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Discover Desert Retreat Willow House: Luxury Lodging Near Big Bend National Park, Texas

Nestled amid a vast 250-acre expanse of private land, Willow House emerges as a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life offering luxury lodging near Big Bend National Park. This eco-friendly property is comprised of a dozen casitas. The serene sanctuary is located in the heart of Far West Texas.

For those searching for an idyllic locale to unwind, Willow House is an ideal, rejuvenating solution. From the unobstructed vista of the majestic Chisos Mountain Range, to the array of luxury amenities, this desert retreat offers the perfect balance between privacy and community.

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Its strategic proximity to the renowned Big Bend National Park offers guests easy access to an array of outdoor activities. A perfection option for a luxury hotel near Big Bend National Park, guests can explore the Rio Grande River, embark on Chisos Basin hikes, and explore the myriad attractions that define the region's allure. 

For those with culinary inclinations, an array of restaurants within a 3-mile radius offers delectable dining options seven days a week. Meanwhile, the communal Main House stands ready with a fully equipped gourmet kitchen, catering to guests’ foodie desires.

Willow House also offers residents the option to mix craft cocktails, board a sunset cruise, or stargaze under the night sky. Although it is undoubtedly set up for relaxation, the stay also offers plenty of enriching activities.

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Willow House's flexible layout can accommodate a variety of group events. For example, they are open to hosting weddings, milestone birthdays, or corporate retreats.

In their own words, their mission is to offer guests “the combination of remoteness and accessibility, community and privacy, sophisticated interiors and comfort.”

Willow House April 2023

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Situated upon nearly 300 acres of untouched terrain, Willow House boasts standalone single-story casitas, completed in the spring of 2019. The lifeblood of the entire property is a water well, driven by a solar pump, with two robust reverse osmosis systems ensuring the pristine quality of the water. The drilling of their own water source marked a pivotal milestone for the project, given the scarcity of water in this arid, high-desert region.

The dimensions and terrain of the land guarantee that the vistas of the Chisos Mountain Range will remain unobstructed by any potential future developments in the vicinity.

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Throughout the construction process, the Willow House team relied on three key principles: having utmost respect for the natural landscape, preserving the awe-inspiring Chisos Mountain Range views (a gift to all in the vicinity), and safeguarding against the elements to ensure longevity.

The design artfully interweaves design elements from the high desert regions, exuding a warm modernism that takes subtle inspiration from the iconic Southwestern style of Georgia O'Keeffe. Every design decision was grounded in a reverence for the land, with colors and textures drawn directly from the surrounding environment.

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The rock walls and pathways across the property were constructed from stones unearthed on-site. The shade structures incorporate weathered ocotillo branches discovered within the property's bounds. The designers used exclusively high-quality materials renowned for their durability and resilience.

Willow House April 2023

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Beyond hosting recreational guests, Willow House has a goal of hosting future artist residences. Currently, they have several modern artists on display throughout the property.

The founder of Willow House claims that the land found her. Her mission of bringing guests closer to nature (and each other) is clear in the careful construction of this unique Texas property.

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