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12 Creative Halloween Lighting Ideas For an Eerie and Whimsical Home

This post is all about Halloween lighting ideas.

Halloween night is fun, frightening, and thrilling. Several ingredients go into the perfect Halloween night setup, but one of the most important elements is lighting. The most ideal Halloween lighting ideas can turn your home into a scary delight. Nothing sets the mood quite like eerie and elegant Halloween lights.

The right DIY Halloween lighting ideas can make your space the perfect place for a Halloween party with friends and family or the top spot on the block for trick or treaters. Consider these Halloween lighting ideas for an unforgettable Halloween season.

Here are 12 Creative Halloween Lighting Ideas For an Eerie and Whimsical Home.


1. Halloween Wreath

Wreaths add a natural and rustic feel to any space. If you already have a wreath in your home, whether it’s on your front door or over your fireplace, think about switching out this wreath with a light-up Halloween wreath for the spooky season. You can also simply add Halloween lights to a wreath you already have to get more versatile use out of your home decor. A Halloween wreath is the perfect way to add some eerie ambiance to your home, without taking up too much space or compromising on your outdoorsy and Earthy style.

2. Spooky Lanterns

Similar to wreaths, lanterns also have a rustic and bohemian feel to them – they are a perfect boho fall decor idea. Plus, they’re also functional. Lanterns provide stylish lighting to an indoor or outdoor space. If you already have lanterns in your home, think about making them spooky by adding fake cobwebs or scary details to them. You can also make your own lanterns out of paper, cardboard, and battery-operated tea lights. This is one of the ideal DIY Halloween lighting ideas you can do with your kids as you prepare for the holiday or host a Halloween party. If you’d rather purchase Halloween lanterns, Target offers stunning snow globe LED lanterns you can use on your porch or mantel.

3. Blow Molds

Blow molds are a classic piece of Halloween decor that may make you feel nostalgic. If you grew up with Halloween blow molds in your house, and want to bring back that style, now is the time. Blow molds are actually making a comeback. These pieces are cute to look at in the daytime, while also adding spooky lighting to your home at night. If you’re looking for a convenient way to incorporate Halloween lighting ideas into your space, try switching out the lamps in your home for tabletop blow molds during the holiday. This way, your decor isn’t adding clutter to your home and your Halloween lighting is more balanced. Also, if you’re looking for Halloween lights outdoor ideas, larger blow molds can be used on your porch. Blow molds enhance your outdoor decor and provide lighting for trick or treaters. As you shop for blow molds, you will come across a wide range of sizes, as well as vintage and modern options.

4. Play With Shadows

You don’t need extravagant and expensive lighting fixtures to make your space feel spooky and scary for Halloween. If you’re looking for a minimalist fall decor design, sometimes all you need are small Halloween party lighting ideas to make a big impact. Halloween is all about what goes bump in the night, so playing with shadows is a great way to add some scary and fun lighting to your home. Consider purchasing a shadow caster or attempting some shadow-inspired DIY Halloween lighting ideas for your party.

5. String Lights

String lights are a must-have when you’re decorating for any holiday. When it comes to Halloween party lighting ideas, you can incorporate string lights into your design in a variety of ways. Do you have some garland laying around from Christmas? Put some orange string lights in it and wrap it around your railing. Do you have some bottles sitting around the house? Fill the bottles with orange fairy lights and use them as DIY Halloween lighting for your space. You can even find cute string lights with pumpkins, ghosts, spiders, and other Halloween imagery to add some spooky and fun lighting to your Halloween decor.

6. Candles

Candles are suitable for use in your home year-round, but candles are especially effective when it comes to Halloween lighting ideas. Candles can help create an eerie and spooky atmosphere during Halloween parties. If you want to go the extra mile when picking candles for your Halloween party table setup, choose candles with fall scents. Doing so can make your party look, feel, and smell like Halloween night.

7. Spider Web Lights

Get creative with the way you use Halloween yard lighting ideas. You can manipulate string lights in the shape of a spider web or add them to spider-web-shaped decor for a more unique take on standard outdoor lighting. If you aren’t as crafty, you can purchase pre-made spider web lights instead. This crystal spider web from Pottery Barn is stunning, elegant, and just the right amount of spooky for the season.

8. Orange Light Bulbs

Even if you aren’t the biggest fan of scary imagery or Halloween decor, you can still make your home feel more festive during the Halloween season by using orange light bulbs. You can switch out the bulbs in your porch light or lamps around the house to achieve an eerie ambience. Try purchasing a color-changing light bulb that you can use year-round and change to orange during the Halloween season.

9. Floating Candles

One of the best DIY Halloween lighting ideas for your Halloween party is floating candles. This whimsical and magical lighting can get guests talking. To recreate the look, start by putting some hooks in your ceiling. Then, get some clear fishing line and battery-operated candle sticks. Remote-controlled candles are ideal if you don’t want to climb a ladder or chair every time you want to turn the lights on. Tie the fishing line around the candle sticks so they achieve a floating look. Then, hang the wire from the ceiling hooks. This is one of the most effective Halloween party lighting ideas.

10. Neon Lights

Neon lights aren’t just for the Vegas strip. You can incorporate neon lights into your Halloween party design. You can find countless neon lights in the shapes of ghosts, goblins, pumpkins, and witches. Use these lights to set the mood for a party or hang the lights in your window to attract trick or treaters on Halloween night.

11. Eye See You

Want a tasteful way to scare the neighborhood kids? Light-up eyes are one of the top DIY Halloween lighting ideas. You can use these lights around your house or you can use them outside to creep out the trick or treaters. All you need to make these eyes at home are some pieces of paper and glow-in-the-dark paint. If you’d rather opt for a more durable option, you can purchase ready-to-use light-up eyes as well.

12. Candelabra

As mentioned previously, candles can make your space feel more creepy and spooky during the Halloween season. However, if you want to take your candle design even further during, opt for displaying your candles in a candelabra. Candelabras are a signature piece of home decor in any haunted house. You can use a candelabra as a centerpiece during a Halloween dinner party or you can use a candelabra on your mantel to tie together your decor. You can even find standing candelabras to make your space feel like a haunted castle.

This post gave you 12 creative Halloween lighting ideas for an eerie and whimsical home. Maybe you’re hosting a Halloween party for your kids and want to create decor that they’ll never forget, or perhaps you want to make your house the most eye-catching spot on the block for trick or treaters. No matter your reasoning for wanting to deck out your home in Halloween lighting, these tips and tricks can help you achieve a spooky and delightful look that is perfect for the most haunted night of the year.


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