bland or lackluster, a dressing table could double as a statement piece. A dressing table with a bold color, pattern, or texture could bring a visual pop that your bedroom is missing. You’ll also be adding a function piece to your space that isn’t strictly decorative.


9. Corner dressing table

A dressing table is the perfect functional piece to fill up any awkward corner space. This dressing table design is built to fit seamlessly into empty corners without sacrificing style. This is a go-to dressing table idea for small bedrooms that will fully maximize your space.

10. Modern boho dressing table

To achieve a modern bohemian aesthetic in your bedroom, go for a dressing table that mixes elements of both design style. This dressing table from West Elm is the perfect addition to a modern boho space because it has playful shapes and natural textures, but still looks clean and contemporary. 

11. Lighted dressing table

If functionality is a priority, you should opt for a dressing table that comes with LED lighting. The lights are fixated around the mirror, which is essential if you spend a lot of time doing makeup or don’t have natural lighting in your bedroom. The lightbulb arrangement also exudes a vintage and glamorous look. 

12. Fluted dressing table

A dressing table with a fluted texture is such a subtle decorative touch, but it can go a long way in a small bedroom. This design is simple and modern, but still adds depth and a unique flair.

White Dressing Table

13. Minimalist white dressing table

Minimalism is ideal for small bedrooms–the simplicity and de-cluttered surfaces can make you feel like you have more space than you really do. If you need the function of a dressing table but don’t want to overcrowd your area, try a minimalist white piece. This design will provide the function you need, but still maintain cleanliness and refinement. White furniture also helps smaller spaces feel more bright and open.

14. Flip top dressing table

If you’re really strapped for space, try a flip top dressing table. This dressing table design has a vanity mirror that folds down to create a flat surface. You still have storage space for cosmetics and other morning essentials, but you can keep it compact and tuck it away when you’re not using it. You can even double this furniture piece as a bedside table if you really need to maximize your space. 


Getting ready at a dressing table feels like a luxury, but it is easily accessible for smaller spaces. These modern dressing table designs for small bedrooms are so multi-purposed–you can bring style, function, and efficiency to your area with just one furniture piece.


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