19 Creative and Cute Designs for Boho Nails You’ll Want to Copy

This post is all about ideas for boho nails.

Are you looking to up your nail game with the absolute best inspo for boho nails? Well, look no further, because this list has got you covered!

I love to incorporate bohemian elements into my personal style, and getting a cute manicure is a fun way to get creative with that! So, I’ve scoured Pinterest, Instagram, and more to give you the best ideas for boho nails.

Whether you are looking for bright and patterned nails, or something more neutral and minimal, these creative and stylish boho nail ideas are ones you will absolutely want to try out. Enjoy!

Here are 19 Creative and Cute Designs for Boho Nails You’ll Want to Copy.


1. Neutral boho rainbow nails

This nail design is simple and neutral, and the abstract designs of rainbows, sunshine, and curvy lines add a bit of fun and are perfect if you want a boho rainbow nails look.

2. Minty green intricacies

Ok, how chic does this bohemian nail art look? The light, mint green works so well with the gold embellishments and the sun and moon are super intricate. I love it!

3. Matte with daisies

This matte purple with daisies is such a pretty look! A matte manicure can be a little flat on its own, so the flowers are a great way to liven that up and add a little whimsy. These are the perfect boho nails 2023 to ask for!

4. Turquoise and gold

I love the combination of bright turquoise and white, and the sparkly gold adds a fun extra dimension. This is the ideal boho nail design that will work with both short and long nails.

5. Black boho nails

A linear nail art detail is the perfect way to create black boho nails. This dark manicure is shiny and minimal – perfect for fall or winter!

6. Pastel vibes

I’m completely obsessed with this bohemian nail art! I love the muted pastels, the creamy warm white, and the gold details.

7. Purple floral

Nothing says boho like a floral pattern! The purple color used here is one of my absolute favorite shades – adore!

8. Boho wedding nails

This flawless design is perfect for boho wedding nails. The crescent and half moon shapes combined with the lace-looking pattern would complete any bride’s look.

9. Fall aztec

This manicure is perfect for fall with the warm tones used. The Aztec prints add a fun vibe on top – especially with the white and dark alternating pattern.

10. Greenery

If you want an earthy boho vibe for your nails, but flowers aren’t your jam, then consider something a little greener. Plants are a hot trend for 2022, so you don’t want to miss out!

11. Gradient Nails

Multi-color gradient nails are a fab way to pick more than one of your favorite nail colors into one manicure. This is also an easy style to DIY at home since there isn’t any intricate artwork involved. And there are many different color combos that are boho friendly. 

12. Unique boho nails

Wow wow wow! I adore everything about this look! The colors, the different shapes, the metallic gold accents. It’s super unique and totally boho! I love how there are so many different colors used but they all work together so perfectly. 

13. Double french

If you’re looking for a boho nails simple design then this double french manicure has got you covered. It’s both delicate and sophisticated. If a more simple manicure is up your alley, then this design is for you.

14. Boho meets Western

Are coffin nails more your style? This western boho manicure is over the top in the best possible way and works best with a longer nail or acrylic.

15. Swirls

Swirls are a simple yet creative boho nail idea. I love how each nail can have a slightly different shape, so they all look unique yet uniform. Pick and choose the colors of your choosing to coincide with the time of year. This idea is super fun if you’re going for a 70s nail trends sort of vibe. 

16. Butterflies

Love the idea of having intricate butterflies painted on a few nails – they signify a spiritual rebirth or transformation. This bohemian design works well with a blue hue. 

17. Dreamcatcher nails

This delicate dreamcatcher design with the rhinestones is just gorgeous.

18. Desert sunset

I am completely obsessed with the color scheme for this desert sunset manicure! The stripes and colors are so good, and the cacti are giving total Joshua Tree vibes. For a full ‘boho goes west’ look, pair with a pair of cowboy boots and hat.

19. Mandala nail art

Lastly, we have this pastel mandala design that is so dreamy! Start with a purple and blue base and go over the top with a thin brush and bright white polish. It may take longer than your basic manicure but the results will be so worth it. 

Boho nails are a design style that offers itself to many different types of manicures, whether you prefer your nails short or long, simple or bold, there is something for everyone. 


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