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Stunning and Dreamworthy Modern Minimalist Mansion Inspo

This post is all about modern minimalist mansion inspiration.

Modern minimalist mansion design has taken over architecture trends. As seen in tv shows like Selling Sunset or Million Dollar Listing, these impressive types of homes are adored by the wealthy for their clean lines, modern luxe details and large open spaces.

Clean Lines 1
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The simplicity of the minimalist modern aesthetic is desired and sought out by high power individuals who live very busy lives. Modern minimalist houses feel like a retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city, and are seen as an escape to nature. Open spaces, high ceilings and nature-centered designs are some elements that you’ll find in these types of homes. Overall,  these modern minimalist mansions create a sense of awe, relaxation and peace. 

And while we can’t all live in million-dollar mansions, anyone can draw inspiration from these luxury homes to build their own version of a modern minimalist retreat. Read the article below to see our list of our favorite modern minimalist mansion designs. 


One of the hallmarks of modern minimalist mansion architecture is clean lines. Lots of minimalist architecture uses horizontal and vertical lines that are straight and crisp. Using a lot of straight lines in modern design provides contrast to nature’s soft curves. In the above image, the lines are off-set up the hill to create a geometric zig-zag pattern when seen from above. The indoor/outdoor cabana and pool area blend seamlessly with the rest of the house. In this minimalist modern house, wall to wall windows enable the home to have fantastic views. The result looks surprisingly very graphic and clean, nestled in the greenery.

Geometric shapes in this cube-like house pictured above look so fresh and modern. The modern mix of materials like the blonde wood planks and metal mesh staircase add visual interest that is quite contemporary.  The overall look feels both clean and warm. 


It’s hard to have large open spaces without high ceilings. A high ceiling is often key to making a modern minimalist mansion feel open and bright. High ceilings are often fitted in homes with large, expansive windows that bring in tons of light. Homes with high ceilings feel bright and airy; the opposite of cramped, dark spaces. 

In some cases, these mansion homes have gorgeous views overlooking beaches, mountains, or valleys. These luxe homes are also typically equipped with high ceilings that allow for the window view to be the star of the show. Standard ceiling heights in homes range from 8 to 9ft whereas higher ceilings can range from 9ft and up. At a taller height, high ceilings are the perfect place to add in a dramatic tiered chandelier or modern pendant installation. 

High Ceilings
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While windows are an obvious addition to any room with high ceilings, these homes also do not forget the window trimmings. Custom window treatments can be especially dramatic yet functional when paired with larger-than-typical windows. Additionally, built-in bookshelves can turn into a library wall when filled with books and trinkets. This type of built-in shelving looks especially grand in a mid century modern home. 


Minimalist modern mansions with many rooms and stories overall need large amounts of open space. Therefore, you’ll find most mansions reside in suburbs or in the countryside, rather than in large cities where space is greatly coveted. In these types of homes, open entertaining space is key. In contrast to the older colonial-style homes that had more closed-off rooms, open-floor plan living spaces are more popular. Combined living, dining rooms and kitchens are now more common and allow for the whole family to spend time together. Partial walls like in the Brazilian mansion above, creatively break up space within a room without closing the room off. 

Popularized in the 70’s, conversation pits are having quite the renaissance in architecture as wealthy homeowners crave more open spaces and areas for entertaining. Conversation pits are sunken, built-in seating areas that are constructed below floor level to help encourage conversation and cozy socializing. Modern mansions have taken back this trend and incorporated them into new homes while keeping them modern. Modern conversation pits in charcoal gray upholstery with overhead skylights have replaced ones with dingy shag carpets. 

Conversation pits are best when large windows, skylights and cozy fireplaces are added; it makes the look more architectural and welcoming. Who wouldn’t want to cozy up in the above space for a little nightcap? These little added details make for the perfect backdrop to social gatherings. 


Floor to ceiling windows are almost a non-negotiable when it comes to modern minimalist mansions. A tradeoff for privacy, large windows and glass walls are very sought-after for the amount of light that they bring in, and for the appeal of bringing nature in. Glass walls give the feeling of living in harmony with nature and also let in incredible light.


As you can see, a common theme throughout these modern mansions is bringing in natural elements. In addition to large windows, one design trend that can be easily replicated in all types of homes is by incorporating indoor plants. Having indoor plants not only add extra design elements, but can be extremely healthy for their air-cleansing properties. Wabi-Sabi and Japandi design styles harp on utilizing indoor plants to make a healthy home. This can be reproduced through large house plants, but seriously luxurious homes are often built in a way that focuses on natural elements. In-set planters and spaces for living trees to grow in homes is one way to do it. 

Another popular idea is having an in-home garden room. Like in the above home, having an in-home courtyard like this one instantly feels calming. This style of indoor plant courtyard is sometimes called a Japanese courtyard garden or “tsuboniwa” in Japanese. This home detail is very common in luxury Japanese architecture. The courtyard often has bonsai trees, plants and rocks built inside the center  of the home that acts as a focal point. 

Another nature-forward design that is seen in modern mansions are living walls. These are walls filled with nutrient-rich soil that are constructed to support plant life. Plants like grasses and succulents are commonly used in these wall fixtures. Living walls can be a beautiful way of bringing in nature to indoor living spaces.


Minimalist modern mansions are all about using the highest quality materials. Since not many people have access to these coveted, luxe materials, it’s a great place to highlight expensive and rare metals or stones that no one else will have. For example, when thinking about flooring or structural beams, using unique, rare materials is one way to quickly elevate your space. 

Rare stones like travertine, arrabescato, alabaster and onyx can also be incorporated into a home through small details like columns, countertops and other accents. A travertine structural column as seen above is a stately and gorgeous way to add distinctive architectural elements to a space. 

In addition to rare stones, utilizing unique wood types can also add an element of luxury to a modern minimalist mansion. Reclaimed wood beams, or highly sought-after wood types like walnut, sandalwood or olivewood are examples of luxurious materials that can be styled in a modern mansion. Well-to-do homeowners would never skimp on using quality, luxe materials wherever they can.


One element of modern minimalist design that is quite common in luxury homes is the use of monochromatic neutrals. Lots of color in a home can be very distracting and overwhelming at times. Sticking to an all-neutral color palette instantly creates a calming, peaceful space. 

Using various shades of whites and beiges allow for the eye to be drawn to window views or wall art. Neutral color palettes also can make a space look larger and cleaner. Not to mention, the lack of clutter is easier on the eyes and is easier to clean. Stick to using white paint, concrete and light woods to create a space that feels instantly brighter and more luxurious. By using this color palette, one can allow for the decor and personal art to really shine in a space.

Modern minimalist mansions have surged in popular media lately as the large open spaces, clean designs and luxe details are seen as an oasis that is greatly admired. Through celeb Architectural Digest tours, tv shows and home-stalking oZillow, more people have been able to literally peek behind the curtains of homes of the rich and famous to see how they live. And while not everyone can afford to live in a large modern mansion, we hope these designs can inspire you to elevate your home.


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