A Permanent Retreat for Purchase in Tulum, Mexico

Tulum is no stranger to jaw-dropping wellness retreats. However, Babel Tulum is taking self-care to the next level with their short and long-term residences. Starting at 4.3-million MXD, or approximately 200,000 USD, these spiritual spaces are more than just apartments. From the daring design of the space to a never-ending list of transformative amenities, this project is the first of its kind.

Boho Babel Tulum Apartments 2
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The magic of Babel starts with its form. The entire property was designed without corners to promote the flow of energy throughout the space. With architecture that appears futuristic, these residences take “an escape from reality” to a new level. A connection with nature is evident throughout, and the central tower is meant to connect guests with the heavens above.

Boho Babel Tulum Apartments 3

Dubbed the “Temple of no time,” the central altar offers unparalleled meditation opportunities. There is also a yoga studio, spa, Hamman steam room, and Zen garden. Every space applies an indoor-outdoor philosophy, taking advantage of an open-air atmosphere. Individual residences also include private pools and terraces.

Boho Babel Tulum Apartments 4

Units are filled with designer furniture crafted by local artisans, offering a unique opportunity to experience local culture every day. The apartments also feature lofted ceilings and carefully curated works of art hung high on the walls. Plants and greenery weave in and out of every corner of the property, echoing the surroundings of Tulum.

Boho Babel Tulum Apartments 5

With its own micro-ecosystem, wellness and nature are visibly intertwined in this curated experience. Although Babel is not located in the jungle itself, to prevent disrupting the local ecosystem, greenery has been planted to create an oasis-like effect.

Boho Babel Tulum Apartments 6

Like a pink clay palace emerging from the earth, Babel stands as a testament to visionary architecture. In what appears to be an imagined rendering of a surreal community, this property is proof that imaginative design can be executed in real life. There is nothing commercial or ordinary about this exquisite display of modern innovation.

Boho Babel Tulum Apartments 7

Located in the heart of Tulum, residents can choose to explore the surrounding region or find peace without ever leaving the property. Several activities, such as sound baths and yoga, are offered directly on the premises. There is also a 24/7 concierge available at guests’ disposal. Babel is not just a place to live, but a lifestyle to embrace.

Boho Babel Tulum Apartments 8

Having recently opened its doors in June 2024, the future is bright for Babel. This property sets the tone for modern residential real estate, proving that if we can dream it – we can create it. A stunning exemplification of a bohemian mindset, Babel is freedom in form. Babel seamlessly blends avant-garde design with sustainable living, offering residents a unique blend of luxury and nature. Its vibrant community spaces and innovative amenities foster a sense of connection and creativity unlike anywhere else.

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