Avant-Garde Hotel “Le Grand Mazarin” Opens in Paris

An eclectic, expertly-designed 5-star hotel recently opened in the heart of the Marais district in Paris. Le Grand Mazarin draws inspiration from the vibrant, fashionable neighborhood. The interior combines traditional French elements with bold, avant-garde touches. While the hotel may be new, it fits flawlessly into the creative, old-world landscape. Designed by Martin Brudnizki, Le Grand Mazarin is poised to become the hottest new Parisian destination. 

Le Grand Mazarin Paris 1
Photo credit: @legrandmazarin

While the hotel reflects the energy of its surrounding area, it simultaneously feels like a whimsical escape from reality. Upon entry, it is clear that this hotel is not afraid of color. The classic French opulence combines with a surrealistic pastel color palette. Le Grand Mazarin offers a refreshing departure from the norm, while still feeling quintessentially Île-de-France. 

Le Grand Mazarin Paris 2
Photo credit: @legrandmazarin

There is a distinct coziness that radiates from every corner, offering an ideal balance to the over-the-top, lavish details. It is intended to be a place of refuge after browsing the endless independent boutiques and art galleries. There is nothing ordinary about the interior of Le Grand Mazarin. It is a celebration of texture at every turn. The bathrooms are covered in an exotic wallpaper and the bedrooms include decorative tapestries.

Le Grand Mazarin Paris 3
Photo credit: @legrandmazarin

Velvet is a recurring theme throughout the hotel, constantly adding a callback to traditionalism. Brudnizki was not afraid to hang equally vibrant images on top of already bold walls. The lighting is soft and glowing throughout the residence, creating a relaxing atmosphere among the busy visual landscape. 

Le Grand Mazarin Paris 4
Photo credit: @legrandmazarin

It is clear that this hospitality hub is meant to be more than a hotel. It’s meant to be a meeting place for creatives. Brudnizki shares his vision for Le Grand Mazarin: “We were therefore inspired by the great Houses of the aristocratic era, where personalities of  literature, art and music would gather in sumptuous residences to indulge in the pleasures of letters and fine conversation. Our concept for Le Grand Mazarin was to revive this atmosphere and adapt it to the contemporary era, where guests feel at home and have the freedom to express themselves.” 

Le Grand Mazarin Paris 5
Photo credit: @legrandmazarin

Like all great luxury hotels, the stylish restaurant is a crucial amenity. Boubalé is an enigmatic establishment that embodies a fusion of sophistication and rebellion. From handcrafted cocktails with daring flavors, to a menu inspired by the often-overlooked cuisine of Eastern Europe, this dining destination is anything but ordinary. Whether guests are seeking a serendipitous encounter or an orchestrated rendezvous, Boubalé radiates a natural sense of camaraderie.

Le Grand Mazarin Paris 6
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Sheltered by the hand-painted artistry of Jacques Merle, the hotel’s swimming pool beckons guests to indulge in the pinnacle of luxury. The spa at Le Grand Mazarin is unlike the typical, sterile spaces in other 5-star hotels. It has been designed to encourage fanciful daydreaming. 

Le Grand Mazarin Paris 7
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A vacation should be about getting lost in your ultimate fantasies. From the amenities to the wholly original design, Le Grand Mazarin undoubtedly embodies the iconic French descriptor of “je ne sais quoi”.

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