18 Boho Backyard Party Ideas for a Cozy Outdoor Gathering

This post is all about the best boho backyard party ideas.

What’s better than lounging in the backyard with close friends, tasty food, and warm, fresh air?

The spring and summer seasons are creeping around the corner, which means it’s time to start planning your next outdoor party. Backyard parties can be a lively daytime hang-out for soaking up sunshine and playing lawn games, or a mellow evening affair for star-gazing and good conversation. Either way, they are a blast to plan and decorate.

Bohemian decor is such a magical theme for outdoor parties. Boho backyard party ideas are whimsical, relaxing, and bursting with earthy elements and greenery. If you want to elevate your next bohemian backyard party with boho decor, food, invitations, and game ideas, this post has everything you need. 

Here are 18 boho backyard party ideas for a cozy outdoor gathering.


1. Low-to-the-ground seating

Bohemian style is characterized by humility and closeness to nature. Low-to-the-ground seating screams boho and blends seamlessly with the outdoor picnic vibe. You can recreate this seating arrangement with floor cushions on top of a large blanket or bed sheet. 

To elevate the boho look even further, go for textured cushions like woven floor pillows or leather ottomans. 

2. Wood pallet picnic table

It may seem expensive and difficult to find a long outdoor table that will fit all of your party guests, but a recycled wood pallet will do the trick. You can find affordable wood pallets at your local home improvement store or hardware stores. Lowe’s typcially gives away wood pallets for free, and other pet stores, grocery stores, or construction sites might do the same if you ask.

Make sure to dress your wood pallets up with table runners and decor – this is one of my favorite DIY boho outdoor party ideas.

3. Dried Pampas grass decor

Dried pampas grass has an earthy texture and color that makes for perfect decor at a boho backyard party. You can use a pampas grass bouquet as a table centerpiece, or pop it in a vase and use it to fill up any empty space in your outdoor area.

4. Macrame dreamcatchers or tapestries

Macrame hangings are so whimsical and dreamy. If you want to create a haven of warmth and whimsy in your backyard, try hanging woven dreamcatchers anywhere you can or one large macrame tapestry as an eye-catcher. If your boho backyard party is at night, pair the hangings with string lights for a magical effect.

You can find hand-woven macrame dreamcatchers and hangings on Etsy or Amazon.

5. Bohemian balloon arch

balloon arch is a bold pop that will bring your backyard party to the next level. Balloon arches are best for outdoor baby showers or engagement parties, because they can frame an accent chair for the special couple or mommy-to-be. 

To make it boho, stick with somewhat neutral colors such as rosy pink, beige, cream, and burnt orange. 

6. Rustic table runners

You don’t want to leave your table space too bare or undecorated, because that’s likely where guests will spend most of their time. Luckily, table decor is easy to throw together. For a boho backyard party, go for a rustic table runner such as burlap, lace, or cheesecloth. This will quickly dress up your table surface with a touch of boho. 


7. Flower crowns

How cute is this idea to gift your guests with flower crowns to wear during the party? These unique party favors will ensure that everyone is dressed to fit the theme, which is perfect for a bachelorette picnic or baby shower. 

If you want to make this idea more interactive and crafty, you can also build a flower crown station as an extra backyard party activity. 

8. String lights

You can’t go wrong with string lights at a boho backyard party, especially if your gathering is in the evening. String lights are affordable and easy to arrange, and will infuse light and magic into your outdoor space.

9. Paper lanterns

Paper lanterns are a rustic addition to your boheiman backyard party. I love hanging lanterns because they create both a playful and romantic atmosphere. Use colors like ivory and beige for a soft, boho feel. 

10. Cupcake tiers

Every backyard party needs a dessert station. Cupcakes are the best sweet treats for backyard parties because they’re easy to accumulate and serve, require no clean-up, and can be decorated to fit any party theme. 

You can also find a wooden or galvanized tiered cupcake tray to elevate your boho look.

11. Charcuterie boards

Charcuterie is the ideal snack and shareable for an outdoor party. Charcuterie boards will allow your guests to graze and munch as they please, and will contribute to your boho theme when arranged on a picnic table. 

12. Taper candles

If you need more inspo for your table decor, taper candles are a go-to. Taper candles balance on the line of elegance and whimsy. You should use warm, neutral colors for your candlesticks to fit your boho theme. You can also get vintage candle holders to dress them up a little.

13. Boho invitations

You need to invite your guests to your boho backyard party somehow, so why not use invitations to elevate your theme? 

Etsy is my favorite spot to find both physical and digital boho party invitations. There are so many Etsy artists that will design and customize your invitations, but I recommend using warmer shades like terracotta, cream, beige, and gold to emphasize a boho aesthetic. You can even take it a step further and use wax melts to seal your envelopes if you’re sending them through the mail–this will add a vintage and rustic pop.

14. Galvanized beverage tubs

Since your party guests will be outside in the warm temperatures at your backyard get-together, it’s best to have a beverage tub available. This will allow guests to grab a cool drink at their own convenience. 

Galvanized tubs are the best bohemian decor because they have an organic, earthy look. You can fill these tubs with ice-cold sodas, water bottles, and crisp beers while still maintaining your theme. 

15. Rustic cornhole game

If you don’t want your friends and loved-ones to get bored at your backyard party, throw in an outdoor game. 

Cornhole is a crowd-pleaser, but it also fits so well in a boho setting if you use a wooden board or burlap bags. Your party guests will have an activity to keep them busy, and the game pieces will match with the other textures and boho decor elements. 

16. Fresh flower centerpiece

Spring naturally calls for garden parties. You can give boho backyard party a garden-themed twist with fresh flower centerpieces. Flowers will dress up your table space with vibrancy and fragrance. Eucalyptus is also my favorite sprig of green decor because it smells so fresh and crisp. 


17. Projector screen for movie night

If your backyard party is a more laid-back evening gathering, you could double it as a movie night. You can DIY your outdoor movie theater with this Amazon projector that will sync up to your smartphone or laptop. Make sure you adds of comfy floor pillows and blankets. 

18. Boho teepee

If you feel like your boho backyard party is missing a bold decor piece, a teepee might be your finishing touch. Teepees have a playful, free-spirited look that instantly boosts your boho style. You can use a teepee as a backdrop for a sweetheart chair or food/beverage station, or an extra comfy space for lounging on pillows.

The warmer months are all about making use of your backyard space and basking in the fresh air. Bohemian decor is the best way to bring your next backyard gathering to life because the natural, earthy elements blend seamlessly with an outdoor setting.

These 18 boho backyard party ideas will help you host the coziest outdoor hangout. 


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