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70s Inspired Wedding Ideas for the Couple that Loves Vintage Glam

This post is all about 70s Inspired Weddings. Here’s how to embrace the wedding design trend.

70s design trends continue to be one of the most influential design eras there are. While bold colors, sky-high platforms, and crochet undoubtedly define the era’s fashion, they’re just the tip of the iceberg.

Embarking on a 70s-themed wedding promises a celebration filled with retro glamour, and unconventional components. From statement-making attire to striking décor, the era offers a wealth of inspiration for couples seeking a wedding that exudes nostalgic charm and individuality. Dive into the world of 70s inspired wedding trends for a glimpse of how you can infuse your own wedding with a touch of vintage flair. 

Here are 70s inspired wedding ideas for the couple that loves vintage glam.


Groovy Invitations

If you’re having a 70’s wedding, invitations with groovy graphics are the first peak at your wedding style or theme, and the first thing your guests will see to get an idea of what your wedding is going to look like. 70s graphics are perfect for wedding invitations; they’re bold, bright, and the letterings styles are so unique and different than your average wedding invitation. Add in bold colors and floral designs for graphic 70s charm. 

Disco Ball Wedding Decor

It doesn’t get more 70s than disco! A disco-themed wedding with disco ball decor guarantees that your wedding is a party where no one leaves the dance floor. Disco balls with their shine scream 70s glam and are a great way to lit up the dancefloor. But they’re not only for the dancefloor! Add disco balls to table settings, floral arrangements and as wedding aisle decor for decorative special moments everywhere you look.

Records as Decor

Old records are an great and easy way to infuse 70’s decor into your wedding. Vintage vinyl records can be sourced in thrift stores and used in a myriad of ways in a 70s wedding. They can be used as a photobooth backdrop, hung from the ceiling, or even as part of table arrangements. 70s music is iconic and what better way to conjure up memories of prominent 70s music. 

70s Inspired Mini Dress

70s inspired mini dresses have been such a huge trend seen in the wedding industry. Short and sweet, these styles are no-fuss and easy to wear on your special day as you do not need to  worry about long dress trains. Hot Tip: If you’re looking for a shorter mini dress, look for other 70s details like a high neck collar, voluminous sleeves, or delicate lace to add extra details. Or check out these 70’s nail trends for a creative detail.

Crochet Wedding Dress

If mini dresses aren’t your preference, consider exploring 70s-inspired crochet details for your wedding dress. Crochet and lace elements evoke a distinctly 70s aesthetic, exuding femininity and bohemian charm. For those enamored with this trend, authentic vintage wedding dresses from the 1970s offer a unique opportunity to infuse your bridal ensemble with retro allure.

Groovy Platform Heels

Platform heels are undeniably a 70s trend that have retained in popularity still today. Renowned for their ability to provide sky-high elevation and commanding presence, these heels have firmly cemented their place in the realm of timeless footwear. Since their inception, platform heels have been adored by fashion enthusiasts for their unparalleled combination of timeless style and 70s essence, that have made them so popular today. 

Hippie Hairpieces

Hippie hairpieces like floral crowns and beaded headbands were extremely popular for brides in the 1970’s. Just like Bee Gees member, Barry Gibb and his second wife, Linda Gray, using a stylish hairpiece as part of your wedding ensemble is a lovely tribute to the 70s era. Think about incorporating a detailed headpiece in you 70s wedding attire.

Funky Veils

A 70s wedding theme means anything but boring! A dramatically vibrant and colorful veil will shock your guests and provide added drama to your wedding reception photography. Long veils adorned with playful details like tassels and glitter add an unmistakable 70s flair, infusing your wedding day with a sense of retro glamour that’s sure to make a statement. Plus, they’ll create unforgettable moments for your wedding reception photography, capturing the essence of the 70s era in every image captured.

Crochet Wedding Decor

Crochet details also can be used in other areas of your wedding, not just your dress! Table runners and table linens as well as in bouquets would be a lovely element to add some hippie flair to your wedding. Even using crochet elements to make an elaborate wedding altar as pictured would be beautiful. 

70s Themed Wedding Cake

Wedding cakes are the perfect canvas to unleash your creativity. If you are planning a 70’s wedding, a themed wedding cake offers a unique opportunity to infuse hippie or disco details. While traditional wedding cakes have white frosting, a vibrant orange or pink tiered cake dorned with flowers, disco balls or other whimsical 70s-esque elements would be such a surprise for your wedding guests.Alternatively, a tie-dye frosted wedding cake would display undeniable retro charm. 

Vintage-Style Photography

If you’d like your wedding photos to look timeless, try finding a wedding photographer with a vintage film aesthetic. Wedding photographers that use a lot of flash and edit with vintage-like warm tones bring life to your wedding memories and give them a feeling of timelessness, edge, and funky 70s flair. 

Vegas-themed Wedding

What better way to celebrate your love than with a classic Las Vegas-style elopement. Seeing as the 1970’s were the golden years of Las Vegas it’s the perfect location for a vintage-themed wedding. Even if you can’t make the journey to the City of Sin, a theatrical, Las Vegas theme is perfect for a fun wedding. 

Vegas Lights as Decor

You don’t have to be in Vegas for a Vegas-themed wedding! If the above idea for a vegas-themed wedding excites you, there are still ways to incorporate glitzy wedding decor. Luckily, Las Vegas is known for a fabulous neon-washed paradise that is perfect for wedding decor. Bright LED lights that mimic the bright energy of the Las Vegas strip. If you plan to have a photobooth station at your wedding, adding a las vegas-themed back drop could aid in the wedding theme. 

Las Vegas Chapel Elopement

However, if you do have a chance to get married in Las Vegas, it can be quite the hotspot for weddings. Outside of casinos, Las Vegas is most known as a venue for its quick turnaround, walk-in chapels.  In these vintage-themed, iconic chapels, couples can get marriage licenses the same-day and walk-in marriage appointments are common. Some chapels even offer drive-thru services! Famous celebrities like Frank Sinatra, Britney Spears, and Rock-and-roll king, Elvis, got married at one of these chapels. 

Anything Elvis-Adjacent

Like a kitschy Vegas-theme, anything Elvis-adjacent is also great for a 70s wedding theme. Elvis held a residency in Vegas for years and the location now holds a special connection to fans. Elvis Presley’s marriage to Priscilla Presley is also an iconic moment for Las Vegas history. Photos of Priscilla’s big har and veil are an iconic 70s moment. Incorporating Elvis paraphernalia or any nods to Pricilla and Elvis’ wedding could be a fun tribute to the 70’s. 

Classic Car Wedding Exit

Clasic cars are the epitome of cool. And nothing is cooler than driving a classic American muscle car for your wedding exit. Vintage cars like Mustangs are not only beautiful and classic, but pay homage to 70’s design in a fun way. As tradition in weddings, the couple will leave the wedding in a dramatic exit, usually in a decorated car. But leaving the wedding in a stylized classic car decorated with ribbons and cans is the ultimate 70s wedding idea. 

Bohemian Floral Arrangements

Boho elements are essential to a 70s-styled wedding – it’s called the decade of free love after all! Bohemian brides love more earthy bouquets and wedding arrangements. Try incorporating elements like dried flowers, pampas grass or branches to your bouquet to make it feel more textural and romantic. Boho design is all about loose, unstructured bouquets and less contrived arrangements. Perfectly structured bouquets will feel too proper and traditional. Also consider using less traditional flowers will also make the bouquet feel more 70s bohemian. 

70’s Peacock Rattan Chairs

Peacock chairs crafted from rattan are emblematic of hippie design. These canonical chairs are  quintessential to 70s bohemian lifestyle and would be great to incorporate into a 70s wedding. This style of chair is revered for their natural fibers and nod to multicultural charicteristics. Incorporating these chairs at the sweethearts’ table, where the couple sits would be the perfect free spirited centerpiece for a 70s wedding. 

The enduring influence of 70s design trends is undeniable. Planning a 70s-themed wedding offers couples the opportunity to embrace retro glam elements. By incorporating these nostalgic touches into their celebration, couples can create a wedding that is uniquely their own, filled with timeless charm and individuality.


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