20 of the Best Rated Mid Century Modern Bar Stools

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This post is all about mid century modern bar stools.

A kitchen space is simply incomplete without a set of bar stools. Bar stools provide style, variety, unity, and most importantly, function. They create extra seating for friends and family to perch on while visiting, a space for your kids to get some homework done, or a convenient spot to eat a quick bite. 

Matching bar stools can act as a visual anchor to a room, creating an effortless sense of harmony and cohesion. You can also utilize them to add a pop of color or texture to a dull space. It’s the easiest way to elevate your kitchen with both sophistication and practicality. 

There are so many different types and styles to choose from, but mid century modern bar stools can blend with just about any interior design. 


Mid century modern style is a modern take on furniture, architecture, and other design elements that were popular in the mid 1900s. This style is characterized by clean lines, geometric shapes, warm wood tones, metal accents, and the emphasis of function over decoration. Overall, it has a minimalist, sleek, and industrial feel. 

Mid century modern bar stools often bring this look to life with backless designs, leather upholstery, wood accents, and a sleek finish. Our list has 20 of the best rated mid century modern bar stool options for your kitchen. These options range from affordable to upscale, and explore all the variations of mid century modern design.

Here are 20 of the Best Rated Mid Century Modern Bar Stools.


1. All Modern Chen Bar & Counter Stool

This bar stool set has a warm-toned cushion padding that contrasts with its cool chrome finish, a perfect embodiment of mid century modern design. The curved shaped and mixed materials will add so much personality and variety to your kitchen space.

2. Armen Living Swivel Counter Barstool

The unique, curved design and warm wood accents of this bar stool oozes mid century modern aesthetic. Not only is it modern and sleek, but it is built for function, long-lasting use, and easy mobility.

3. West Elm Mid Century Upholstered Swivel Stool

West Elm is a bit pricier, but they are known for their consistent mid century modern style and reliable quality. If you want a more muted and versatile option, this upholstered swivel bar stool has a simplistic look that will fit into any interior space.

4. Rove Norman Barstool

The concave back rest, organic shape, wood finish, and metal accents of this bar stool are both distinctive and minimalist at the same time. I love the contrast, stability, functionality, and eye-catching shape of this mid century modern piece. 

5. WayFair Adjustable Height Bar Stool

How sophisticated is this adjustable bar stool from Wayfair? This stool definitely has a more industrial, contemporary feel with its black leather upholstery and matte finish. If you have a white kitchen, this may be the bold pop of contrast and depth that you need.

6. Armen Living Backless Swivel Counter Stools

This is one of the most affordable mid century modern bar stools you can find that still has high ratings and functional quality. The design of this piece is backless, minimalist, clean, and warm-toned. 

7. West Elm Saddle Leather Counter Stool

The soft, cushiony leather of this bar stool is made for comfortability. You can also get this counter stool with either brass or walnut wood legs, both textures and materials that characterize mid century modern style. 

8. All Modern Payton Bar & Counter Stool

I love how simple yet bold this All Modern bar stool is. The angles are sharp and sleek, and the matte black accents work so well with the warm wood base. This would be such a dynamic addition to your kitchen bar.

9. WayFair Aragon Counter Stools

This bar stool is like a breath of fresh air. The cream leather upholstery adds a light, soft touch to your kitchen space, while the saddle seat and angled legs reflect mid century modern design.

10. Orange Faux Leather Bar Stools

I’m obsessed with the funky and retro feel of these orange leather bar stools. The vibrant orange pop, faux leather, and backrest design are definitely reminiscent of the 1950s. If orange isn’t for you, this Amazon find comes in 9 different colors.

11. Alexander Indoor/Outdoor Armless Bar Chairs

These bar stools are so practical. They come in an affordable set of 4, can be used indoor or outdoor, and they provide a sleek, retro pop. 

12. Vintage Mid Century Bar Stools

Filling your home with vintage pieces brings in so much individualism and nostalgia. You can hunt for vintage pieces on Etsy, where there are many sets of mid century modern bar stools. Vintage furniture pieces are always on the pricier side, but it’s worth it for the one-of-a-kind style and eclecticism you can’t find anywhere else.

13. Remmers Swivel Barstool

The small details of this bar stool make the whole piece, from the hooped footrest to the silver chrome accent. I love how the beige cushioning and wood finish work together to create such a warm and cozy feel.

14. Joss & Main Prescott Counter & Bar Stool

This counter stool from Joss & Main is soft, elegant, and so clean. The natural wood has such a soothing essence, and the clean shape will look so refined in your kitchen.


15. LumiSource Saddle Counter Stools

These saddle seat bar stools are an affordable option that have all the mid century modern elements you’re looking for: organic shapes, a wood finish, and a metal chrome accent.

16. Palafox Counter & Bar Stool

This Wayfair find is the definition of bold and contemporary. The all-over black finish is a major eye-catcher, and the rounded backrest has a retro aesthetic. Black contrasts are commonplace in mid century modern design, so add these to your kitchen bar for some depth and contrast. 

17. France and Son Tex Bar and Counter Stool

This bar stool silhouette is monochromatic and beautiful. The T-shaped frame and light tan leather are inspired by Greek design but the style still lends perfectly to a mid century aesthetic.

18. Solid Wood Backless Swivel Stool

Functionality is top priority with this affordable, backless bar stool. If you want to create a minimalist look in your kitchen, this stool is the perfect addition.


19. Trilogy Walnut Counter Stool

The geometric detail on the backrest of this bar stool make it so unique. I love the cream upholstery, hooped footrest, and walnut wood shade.

20. Emmond Adjustable Swivel Stool

The texture in this bar stool set could elevate your kitchen space in a small but effective way. Not only is this set decorative and dynamic, but it can be adjusted to fit different counter heights and has a smooth swivel feature.


Bar stools are not only an effective design tool, but they can help you get more use out of your kitchen space. These 20 mid century modern bar stools are the finishing touch of sophistication and function that your kitchen needs. 


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