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Modern Bohemian Loft For Rent in the Heart of Tulum, Mexico

Tulum is a city that radiates tranquility, serenity, and magic. Penthouse Canopia is one of those places that completely captures the unique energy of this tropical paradise. Available to rent on Airbnb, this luxurious property offers designer decor, stunning amenities, and a central location. This curated vacation rental radiates architectural excellence and a commitment to reflecting the allure of Tulum.TRENDY 80S HOUS IDEAS

Upon entering the property, guests are immersed in a beautiful and intimate jungle garden adorned with swaying palms, vibrant tropical plants, and a peaceful water fountain. The journey begins with a stroll through a private entrance leading to a welcoming foyer.

Modern Boho Loft Tulum 3

The interior of this residence immediately showcases its connection to nature, thanks to the thoughtful incorporation of natural textures. Rattan lamps and cotton textiles add a touch of organic elegance, infusing the space with a tactile richness that appeals to both sight and touch. Pampas grass introduces a subtle yet striking natural element, bringing a sense of the wild indoors. The use of wood furniture not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also maintains the consistent earthy quality.

Modern Boho Loft Tulum 4

The atmosphere is elevated by the spacious kitchen that boasts panoramic views of the surrounding trees. Crafted with exquisite wood sourced from the region, the kitchen is a masterpiece in itself, complemented by a stunning long dining table.

Modern Boho Loft Tulum 5

The living space has ceilings that soar 20-feet high. The expansive windows provide an enchanting panorama of one of the largest trees in the vicinity, creating a truly magical environment. The branches of this tree are home to a myriad of tropical birds, their lively presence adding to the natural charm of the loft.

Modern Boho Loft Tulum 6

The grid-style floor-to-ceiling windows enhance the loft-like look and seamlessly connect indoor and outdoor spaces. Inside, a cozy sitting area with plush furnishings complements the modern aesthetic, while outside, a thoughtfully arranged seating space invites residents to enjoy the scenic beauty. This dual lounging setup optimizes the property for relaxation, providing an ideal location for unwinding or entertaining.

Modern Boho Loft Tulum 7

On the upper level there is a designer bedroom that can be open to the trees outside or closed for privacy, depending on the guest’s preference. The master bedroom has private access to a tree-lined rooftop and a refreshing plunge pool. The sweeping views and distant ocean breeze create an incomparable ambiance.

Modern Boho Loft Tulum 8

Situated in the serene and renowned enclave of Tulum, aptly named “la Veleta,” this residence encapsulates the epitome of magical Tulum living—a harmonious convergence of nature’s beauty, opulent comfort, and cutting-edge design on a global scale.

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