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52 Aesthetic Cactus Nails You’ll Be Obsessed With

This post is all about cactus nails.

Cactus nails are my favorite nail art trend of 2023. This trend is so versatile, whether you want to make a playful, spiky statement or just add a soft touch of desert hues. Cactus art blends with so many styles, from minimalist to bold to bohemian. 

If you’re worried that cactus nail art may be too tacky for you, don’t worry–these ideas are all aesthetic and Instagram-worthy. Here are 52 cactus nail ideas you’re bound to be obsessed with. 

Here are 52 Aesthetic Cactus Nails You'll Be Obsessed With.

Aesthetic Cactus Nails

1. Minimalist Cactus Tips

If you want to keep your nail art simple, try this vibrant yet minimalist cactus design on your tips. 

2. Bright Pink Cactus Nails

These pink nails are bright and cheerful, and look even cuter with a delicate cactus print.

3. Dreamy Pastel Nails

These pastel cactus nails create such a dreamy and whimsical vibe. How subtle and lovely is the cloud print? 

4. Neon Pink and Green Cacti

If you want to get a little bright and bold with your cactus manicure, this design is definitely eye-catching. These are also perfect for the summer. 

5. Matte Black Cactus Nails

You truly can’t go wrong with black nails. This matte black cactus design is classy and modern.

6. Neutral Nails with Cactus Accent 

If you prefer to keep your nail color neutral, but still need a little pop, just add a cute cactus print to your ring finger. 

7. Hailey Bieber Nails

Everyone knows (and is obsessed) with Hailey Bieber’s pearlescent pink nails. Adding a simple black cactus accent will take this nail trend to the next level. 

8. Grid Nails with Cactus

Grid nails are super trendy right now, and how cute does it look behind a little cactus design? 

9. Modern Desert Cactus Nails

This cactus nail idea screams mid-century modern, complete with warm tones and black accents. 

10. Funky Retro 

You can have a little more fun with your cactus nail art by using vibrant colors and adding other funky, retro prints. 

11. Green Cactus Nails

This green manicure featuring cacti is so simple and classy, but still make a spiky statement. 

12. Warm Tones Cactus Manicure

Warm desert hues like rosy pink and burnt orange go hand-in-hand with cactus nail art.

13. Red Cactus Nails

Red nails are such a classic and elegant look, but you can make them a little more playful and unique with a prickly pear cactus design. 

14. Cactus Colorful Nails

I love how this idea is vibrant and lively, but doesn’t look too overbearing or tacky.

15. Christmas Cacti

‘Tis the season to rock these adorable Santa cactus nails.  

16. Watermelon Nails

I love how the pops of watermelon pink complement the green of the cactus. 

17. Aztec Nails

Aztec print also goes so well with the bohemian nails desert-inspired look of cacti. 

18. White Cactus Nails

White nails are a go-to because they match with any look, and they make the cactus design pop a little more. 

19. Soft Pink Cactus Nails

These soft pink nails are perfect if you want a natural, feminine look.

20. Purple Cactus Manicure

This deep purple color is so stunning, especially with the bright contrast of the cactus print. 

21. Cow Print 

If you’re looking for a more western vibe, cow print is so playful and bold. 

22. Clear Cactus 

I’m obsessed with this subtle and minimalist way to add cactus designs to your nails. 

23. Boho Cactus

If you’re a bohemian gal, this is right up your alley. Boho style is known for these organic shapes and earthy colors. If you like a boho aesthetic, check out our article on boho nails.

24. Light Blue Cactus Manicure

Light blue nails are like a breath of fresh air, and I love how they look with cactus nail art. 

25. Striped Pink

The orange stripes on these pink cactus nails add another layer of depth and detail. I love how funky the pink and orange look together - it gives a 70's vibe. If you're looking for similar nail ideas, check out these 70s nail trends.

26. Pink Grid with Cactus

I wouldn’t be able to stop taking Instagram photos of these alternating pink grid nails - they are super cute. 

27. Desert Sunset

The sunset color palette on this manicure is so warm and alluring. 

28. Stiletto Cactus

Using a stiletto nail shape will give your cactus design and extra edge and flair.

Cowgirl Western

29. Cowgirl Western Cactus Nails

These brown and black western cactus nails give major cowgirl vibes. 

30. Minimalist Western Manicure

Here’s an idea if you want to hop on the western nails trend while maintaining minimalism and subtlety. 

Pink And Purple Cowgirl

31. Pink and Purple Cowgirl 

These pink and purple western nails are so fun and spunky. 

32. Marbled Western Manicure

Marbled nails not only add detail and charm, but pair so well with the western aesthetic.

33. Bright Yellow Cactus

These bright yellow nails are like a little ray of sunshine, but they’re still simple and clean. 

34. Abstract Desert

I love this artsy and eccentric spin on cactus nails. 

35. Pastel Western 

This cactus nail idea still gives cowgirl vibes, but in a softer and dreamier way. 

36. Neon Sunset 

If you want your nails to be eye-catching, these neon sunset cactus nails are a must-try. 

37. Gold Leaf 

Gold leaf makes cactus nail art look so elevated and modern. 

38. Nude Manicure

These nude nails with cactus look so natural and earthy. 

39. Green and Orange 

Cactus nails are a perfect match for this burnt orange and sage green color palette

40. Mini Cactus

This mini cactus print is so dainty and delicate, you might miss it if you don’t look close enough.

41. Polka Dot

Polka dot print adds a pop of youthfulness and whimsy to your cactus nails.

42. Sparkly Nails

Sparkly nails are always fabulous and feminine, especially with this teal and pink cactus design. 

43. Summer Fruit

Cacti looks so cute and summery when paired with bright fruity patterns. 

44. Cute Cartoon 

How adorable and charismatic is this little cartoon cactus accent?

45. Pink Cowgirl

The hot pink cowgirl aesthetic is also super trendy right now, so why not use it on your nails?

46. Teal and Terracotta 

I love the contrast of the cool-toned teal and the warm terracotta shades. This idea is so boho and desert-inspired. 

47. Cute Llama

This is another playful twist on cactus nails that is undeniably cute and whimsical.

48. Tiny Hearts

If polka dots aren’t your style, try this delicate, tiny heart print with your cactus nails.

49. Green and Gold 

Green and gold cactus nails are classy all year long, but they also have a holiday feel that is perfect for the upcoming Christmas season. 

50. Smiley Face

These smiley face cactus nails are just so happy and full of energy. 

51. Watercolor

If you love watercolor art, you can use it to create cactus nail designs that have a softer and lighter look. 

52. Peachy Cactus Nails

Peachy colors will make your cactus print pop.

The cactus nails craze works with so many different aesthetics. You can rock a hot pink cowgirl look, or radiate the soft warmth of a desert sunset. No matter what vibe you’re searching for, one of these 52 cactus nail ideas is bound to fit your style.

This post showed you 52 Aesthetic Cactus Nails You'll Be Obsessed With.

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