Boho Wedding Themes That Will Fit Every Couple’s Aesthetic

This post is all about boho wedding themes.

The beauty of a boho wedding theme lies in its ability to blend with countless different aesthetics. Bringing a bohemian influence to your wedding means infusing it with eclecticism, creativity, free-spiritedness, whimsy, romance, and earthiness. These elements can be interpreted in so many ways and customized to the individuality and personal style of each couple. 

Whether your wedding is a rustic barn affair, beachside celebration with driftwood and palm leaves, modern gathering in an urban loft, or whimsical wonderland in an enchanted forest, you can use boho flair to bring it to life. Here are all the ideas you need to curate the boho wedding theme of your dreams with the perfect venue, color scheme, decor, florals, and attire.

Boho wedding theme ideas for every couple’s aesthetic.

Rustic Boho Wedding Theme


A rustic boho wedding theme focuses on earthy, organic elements with a homespun charm. Your decor and furniture should be made with natural fibers and materials and have a hand-crafted, repurposed feel. 

Try using wooden farm tables for the reception, barrels and crates to display decor, low-to-the ground cushions for lounge areas, mason jars for beverages, and rustic lanterns for extra mood lighting. Textures like burlap, macrame, and twine are also perfect for a rustic boho wedding theme.

For your bouquet and floral arrangements, go for free-form florals like wildflowers, ferns, and dried eucalyptus for a more wild, down-to-earth feel. 


A barn setting is the ideal venue for a rustic boho wedding theme. Barns are usually constructed with dark woods, which complements other natural textures and earthy decor so well. Other venue options include outdoor spaces that will keep your guests connected to nature like gardens, vineyards, country houses, and farms. 


Attire at a rustic boho wedding should be more on the casual and understated side. Brides, opt for a wedding dress that is made from airy fabrics like tulle, lace, and chiffon. Dresses with eclectic touches, like bell sleeves or crochet details, will enhance the theme even further. 

For bridesmaids dresses, stick with earthy, soft, and muted tones. Colors like sage green, beige, and blush pink are my favorite. Having your bridal party wear mismatched dresses will also boost the unique boho charm. 

The best dress code for guests is smart casual, meaning light and comfortable for the outdoor setting but still appropriate and clean.

Modern Boho


When you think about boho wedding themes, you probably don’t associate them with modernity. However, there are tons of ways to combine bohemian style with a more contemporary, sleek, and minimalist wedding theme. These subtle touches will add creativity and charm without going over the top. 

For example, try geometric shapes like a triangular or hexagonal arch at the altar, black and gold accents, muted color palettes, and minimal floral arrangements. You can still use natural textures and fibers, but keep it monochromatic and simple. 


Art galleries are my favorite venue idea for a modern boho wedding theme. Art galleries are creative, distinctive, and individualistic, fulfilling the eclectic charm of bohemian style, but are still a contemporary and sleek environment. Other venue ideas could be an  industrial loft, urban rooftop, or modern winery. 


The bride’s dress should have clean lines and a sleek silhouette, such as an A-line or sheath dress. You can add a small touch of bohemian uniqueness by attaching embellished sleeves or wearing a super flowy, long veil. 

You can’t go wrong with a simple black and white suite for the groom. And for the bridal party, I think satin dresses are the perfect material for this theme. With your guests, it’s totally up to you how casual or formal you want their dress code to be.

Terracotta Desert Wedding


Terracotta is a very popular color for boho wedding themes because it exudes warmth and desert-inspired coziness. There are countless ways to use this color in your wedding decor. 

First, try filling terracotta pots with florals and succulents to either line the aisle or dress up your reception tables. Another way to add a vibrant pop of color to your reception tables is a terracotta cheesecloth table runner right down the middle. I’m also obsessed with vintage, amber-colored glassware for your guests’ beverages. 

If you want to bring this color to the altar, try a terracotta arch or a wooden arch draped with terracotta linens. 


If you want to host your boho wedding in a desert venue, you might have to travel out of the state or internationally. There are tons of popular desert wedding venues in the U.S., including Joshua Tree National Park in California, Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Colorado, and Moab, Utah. 


Desert settings are hot, of course, so everyone should dress in light colors and linens. I think an off-white wedding dress, like ivory, champagne, or blush, is perfect for this wedding theme. A dried floral crown will also pair so well with the setting. 

For the groom and groomsmen, consider linen or cotton suits in beige or gray. For bridesmaids, I love this light, ruffled terracotta dress from Birdy Grey. 

Tropical Beach Boho Wedding


Beach weddings are a breath of fresh air, which goes hand-in-hand with the free-spirited, laid-back nature of boho wedding themes. If you want to infuse your beachside wedding with bohemian flair, florals and natural elements are the way to go. 

Dried Pampas grass and palm fronds are go-to florals for your bouquet, altar decor, and table-top floral arrangements. The textures and shapes are earthy and eclectic, and still emphasize the tropical and breezy atmosphere.  

I recommend sticking with a soft color palette that compliments the beachy environment, like beige, white, cream, light green, and baby blue. 


There are plenty of beachfront hotels, private beach resorts, and public beaches to choose from for your oceanside celebration. If you’re interested in a destination wedding, you should definitely consider Tulum, Mexico. This is a hotspot for beachy boho weddings due to its tropical foliage, soft white sands, and jungle-like atmosphere. 


Nobody wants to walk on the beach in super dressy clothes, so keep your guests’ dress code light and casual. Beach brides look beautiful in flowy, breathable dresses made from chiffon or lace. And don’t be afraid to go barefoot! 

For the groom and groomsmen, play around with khakis and linen suits. 

70’s Disco Wedding


A 70’s wedding disco is a super fun theme for everyone involved. It definitely highlights the unconventional and individualistic aspects of bohemian style. 

First, bring this funky wedding theme to life with a vibrant color palette. Embrace shades of the disco era like hot pink, bright orange, yellow, and teal. If you want to lean more into the boho theme, you can mute these down by using mustard, burnt orange, and olive green.

Decorative accents and elements are crucial for curating this theme. You’ll definitely need to hang disco balls over the dance floor at your reception. You can also add more accents through disco ball planters. Next, collect a bunch of retro items, like vinyl records for your guests to sign, roller skates as decor, wildflowers, feathers, streamers, and vintage radios. 


This boho wedding theme is more about the decor than the venue, so you have flexibility here. I recommend a hotel venue with a ballroom, which will likely be able to accommodate your disco ball fixtures. 


I think a bridal dress with fringe goes hand-in-hand with a 70’s disco wedding theme! You can also encourage guests to dress in vibrant colors, bold prints, and metallic accents to capture the boho-chic disco flair. 

Enchanted Forest Wedding Theme


An enchanted forest boho wedding theme feels like a real-life fairytale. This theme leans into the whimsical, playful elements of the bohemian aesthetic.

Lighting is crucial for curating this theme and capturing the magical, enchanted ambiance. Hang fairy lights, globe lights, or crystal chandeliers over your ceremony space and reception space for a soft, romantic, and magical glow. Your guests will truly feel transported. 

In addition, I think white and light green are the perfect colors to use with this theme. You can also use your wedding invitations to boost your theme even further. 


All you need is a spot with lots of trees and greenery, which is typically affordable and easy to find. Search for a public park, botanical garden, campground in your area. Once your lighting and decor are all set up, it will feel like a completely different space. 


The bride of an enchanted forest wedding should look like a princess! A flowy, ethereal gown made with tulle or chiffon will emphasize the whimsical, romantic setting. A ball gown silhouette and floor-length veil go hand-in-hand with this theme. Tulle and chiffon are also the perfect materials for bridesmaid dresses.

For the groom and groomsmen, a simple black or gray suit will do the trick.

Elegant Boho THEME


An elegant boho wedding theme isn’t as rustic or earthy, but still exudes an airy, laid-back feel.  

Rather than using dark woods and natural fibers, try light woods, white florals, and soft linens. This will make your celebration feel a bit more upscale and classic without losing the down-to-earth charm. 

I think hanging crystal chandeliers also fits so well with this theme because it’s whimsical and unique, yet still classically romantic. 


There is a diverse range of options for an elegant boho wedding theme. You can lean more into the boho side and opt for an outdoor venue, like a ranch, country house, vineyard, or barn. Or, go for an indoor wedding like a boutique hotel, art gallery, or conservatory. Either way, you decor will bring this theme to life. 


The attire of an elegant boho wedding will be a bit more traditional. For the bride-to-be, I love simple, feminine silhouettes with less embellishments like an A-line, slip dress, or fit-and-flair. For the bridal party, I think satin, champagne-colored dresses exude elegance and class with a touch of boho warmth. 

For the groom and groomsmen, a simple black suit or tux is all you need! 

Final Thoughts on Boho Wedding THEMEs

A boho wedding theme doesn’t have to mean just one thing–it can be tweaked and customized to fit so many different aesthetics. With the right venue, color scheme, decor, and attire, any couple can design a wedding that captures their personal style with a touch of bohemian flair. These boho wedding theme ideas will help you create the whimsical, free-spirited, and romantic celebration you’ve been dreaming of.

THIS POST SHOWED YOU Boho Wedding Theme Ideas for Every Couple’s Aesthetic

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